Tangerine – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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All juicy fruits, like oranges, strawberries or cherries are true associations with childhood, happiness, joy, free time, feelings of carefree time, summer, etc.

There is something meaningful in a symbolic sense for all of us in it, as there is something even erotical about them.

Fruits, in general, have been used as a strong symbolical landmark, for example, the usage of oranges in the movie masterpiece “The Godfather”, where they appear in it, always before someone dies.

Being this as it is, we must say that fruits, in general, can appear as a motive in a dream, and it is truly one that has a strong meaning.

Here, we will take a look at one specific fruit, tangerines, as a symbol in dreams. What do they signify in it?

Are they good or bad symbols, do they mean something simple and sweet, or in a dream world they turn into something completely opposite?

Find out here.

Tangerine in Dreams in General

For the majority of us, tangerine is truly a symbol of juiciness and intense aroma.

We crave it when we want to eat something sweet and bitter at the same time; they are the perfect fresh sweet and bitter bites, with a lot of flavor and health within.

They appear in a dream world, maybe not so often as some other symbols, but when they do, they have a strong meaning, that varies depending on all elements of a dream.

So, in general, if you had a dream about how you eat a juicy tangerine, it usually means that it is time for new beginnings.

The old has passed and the new must set its place, and now is the perfect place to start it.

Such a new beginning could be related to your business life, but in most cases, it is about new starts which are associated with your love or in a wider sense love and social life.

In this case, when this dream is associated, with the work area of your life, the process of eating a tangerine suggests that it is time for new projects.

This dream has such wonderful meaning, the encouragement to release new ideas into the world.


This could be a well-deserved promotion and move into a direction that is completely new for you, but well deserves.

Related to love matters, the tangerine in dreams is the sign of the end of a problematic period and the turning of new pages filled with enjoyment and happiness.

Tangerines are often the symbol of success, as we have said, and the meaning of such dreams can vary – you can be collecting the fruits of your labels, or you may be surprised by someone’s success.

It may be that someone in your surroundings can achieve enviable results in the work he or she is engaged in.

After this comes a realization that you underestimated the person, but for no reason and you will try to prevent prejudice from ruling your opinion in the future.

Tangerine in Dreams

People often have dreams about tangerine trees, which are so full of fruits, smelly and fragrant.

Such a dream has a good connotation and you should be happy you had it.

This dream signifies success, both in business and in other areas of life. The reflection of your aspirations and effort is best seen in a tangerine tree, as it bears fruits (of your labor).

This dream is an indication that the time has come for you to reap the fruits of your labor, of your hard work, and now success comes to you.

If you have seen, on the contrary, a tangerine tree that has no fruits on it, then it has a meaning of a loss. Most probably the loss of faith.

This dried-up tree is the symbol of lost faith. You are losing faith in all that you have believed so firmly.

Some of your ideals are crumbling, and things are not what you thought they were.

If in a dream someone is handing you a tangerine, then such a dream depicts the moment when you will be in the center of attention.

Your appearance, and your ideas, will come to the light of day more than ever, and all the problems that may come your way will become easily surmountable for you.

In the fight with enemies and all possible problems, you will have plenty of allies among your family and friends.

In a version of a dream where you are drinking tangerine juice, it comes as an indication of happiness.

It shows that bad times are behind you and that a better period is ahead, marked by happy and fulfilling moments.

Changes are coming that will bring refreshment to your life and help you quench your thirst for new things and new happenings in your everyday life.

If in a dream you are picking tangerines from a tree, once again this is the dream that has such a positive meaning.

It suggests that you will lose something very important in your life., but so much good can come from it.

Someone can leave you, and you can drive someone away yourself, through carelessness, but you can also do harm to others.

In such dreams, be especially careful and reconsider your decisions and actions.

If the tangerine in your dream is rotten, has a bad taste, that is too sour; then this dream is connected to personal relationships.

It suggests that it is very likely that your own personal relationship or close friendship with someone will be tempted, from an inner or outside reason.

It is even possible that you will be a witness to a breakup, and it’s up to you to do everything you can to prevent that from happening.

If additionally you eat them, and you feel sick from their disgusting taste, then such a dream may have a more negative connotation.

Then such a dream may announce disease or some major health problem.

If in a dream you throw, or accidentally toss a tangerine, and it bursts; then this dream is an indication that it is time to do a general health examination.

Maybe is possible that some condition (it does not have to be too serious, or scary, but it can cause you future problems) is secretly attacking you.

Take care of your health, do not miss out on listening to the smallest signals that your body sends you.

If you are in a dream giving someone a tangerine as a present, such a dream may indicate, that in reality, you like that someone.

Maybe this is a good way of admitting primarily to yourself, who is that special person you have a secret admiration for.

