Dream About Anger – Meaning and Symbolism

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Anger is one of the basic emotions in humans, along with happiness, sadness, fear, and disgust. All of us have it, and not many of us could deal with it in the proper way.

Sometimes we even do not recognize what feeling we have.

It is also said that all of these core emotions have a protective role for human beings throughout the history of humankind.

It is a known fact that the role of anger is connected with the “fight for life, and it is connected to man, and his need to survive in a harsh environment, where people have to survive or die.

In fact, it is a reaction of the nervous system. Especially, anger is associated with the “fight” reaction that occurs when a person finds himself in danger and judges that he can overcome that danger.

Now, many of us have a feeling of anger nowadays, even in a situation where our lives are not in any jeopardy, but more under the stress.

Also, anger could appear as a motive in a dream world.

What does it mean when it does, and how can use such information for our awake life?

These dreams can announce a bunch of dynamics await you in the coming days, which can be both positive and negative, as we have said.

That, of course, depends on the way you dreamed the anger.

Dreams about Anger in general

Some say that in reality, anger is in fact, good for us, although sometimes it can be a strong driving force for something, to be motivated to do something, that we need extra strength and motivation.

And anger can be a good powering force to do so.

In reality, anger can be that force of will so that we can persevere in something that is very important to us.

The cause of anger, as psychologists say, always lies in dissatisfaction and misunderstanding of oneself or one’s surroundings and can be expressed loudly, and those who choose to do it, are often seen as short-tempered people.

And on the other side, we can those who are expressing their anger quietly, and it stays trapped deep within.


Some say that this way of expressing anger is not healthy, because you are not expressing your feelings, and therefore can lead to many wrong choices in life.

May this be as it is, when we dream about anger, in whatever scenario, then it is usually about something that we cannot satisfy in reality.

It may be an achievement that we aim for but could not get there, but there is a problem in accepting it and changing our course. It makes us angry.

Another element that is important here, as a birthplace of anger, and its appearance in dreams, is that in reality there can be unresolved relationships between us and our surroundings. We cannot deal with it in reality, so anger comes in dreams.

It also may come if, in reality, we are not able to forgive something, experience failures in some field in life, or, in some cases, we can even blame ourselves for something we did or didn’t do.

Anger once again can come as a motive while we sleep.

We must say that in some cases, certain astrology books state that dreams about anger have a negative meaning.

Although, we must add that in other cases, you can find something positive related to such dreams.

More dream interpretations talk about the feelings that cause such dreams of anger and its various forms, and in this sense, all of the above fall under this category – fear, anxiety, and unrelated issues can be the cause of an appearance of anger in dreams.

All of them manifest themselves as anger in dreams.

Also, it is plausible that argument, in reality, shouting and yelling, evoke associations related to quarrels and conflicts, and this could also be the cause of anger in a dream world.

Unfortunately, the disruption produced by arguments and anger is not at all pleasant for either party and often leaves deep consequences on our psyche.

We feel bad, and often think was there anything that we could do to change it, and not feel this lousy?

When we dream of such events, it usually means that we want to let someone understand that we are significant and that we want our voice to be listened to.

It can also mean that we are disappointed and angry, so we attract awareness to it with anger, which can appear in a dream, in different scenarios.

We could be angry in a dream, or someone could be angry at us, it could be someone we know or even a celebrity.

Dream about Anger

In general, a dream about being angry in whatever shape, or form, in general, this is the situation where you just remember this feeling from a dream, regardless if you or someone else was angry, speaks of dynamic events that await you in the coming period.

They could be both positive or negative events that await you in a certain period.

Such circumstances can refer to your inner world and the resolution of some of your own conflicts, as well as to relationships with other people.

Think of what it can be for you since this type of dream is very commonly associated with some losses and bad judgments, but it still depends on the details of the dream itself.

In a situation where in a dream you are the one who is angry with someone, in that case, such a dream indicates that you may have an unpleasant conversation in which you will try to find out the causes of some events that you don’t like.

This may be a close person or someone who you do not know so well, but it is a conflict that has been struggling you for a while.

This dream shows your determination to clear up the things that cause you suspicions and mistrusts and that leaves you with the impression that you have been tricked in some regards.

It is a dream that shows that you are searching deep inside for all those answers you were given by someone you had a “conflict” with.

The straight answer is what you want, not anything confusing, and such intentions are causing you to feel a bit “angry”.

There is one specific dream where you are angry with a celebrity, and such a dream indicates that you are scared.

It shows that you are frightened to tell someone in your surroundings clearly and concretely what bothers you and what makes you angry, but you keep it quiet.

Such silence allows you to push those feelings deep inside, and it is causing you great frustration.

That’s why you suddenly have conflicts with that person, and such feelings are manifested in a dream.

In a version of a dream where you are angry with someone you do not know, such a dream speaks of sentiments of powerlessness and loss.

You feel like you do not have any control over your own life, and it feels truly depressing and sad.

You don’t know who to blame for that, everyone around you is to blame and that’s why you feel even worse.

This situation must be resolved for your good.

A version of a dream where you are angry with yourself, a dream indicates a possibility of torture.

You are likely being troubled by a regretful conscience because of something that happened, and you did not react the way you think you should have. Or in a way you think you usually do. This time you have done it differently.

