Dream About Best Friend – Meaning and Symbolism

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From a young age, we are surrounded by kids in the playground, in the building we live in, and often in the closest neighborhood, and later in schools.

We are surrounded by the children of our parent’s friends, and from that on, and also later on in life, we learn about friendship.

We endear ourselves to certain people and consider them friends later, which means so much to us during life, regarding resolving numerous issues, they are those who are with us in thick and thin, in good and bad, and are a huge part of our lives.

Dreams about friendship in General

So, in real life having friends, and having best friends is one of the most important elements of life.

It is someone who is close to you, it is someone who you can open your soul, cry with, complain about problems, share the smallest joy without holding back, praise but also criticize, then you have a true friend.

What does then mean the best friend appears in your dream?

In the most general way, such a dream suggests that you can count on help from your friend’s difficult situation.

But it does not have to be the best friend, it can be anyone who is close to you, and it seems like you have such friendly support in life.

Also, in a dream world, being intimate with your best friend, even if we are speaking about homosexual relations, then such a dream carries a message that you must urgently take a deep dive and find out what you have been hiding from yourself.

It does not have to be from your friend, but the accent is on hiding.

Sometimes people dream of a best friend that in reality is someone who they cannot stand.

If you had such a dream shows that in reality you can expect good news, but a meeting with someone will charge you with positive emotions, even if you do not expect it at all.

You will be shocked by such development of events, but this is how will it go. Enjoy the results.

Dream about Best Friend

There are numerous versions of this dream – one very common is the one in which you meet unexpectedly your best friend.

Such a dream can predict that you will soon hear from your best friend and do something fun. Joy awaits you in reality.

A version of a dream where you are winning and dining with your best friend could be a symbol of big problems.


This does not mean that you will have problems with your best friend, but that you two will encounter problems together.

Sometimes such a dream can indicate that you will have to share a secret with your best friend, something that you did not manage to tell him or her.

In a version of a dream where you see the best friend who died, then such a dream has a good meaning. It signifies well being of your friend or you. It may depict your healthy relationship.

If you see your best friend who is dead, then such a dream may indicate that your relationship will encounter numerous problems regarding your relationship, mostly involving events from the past.

Dreaming about a best friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time indicates that your friend misses you a lot.

Even if you see your friend on a daily basis, your relationship is missed, the way it was before.

It shows that something bad occurs and that neither of you two spoke of it, and you have to lead your relationship to the stage, where you no longer have what you had before.

In a version of a dream where you kill your best friend, then such a dream may indicate that you will receive news about him.

Also, seeing the best friend in a dream that is so happy and joyful, then such a dream shows that you will have a nice period in the time that will come soon and that you will receive good news.

At times seeing and arguing with the best friend in a dream can be, according to some, the symbol of a sexual rival.

And if the argument is passionate then, such a dream could symbolize your jealousy, not just toward your best friend, but toward others in general.

Seeing a best friend who is dead in reality, such a dream indicates that you will be worried in the near future, and experience anxiety, which will affect the people around you.

A version of a dream where you see your best friend who does not longer associates with you, in that case, this dream shows that in reality, you will have to realize all your plans and dreams, and your work will be greatly rewarded.

If you see a dream in which your best friend is sad, in reality, you are threatened with illness and the fact is that you have been neglecting your health. Now is the time to take good care of you.

If you dream that your best friend is someone famous, then such a dream suggests that you may have powerful enemies but also a rival who will separate you from your lover.

If you see your best friend in the form of an animal, and this is one very common and interesting dream, it shows that your enemies will soon attack you in the most unexpected way.

Or Alternatively, such a dream indicates that people around you are pretending and you are too blind to see it.

To see in a dream the best friend, that is suddenly not his age, that he or she is much younger than in reality, then such a dream could be a sign that he or she (or anyone else who is very important to you in life) will

become your enemy, and also the vice versa situation is possible.

It is possible that you can even expect the deception of your loved ones, the revelation of which will lead to a break of something important in your life.

Dreams that your best friend is someone who is not your friend anymore, someone who is your former friend, carry a significant message.

It is clearly someone you would rather not ponder about.

That someone isn’t in your surroundings for a good cause.

Maybe you deliberately lost touch with that person, that person has removed you from their life.

But, be aware that such a dream is the representation of a real-life lesson that you nevertheless did not quite learn. It torments you.

Advice for those who have this Dream

It is certain that we do not all have the same view of friendship and it does not mean the same to all of us in life compared to all other interpersonal relationships.

But the fact is that our relationships, both good and bad are equally important and say a lot about us, our personality, and the way we are shaped.

In the same way, the appearance of our friends in a dream world is also very important.

At times dreams about the best friend can be the symbol of good days to come, positive news, etc.

As we have said if you had seen a healthy and happy best friend in a dream, then it signifies good news.

Sometimes the best friend in a dream is just a signal that you will bypass all possible obstacles.

Such positivity could be, in reality, a realization of bold hopes that you will strive to achieve, high positions in society.

Excellent conditions will be provided for your relationship with your loved one, you will be able to realize all your long-held dreams and plans.

A few wonderful days await you, which will help strengthen your relationship.

To see that your best friend, in a dream, that is upset and for example, his face is dark, denotes illness and suffering.

Often, the advice is that you check on your health as soon as possible.

But, at times, dreaming about your best friend can hide the sexual connotation, that you may feel, but you are not allowing yourself to admit it.

This is certainly something to think about.

But also such a dream does not have to hide your feelings toward the best friend that are sexual, but they can just hide something.

And all of us could agree that this is not a healthy relationship.

Leaving the best friend in a dream, and walking away from him or her, is a dream that could truly mean that you are thinking about ending your friendship.

This dream may indicate that you are thinking of ending something, and it doe not have to do with the best friend, but it could be connected to something that is very close to your heart.

And the advice that comes from such a dream shows that you most definitely should do, and become someone new, seeking unknown experiences.