It seems that you have positive thoughts and feelings towards that somebody; and in a version of a dream where that person accepts the tangerine as a gift, then the feeling is mutual.

Gifting someone with a rotten tangerine is the symbol of your own jealousy towards that someone, as well as your dissatisfaction with his or her successes in life.

Cutting the tangerine into slices, then this dream shows your honesty and the fact that you are the type of person who hates injustice.

It touches you deeply and has a strong need to correct it.

This dream shows that in reality you respect everyone, so you expect the same from other people.

And they do not give it to you, and they leave you very disappointed by those actions.

But this dream has one good notion, it shows that we are not all the same and that you should stay being yourself. Honest and respectful.

If in a dream you are throwing the tangerine on someone, then this dream comes as an indication that someone in your surroundings wants your success to be diminished.

Someone in your close environment, and you know who that person might be; is constantly trying to minimize the success you have achieved so far.

It is normal for a person to always strive for more, but what you have done so far is no small thing, and it is the cause of jealousy that you have to struggle with.

There are many things in your life that you should be very happy with.

On the other hand, in a dream in which someone is throwing the tangerine at you, then someone will try to tell you something nice, but it will see not as a compliment to you. It will seem like an insult.

It is very likely that someone from your close environment is attempting to, for example, praise you for your successes, but they will express themselves unhappily.

Instead of thanking that person for beautiful words, it seems like you will be surprised and hurt.

But, do not hold on to such feelings, it is unhealthy and unnecessary.

If in a dream, and this is such a common dream, where you can feel the smell of the tangerine, it symbolizes that a lack of self-confidence is preventing you from using your full potential.

This dream shows that you are the type of person who often withdraws from doing anything new, just because others seem more capable and skilled at certain things.

However, you possess many qualities that you don’t even see yourself. If you worked on your complexes, life would be much easier.

Peeling tangerines in a dream announces that you will soon be visited by someone who you have not seen in a long time.

You will decide to surprise that person, or he or she will surprise you.

Now, one of the most wonderful dreams about the tangerine is the one where you are planting the tangerine tree; then you show your personality.

You are the type of human being who works the best when others do not have any faith in you.

The best results are achieved in this way; where others doubt you, you do it the best.

Being the best version of yourself, you want to prove to everyone that you are worth it.

When others are planting the tangerine tree in your dream, in that case,

there is a possibility that you will be rejected for a certain business. The cause of it is laziness or fear.

It’s about something that would force you to leave your comfort zone and you don’t like that at all.

Only later will you realize that you were wrong, and maybe you will learn what not to do if you have such a chance again.

One more good symbolism comes from a version of a dream where you are buying the tangerine. It brings good and joyful news.

It is likely that one of the friends, colleagues or household members will accept a new one, a baby is on the way!

It is very likely that you will be so happy about something – and that news is a person. Start preparing gifts.

Selling tangerines in a dream often indicates that you will spend good times with kids or in general, those who are younger in age.

It is very likely that you will be presented a chance to enjoy their company, and you will not hesitate to give all of you, to enjoy that kind of innocent fun.

And the dream about stealing the tangerine denotes that you will make a wrong decision in an effect. Just because you did not think through.

It is conceivable that the problem at work will make you angry or unhappy, and you will tell your employer that you are quitting.

Another alternative version is the one in which you are leaving your lover, without considering ahead and that you will regret your decision in the future.

Advice for all those who had such a dream

On a more negative note, a dream of tangerine could mean that you are losing faith in what you believed so strongly until now.

It’s time to reconsider and maybe turn over a new leaf, as far as some things in life are concerned.

In some cases, dreams about the tangerine, where it is thrown at you, or you are throwing it, then it may be the case that you will be in the middle of a conflict.

Maybe you will be asked to be the judge, to speak who is right, so you will have to use your diplomatic skills to avoid further deepening that conflict.

But tangerines often depict the personality of the person who has the dream, as honest and righteous, and you will a perfect person to do it.

Some say that trowing tangerines, in general, is not a good sign, since it, unfortunately, is not a good sign.

It often indicates disagreements with a partner or family members.

It is possible that you will argue about small things, but that will lead to other things that you hold against each other.

If you don’t control what you say, you might regret what you said later.

In some versions of these dreams, tangerines announce a near future, where you meet someone who will make you feel happy, and be delighted with the new friendship.

Understand how healthy it is to live without prejudice and try to use every moment of life in the right way.

Tangerines may indicate that a new phase is coming, learning a lot, spending a nice time, and being simply happy and successful.

In other cases, be prepared for unexpected guests.

It is possible that people you have not seen for a long time will visit you and that their arrival will make you very happy.

You will make sure that they feel at home in your home.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. At the end of the day, we are all human and make mistakes, it’s just important to learn from our mistakes.