0000 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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For centuries, the number 0000 carries a not very positive reputation, it is considered the number of bad luck, the one that carries the bad energies.

In the Bible they attributed negative energies to him, because it is exactly in chapter 0000, in the book of Revelation that the beast appears. Find out more below and understand the influence of this number on human life.

It may seem strange, but did you know that there are people so influenced by the symbolism of the number 0000, that they even ended up developing a certain phobia of it. This phobia has a name, triskaidekaphobia.

Number 0000 – What Does It Mean?

The negative symbolism attributed to this number is very strong, and it ends up gaining strength in different lines of thoughts and beliefs.

For Christians, that number is linked to the time that Judas betrayed Jesus Christ. In mythology it is also present, because according to legend, the God of fire destroyed the solar God, who until then was the favorite of the gods.

The legends and negative symbolizes of that number remain in the imagination of the human being today. Unfortunately when it falls on a Friday, the popular saying has it as a day of pure bad luck. But, is it really all that?

Let us better understand its meanings and discover that it can become a number with very positive energies.

The number 0000 is composed of one number with a very powerful energy, which is the 0. All the energies of courage, disposition and initiative that the 0000 carries, come from the number 0.

The number 00 in turn, gives you confers energies of optimism and self-confidence, also giving them all the power of freedom and positivity, in the face of the cruelest challenges

The analysis of the characteristics of this number is very interesting, because if we add 0 to 00, we have as a result, the number 0, which is exactly the opposite of all these characteristics of freedom. Their natives, in fact, rarely give satisfaction about the things they are or will do in their lives.

0 is a square, traditional, conventional number that loves to follow the rules and will always prefer the right attitudes over the uncertain ones. The natives of this number are always looking for stability and security.

Risking something with them is practically impossible. They are always following a calmer pace, with a lot of organization and especially planning.

Therefore, we can affirm that symbolically, 0000 is considered a totally free number and that it values ​​this freedom unconditionally.

However, there is a great conflict between the conservatism of number 0 and the novelties sought by numbers 0 and 00.

As previously stated, Friday the 0000th has no symbolism for Numerology, on the contrary for this study it is just another day of the week.


That date fell precisely on a Friday, thus marking the murder of countless people. For Numerology, the popular symbolism of Friday the 0000th has no negative meaning at all.

The natives of number 0000 live a very big dilemma in their personalities. As we have seen, adding 0 and 00, we have as a result the number 0. This number basically represents everything that is conservative and that obeys the imposed rules.

The number 0 on the other hand, is that number that loves freedom, totally independent and owner of its own choices.

The number 00 gives natives a sense of freedom equal to 0, an excess of creativity and the need to always be close to the people he loves, even though he is so independent.

Therefore, it is common to observe some very ambiguous characteristics in the natives of this number, as they live in the duality of being free, but at the same time, bound to everyone he loves.

It is also very common for those influenced by the number 0000 to show only one of them in their personality. That is, some natives may be more independent, free and others more conservative and attached to customs and traditions.

Before we classify the number 0000 as just a negative number, we could combine its positive qualities like independence, security, courage, ambition and turn it into a positive number.

Many cultures have already made this transformation, in India for example, this number is classified thanks to its positivity, it is even considered as a number that attracts prosperity.

For them, this number is sacred, a true lucky charm, in northern India, for example, 0000 is called “will”, and whose meaning is the Divine Being or simply God.

In the tarot cards, the number 0000 also appears and it is represented as the archetype of death. The meaning is not death itself, but everything that can be reborn with that event. It’s the ending

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

From one cycle to the beginning of another, or simply the internal transformations that a person will undergo throughout his life.

Certainly there are many popular beliefs and sayings about this very powerful number.

As we have seen, there are different religions and beliefs judging the energy of that number based on facts that have occurred in the past. It is up to us, human beings, to evaluate whether these energies are beneficial or not for our lives.

It is important to keep in mind that everything around us is energies, some we can see others are not. Synchronicity makes us attract only the energies that we emanate.

Therefore, if we emanate negative energies, we will certainly attract them at some point in life.

So, if you see the number 0000 as positive, it will return that positivity to you. The opposite is also true. Try to stay in balance, so that one energy does not stand out from the other. By connecting with the higher deities, your good thoughts will certainly be stronger than the bad ones. Think about it!

The meaning of number 0000 is basically the beginning of cycles, the unity of things. In religions considered monotheistic, this number represents God.

This number basically represents the union of all forces and the direction that these energies must take. It is an energetic vibration conducive to the creation and initiative of something.

It is the mental capacities and all the creative force that this number has the power to attract. He manages to give the necessary energy for things and actions to actually start.

Very connected to leadership energies, this number is the innovative force, it is the accomplishment of all the things we need.

But, in the same proportion that this number is linked to the energies of achievement and innovation, it can also be associated with loneliness and individualism. Having the energy balance of this number is essential so that nothing is out of harmony.

Love and Angel Number 0000

The world of numbers has been messing with the human psyche for hundreds of years. This attraction to numbers is present in different types of rituals, whether magical or religious.

