Dream About Ticks – Meaning and Symbolism

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Would not be wonderful if we could remember all of our dreams, both the good and bad since they were just the movies that played out in our minds, while we slept.

Some of those dreams were true horrors, while others were the representations of our deepest desires, and imaginations that are now real (in a dream).

It is like living hundreds of lives, each and every different than the other.

Motives in dreams and the reasons why we have them vary so much.

Sometimes we dream of things that make us scared or we feel disgusted about that “motive” of a dream.

For example, insects can appear in a dream world, and usually, for the majority of people, they are really disturbing dreams since in real life we have the same or similar feelings.

Dream About Ticks in General

First of all, we must say that it would be an understatement to say that in general, for the majority of us, ticks are very “hated” animals, or insects to be exact.

They are not cute, they look like true monsters when they are seen under the microscope, and we know that they are not harmless, on a contrary.

They are jeopardizing us and other animals, like our pets for example.

They are parasites and very risky carriers of infectious diseases.

So the majority of dreams as far as our feeling about it is more or less the same – we do not like them.

But this does not mean that they truly mean something bad to us, in reality, they could come as a warning sign, so we could react properly.

Its general symbolism is related to the warning of people, and events, all of those who, in one way or the other, exploit others (even those who are close to them) and from it, they gain some success.

These bloodsuckers have their eye on achievements, positions at the expense of others, and profit of any kind.

They are true harm, and therefore if you had a dream that has the main motive a tick, in some general way, then you are being warned that someone or something is preparing to trick you, fool you, and gain some success on your behalf.


To take something from you, possibly something you worked hard on for some time.

Have in mind that this menace is not just reserved for the work environment, but any surroundings you are in.

At times ticks are just the manifestations of your personality, and mostly we are talking about aspects of your personality that are not very nice, but still, these are the ways you can become better.

In some cases, dreams show how you can act superficially and frivolously if you think that you cannot achieve anything.

It may be that even though you may not be aware of it, you have a very capable and strong competition, which is very patient and which is ready to wait for your slightest mistake, and with your behavior you are letting them “win”, to suck your blood, to speak of it in a metaphorical way.

They usually do it, in order to dominate and took over all your very good and profitable projects.

But in the same way, these dreams can tackle the area of your personal life, where those people who wait for your mistakes could live inside of your family.

One thing is also hidden here – your tendency to criticize everyone and create some prejudices and prejudices about people you don’t even know, and you don’t trust anyone and everyone needs to somehow “gain your favor”, but in general the bottom line is that you have completely misjudged the people close to you, and that are the ones who only or really use you, and who also lie to you and manipulate you.

Some people are very open and clear enemies to you, and they don’t even try to hide it but criticize and belittle all your ideas and plans, and thus indirectly influence the opinions of the people who are your bosses, and “cast suspicion” on your competence.

They want to discredit you and show that you are two small, unworthy, and even it is true when their motives are not so clear, or too big.

In any case, you should understand these dreams, as a part of a deeper understanding of yourself and the people who are close to you, where the small “things” and “actions” speak so big.

Dream About Ticks 

There are numerous ways how you can dream of ticks, dreams could be more or less disturbing, rarely nice, and pleasurable.

If you have just seen a tick in a dream, and it was not on your body, but somewhere around you (and you are scared, there is no doubt about it), then such a dream speaks of losses and preparation for more pain.

Seeing this tick that is not on you, and the fact that you are very afraid of even though it is tiny, and not on you, in reality, you may be under a threat.

It may be that you are intimidated by some real dangers and potentially excessively heavy losses in all areas of life, and it is better to prepare.

In any case, this is the dream that comes to warn you, and prepare you to be ready for what is about to come.

And what is about to come are great worries and sufferings, from which you will have to “come out victorious” for yourself and for the sake of your loved ones, the times are changing soon and you are being warned to prepare for what is about to come.

If you choose not to prepare for it and to avoid this warning, then there is a chance of completely failing.

To remain at the bottom and on the edge of the “deep”, and that fear from something so small will follow you further.

Now, the most common dream about ticks is the one in which you see one that is on you, stuck on your skin, on a certain part of the body, and you feel a major panic that you will get an infection.

You are scared that you might die soon from that infection and such a dream is more like a nightmare.

This dream suggests that in reality, you are often afraid of something, and you don’t have the guts, the courage to stand up to anyone and “stand up for yourself”.

By itself, this is not so bad, but when such behavior is leading you toward negativity, and a feeling that you are stuck in the same place, not being able to move on.

Not behaving in a different way is leading you to stay in a comfort zone, and acting differently is leading you toward progress and achieving anything in this way.

If in a version of a dream, you are scratching your body, and trying to find the tick, that you know is somewhere stuck on you, but you cannot find it.

You may feel that is drinking your blood, and you feel scared and panic.

Such a dream brings a feeling of suspicion, in reality, and you think that you will be the victim of some fraud and malfeasance.

You must be patient and wait until you collect enough evidence because right now it’s just “your word” against someone who is very respected and powerful.

It is very likely that you think that someone is your boss or a colleague who is in a bigger position in the firm, or it could be someone from your personal life who has a certain authority over you.

Even though it’s inconvenient, you are not known as someone who knows how to be calm and “wait”, you will have to overcome your character and make decisions at the right moment.

If you have a dream that the tick is on the body of someone else, and if you are acting like you do not see it, keep it quiet.