At the moment when you had such a dream, the feeling of resentment disturbs you, and you want desperately to change that situation.

It seems like you cannot forgive yourself and it will cause you difficulties in reality.

In a version of a dream when you are angry and you are aggressively yelling at someone, then such a dream suggests that you are, in reality, very angry with that person because he does not listen to your advice and what you keep telling him.

Despite all your efforts, that person makes mistakes that they could not have made if they had listened to you at all.

If a child is angry in a dream, then the person who has this dream, and it is you, shows that you can soon expect to find out about some fraud that will affect innocent people.

You will not be able to get over it and you will have to say what you found out, even if it costs you someone else’s anger and rage.

The accent here is on innocent people as they are kids in reality.

If you are the one who is angry in a dream, and during that dream you are breaking stuff and yelling at people, being mad at everyone, it means that in the coming days you could have problems with one person who will not be able to control his emotions and will “get away” with envious and spiteful remarks about you and your success. It will be clear how affected she is by the fact that you are doing well, and she will not be able to hide it from others.

Alternatively, it means that you will be embarrassed at some social event because you will not have control over your actions.

You’ll realize what you’ve done too late and it won’t be worth it to regret it later.

It should have been thought of earlier.

If you know why you are angry in a dream, but you are somehow trying to hide it, then such a dream shows that you may witness some injustice and oppression in real life.

You may find yourself in a situation where you will have to react according to your conscience because you will not be able to see someone’s rudeness and arrogance.

If in a dream you are having someone else being angry, such a dream depicts the possibility that you are scared of something that may happen in the future, that is near.

Such a dream may even show that you are being scared for no reason at all, and that fear comes from others’ reactions.

You are scared of people’s reactions and what they might cause.

You are not particularly optimistic about it and that is why you are having this dream.

Try to resolve it, and live a life where you do not have fears of other people’s opinions.

If someone is angry at you, and it is the person you know in reality, such a dream announces that in the upcoming days you will have an unpleasant conversation with a person who will require you to pay for something.

It does not have to be anything monetary, but some debts must be paid.

You are aware of your guilt, in that case, so you are tormented by the uncertainty of what follows.

What will that person do and in what way it will affect your life, you wonder?

Such questions are manifest in a dream world as a fit of anger.

Being scared of the future is one thing (known to all of us, as a completely normal feeling), but being tormented about it, is another and you should not allow yourself to feel that way, since it deprives you of the future happiness.

If someone from your family is angry at you, such a dream depicts a situation that you are going through in reality, is that you are overwhelmed by some secret you are keeping.

You feel guilt and pain because these are those who are close to you.

It is a normal feeling since we were never said that we should hide anything from our family members.

Be honest, what is the worse thing it can happen?

You are afraid that they will find out about it and that you will cause a lot of bad reactions and anger from those around you.

Advice for those who have this dream

Dream interpretations always find emotional explanations, that are behind the reason for a certain dream, while some others say that there is something prophetic in such dreams.

So, we can conclude that dream about anger is presented as both a negative and a favorable sign, which undoubtedly depends on the details of the dream itself.

In some cases, these dreams come as an indication that you, in reality, have a feeling that you are unsociable in reality, and you desperately want more attention.

You presumably think you should be louder, more visible, and more assertive to get what you want.

It is plausible that you are that craving attention in the worst possible way, or such a dream indicates that you cannot express it in the right way.

Advice is to think of all healthy ways of expression, and if you cannot find the solution alone then you can find the answer by speaking to someone who is an expert in this field.

Also, it is a good idea to resolve any issues you have in the past, regardless of who they can be; but in this process, you have to be as honest as you can, cause sometimes these arguments are so silly.

It could be hard to admit, but you must do it anyway.

In some cases, the dream about anger is caused by fear of something that is happening and you will not know how to react.

You will be afraid to show your true emotions because you will not want to be ridiculed and hurt.

It’s also possible that you don’t dare to stand up to someone, so it makes you feel powerless.

One more interesting meaning is related to dreams about anger.

Often these dreams suggest that you are insecure about some of your abilities and that you are afraid of possible failures in life.

It is even an indication that could put you in an unenviable position, maybe you will have a situation in your work, where you will be unable to show your skills, and it is what scares you immensely.

Dealing with fears is what lies at the center of such dreams.

Being afraid of angering someone who is monitoring or controlling you in some way, like a boss or a supervisor.

This can apply to both work and family conditions, and having more self-confidence is what you need right now.

Think of all successes you have achieved so far, and how wonderful they felt; hold on to those feelings and try to translate them into the current moment. Hold it, think of all bad that could happen, and face it.

Also, these dreams about anger, in any of its forms, can indicate that soon you will behave very impulsive, you could even rush yourself into a certain decision.

It is even possible to recklessly decide on something, that does not serve you anyway, but it is like for the stress you have done it.

You won’t think enough or pay attention to the obvious details, and that will cost you a lot later and cause you real anger.

Do not allow it, and learn yourself to never promptly make decisions, and to know that there is no wrong decision, only those who we feel bad about. If we feel good about it, then it is a good decision.

If it feels bad, then these dreams should be used to change your intentions towards that issue and to look at the future in a completely different way.