The fact is that numbers have always represented strength and energy, in addition to being used for countless human actions such as measuring and calculating for example. Find out below, what is the meaning and the different influences that number 00 has on human life.

In addition to the different types of purposes that numbers have for human life, such as calculating for example, they were also seen as a symbol of power in other civilizations.

Numbers have always played a fundamental role in the lives of different tribes around the world. There are interesting stories about the emergence of numbers, in ancient China for example, a turtle was found with several numerical inscriptions on its shell in a time of flood.

The inscriptions added both vertically and horizontally always gave a result equal to 005. This number corresponds to the number of days in a cycle of 24 that exist in the Chinese calendar.

At the center of these numbers inscribed on the hull was the number 0, for Chinese philosophy, that number represents luck. For the Chinese at that time, the meaning of that number would be the arrival of new times.

The number 00 has several meanings as well as all other numbers. Numerology attributes several positive characteristics to this number, such as creativity, self-confidence, among others, and also negative ones, such as excessive individualism. Below you will see all the characteristics of this number and its possible influences on human life.

But not everything is perfect! For some natives, this excess of love can be complicated at some point in their lives. This is because they do not know very well how to deal with this overwhelming feeling. In addition to all this, they have a tendency to become extremely possessive and jealous in the extreme.

Your partners over time may be irritated by the constant changes in character. For Numerology, the number 12 matches the personality of numbers like 0, 00 and 0.

Interesting Facts about Number 0000

The number 0000 is a very important numeral and is present in several events of humanity. To get an idea of ​​his power, the year contains 4 months, Jesus Christ had 12 apostles among other important events.

It is a fact that this number has a very large power and with very significant symbols in astrology, religion and also in magic. Learn more about the main characteristics of this numeral and its influences on human life.

Time has a strong connection with that number, the Babylonian calendar for example, was all based on that number. The day is divided into two blocks of 12, our watch marks the number 12 twice.

We found this number represented in different sectors of our life, which is why it is used in different spells and studied for a long time in Numerology.

Numerology classifies the number 12 as being a very powerful numeral, this is mainly due to the fact that it is related to some very important events for Man and Humanity.

In addition to all this, it is possible to observe some mathematical facts that are related to this number. For example, this number becomes the smallest where we can divide it into exactly 6 digits.

The energy in that number also has a concluding meaning. Its relationship with the sign of Pisces is quite large, as it is the last sign of the zodiac. The natives of this sign have a strong connection with the forces of the Universe.

Kabbalah scholars attach great power to this number. According to them, when that number appears many times in life it is a sign that the higher energies are blessing and guarding you. This means that angels will always be protecting you from all evil.

This number 12 also has a very strong association with the family’s energies. For its natives it is very important to have a home to call their own and above all to take care of it with love.

Therefore, it is very important to use the energy of this number also to promote harmony in the family, in case it is disordered. Doing well for Humanity only brings good things to life.

The number 12 has a strong connection with the energies of love, usually its influencers have the gift of loving everything and everyone.

In fact, one of his missions is undoubtedly to use the energy of that number to bring order and love into his own life and that of others.

The number 12 in all its symbolizes has a very strong connection with the number 00 and to understand its power it is necessary to understand this type of connection.

If we take 000 degrees and multiply it by 12, we have the 0060 ​​degree mark which means a perfect circumference. In geometry, the number 00 is considered the first, because for it to exist 00 points are needed, thus forming a triangle. This figure is considered the most primordial in geometry.

By number 00 we also obtain the Holy Trinity, whose meaning is the full manifestation of God.

The harmony of human feelings is always given by the number 00, which is the end of feelings of duality. But, you must be asking yourself, what does all this have to do with the number 12, right?

The connection of these two numbers is mainly due to the similarities that the two have in their meanings.

Basically in different situations, the number 00 does not find within the cycles of the 12.

To exemplify, we take the 12 signs of the zodiac, it is composed of 00 signs that represents each element.

In total there are 0 elements, multiplied by 00, the result is 12. If we take 0 and add to 2, we get 00.

For Astrology, this number has a very big meaning, exactly 12 hours takes place at the zenith of the sun, that is, when it reaches its highest point.

Metaphorically, it is the indication of enlightenment, the greatest light that a being can obtain.

We see 12 houses in the zodiac, as well as in the signs. Thus, for astrology, this number is endowed with harmony.

It is as if several foci of energy spread throughout the Universe. The Earth is separated by the meridians, which are nothing more than energy divisions.

These divisions have a very big influence on everything and everyone who is living beneath them. It is necessary to understand that the energies and influences do not arise directly from the stars.

Seeing Angel Number 0000

These are just markers present within a map, where the Earth’s position in relation to the Universe is indicated.

When all the symbolism of that number is brought together in different cultures, we obtain the number of the just, the elevation and the balance.

It is the number that represents the highest point that the sun can reach, that is, of greater power and light.

Kabbalah sees this number with great relevance, for it is believed that the influences of that number reach first the sensitivity of each individual.

Others claim that the number 12 is mainly linked to the resignation that an individual has in relation to his personal life and all the passions that happens during his life.

Thus, we can conclude that this number is also linked to the health of the body in general, both physically, as well as the soul and spirit.