When you intentionally keep it silent, then this dream, in reality, symbolizes a person who is close to you, and he or she is trying to “minimize” you.

He or she is attempting to mortify and humiliate you quite consciously in front of others, and you will almost definitely “drop naively” to some provocations.

You must ask a question why are you so naive, and let others sting you?

Stop being naive, and learn how to react in this situation.

It is self-defense, and it can be done very effectively and without choosing words and insults. Stay as decent and calm as you can.

In the end, it does not matter if you are the “black sheep”, while your rivals will rejoice and triumph.

It does not matter, just stand up for yourself. Now and forever, do not be the silent one.

In a version of a dream where you have removed a tick from your body, and it is full of your blood. This is a very common dream that speaks of your emotional life.

Such a dream suggests, that in reality, you are exhausted from the constant lies of your emotional partner.

He or she is avoiding speaking to you about your life as a couple.

Open conversation is a must in a relationship, otherwise, it would not be healthy or last, for that matter.

In a version of a dream, where you are assisting someone to remove a tick that is on their skin and is sucking blood, it suggests that you should reconsider who you help in life.

It may be that you are not a very kind-hearted person, because you believe that everyone should work and safeguard themselves.

You do not feel like you easily want to help others, and that help could be financially or do them a favor.

You are very direct in this matter, and it is quite clear and direct.

Others may see you as selfish, and at times you are, but just think how far such an attitude can lead you.

If you had killed a tick, that has tried to “bite”, and you feel so lucky when you succeed to do it, to avoid such an attack in a dream.

It shows that you have to take care of some people dear to you, who do not take care of themselves or do not know how to do it.

They are very commonly exposed to some diseases or injuries, so sometimes such a naive attitude can be fatal for them.

Very commonly these people are not even able to ask for help, because they do not see that they are behaving recklessly.

It is best that you take care of those who you sincerely love and who are important to you.

Some people are dreaming that they have swallowed a tick, and such a dream symbolizes their personality.

It shows that you, if you had such a dream, are a very direct person and you never shy away from telling everyone what you think, so with you, people always know exactly what you think.

You are expressing yourself so clearly, and even though you are often criticized for not knowing how to “keep quiet” and sometimes with your words and you hurt dear people with your attitudes, you believe that this is your best character trait, and you are proud of yourself because you are not hypocritical and pretentious like others around you.

If you have seen, in a dream, a large number of ticks that are on your body, they are just hanging from your body.

It is very likely that you are feeling scared and that you feel disgusted; they may be full of blood.

Such a dream shows that in reality, you have a large number of acquaintances and friends, everywhere you go, you meet someone new.

It is not possible that all of them are good and have decent tendencies toward you.

Such a dream shows that you consider yourself to be someone who has earned others’ trust and attention, but the sad truth is much crueler.

Not many of them see you as you would want; the truth is much “more vicious” and directs to the fact that a large number of people associate with you because you are hardworking and persistent, and they can have some gain from it.

Others, the good and the bad see you as a person, a worker who is blessed with extraordinary achievements and ideas.

The fact is that on top of all of this, it is true, at the same time you are naive and gullible, and you are easily manipulated for personal gain and agendas.

Advice for all those who had this dream

It is intriguing to know that dreams about ticks are very recurring, and their symbolism is different, and in accordance with the specific situation they can be observed and understood as good or positive, and bad or negative.

As we have said, that does not have to do anything with the feeling you had while you dream about ticks, since in the majority of cases we feel negative when we dream about them, since in a real life, we have a similar “feeling” about them.

Of course, it all depends course, on all other elements of a dream.

It is very important that your fears or suspicions that you can receive as meaning that you have from such dreams about ticks are well checked, and based on circumstances.

This is important because if there is no one who would believe you, you will be in a problem.

We have said that at times dreams about ticks can be associated with the emotional life of the person who has that dream.

At times this dream reminds you to speak to your partner; since it may be that you have been (or a lover) avoiding conversation and finding either a compromise or the right and only solution.

Some of these dreams imply that you are inclined to start thinking about ending the relationship because you are increasingly realizing your mutual differences (this is the case when your lover does not want to communicate with you).

It is uncertainty, and it is normal, and ok to feel that way, but the fact is that it is always worth it to speak honestly with the person you love.

Even if you were not sure of your emotions at the beginning of your romance, maybe it is just a glitch, a moment when you need to reevaluate a personal relationship, for what is worth.

Since a tick is an insect that is closely attached to us, it does not just bite, us, but it sticks to us and takes the one thing that we cannot live without.

Following the same analogy, they could be a representation of close relations in our lives.

So, these dreams may indicate that you are no longer interested in your partner or friends because even though you didn’t realize it, they were close to you.

They may behave kindly and gently, just in order to gain some benefit and manage to make some important contacts and acquaintances through you.

These metaphorical ticks were so used to be clearly your power and wealth, so if you wake up and set the record straight, then you can walk away from them, and these unhealthy relations.

We advise you not to hide that you yourself had problems and you didn’t “complain” and beg for anyone, but you manipulated and fought for yourself, and for your success and goals.

In the end, let us say, dreams about thicks carry one important lesson, and that is to look at close relations, at work, or in family, and learn what is unhealthy.

The fact is that you may not always be able to “get around” and avoid every problem or danger, but everything will always “come to the forefront”.

As it happens in life, it is enough to be calm and take it off, and just when you think there is nothing left nothing bad can happen to you, then you will start enjoying happiness and harmony.