Electricity – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Not many of us want to tackle electricity, because it is something that could truly hurt us, and as such it is the representation of our fears.

It is something that we warn our kids about, and we know that electricity is something that none of us could imagine daily lives as modern people, but it is also a matter that should not be tackled unprofessionally.

Many people have true scares that something happens with the electricity in their homes.

So, we can say that the most common synonyms in a real life, for electricity, are fear, respect, nervousness, and usefulness.

What kind of meaning does electricity bring when it appears as a dream symbol?

It is then also a synonym for something that we should be scared of or is it just a “light” that shines our way, and shows the path we are called to follow?

Well, the most simple answer is this – it all depends on how you had this dream, what kind of feelings you felt, etc…

Dream of electricity in general

Some say that dreams that have a central motive, in a general sense, electricity, could be a symbol of restlessness or some type of anxiety.

It is most likely something that you have not to find the way to exist in reality, so now, that tension is finding its way out, most commonly through the dream world.

Electricity is, by all means, the symbol of a force of life that we have or do not have, and sometimes it is on very low levels.

At times dreams that have this as the main motive, can be very frightening since while we have them, we can truly encounter pain and feel that our lives are in jeopardy.

But this does not mean that such dreams are always the representation of something bad, as you will be able to see, they can represent quite good events that are ahead of us.

For example, electrical shock is the announcement of flashy feelings, adventures, and the start of amazing possibilities in life.

According to some, electricity as a motive in dreams usually personifies our inner power and vitality.

And when we meet this sensation in a dream, then it could be a symbol and a warning sign that something is incorrect inside of us, out of balance.


It may be that internal energy is not flowing as it should.

At times, depending on the concrete dream about electricity, they can carry certain prophecies about your everyday life and communication with others, people who are close to you, in real life, like your family.

Negative dreams, that scare you and are connected to electricity, announce all sorts of misfortunes and malfunctions in reality.

Then such a dream comes as a warning to change something in your life.

Some say that according to the meaning of these dreams, in reality, there is a very increased risk of traffic casualties, as well as home and work harm for you or those you love.

Electricity – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 

Now, there are millions of versions of such a dream, and it is very interesting to look at them.

So for example, if you had a dream where you are just looking at a certain electrical appliance or appliance that is attached to a power source, and you can see the fires and views and it looks like it will explode, then such a dream suggests that you may encounter extreme internal excitement.

Of course, this could be good and bad, it can be irritating.

All electrical appliances that do not work and are electrified inside of the kitchen announce pressures that you will experience at your home.

For example, if you see electrical cords that are bare, then such a dream symbolizes that your patience will be damaged.

It is very likely that you will be involved in a serious fight, most likely in front of the public.

One more dream regarding electricity is very interesting, and so common – the one in which you see yourself conducting some kind of electrical experiments.

Such a dream shows that in reality, you are risking a lot, but, it also seems that the risk you are taking is very well justified.

Nevertheless, if in a dream you are conducting such a test, and it fails miserably, then you are invited to think of all the good and bad that this experiment has brought to you and to decide on what is “bigger”.

In a version of a dream where you were experiencing an electric shock when you were tackling electricity, then you can expect friction at the job.

It is very likely that you will be shocked by a certain assignment that is going to be given to you, or that your colleagues will turn against you when you least expect it.

But, for example in a version of a dream when you are being electrified and you feel great like you have been given strength, then such a dream, in reality, shows that deep inside of you there is a necessity to express undiluted will, desire, whatever it is that you have been hiding for some time now.

It is a power that you have been needing to get into a better state, in work or in personal life.

A dream in which you are switching or changing an electrical bulb, then such a dream shows how in reality you will discover something significant, that will ultimately change the lives of others.

If you are turning the electricity in your home, then such a dream comes as a representation that all of your opportunities will be covered by unanticipated shifts at work, which you are not able to avoid.

A dream in which you are a witness of execution that is conducted by electrification, on a chair, then such a dream suggests that in reality, you will encounter horrible obstructions and conspiracies that will come from different sources, some of them being from those you see as close friends.

In a version of a dream where you see numerous bare electric wires that wildly wiggle like a beast with numerous tentacles like a beast, and flash electrical currencies, then such a dream shows that you are not calm in reality and that you cannot hide it anymore.

It is advisable to ask close people to assist you in any way, shape, or form.

If for example, in your home the electricity went out, then such a dream depicts problems that await you in the household, particularly with the kids.

Also, such a dream could speak of concerns regarding parents, and family members, and also there is an expectancy of financial worries.

But if the power comes back, and things become even brighter in a dream, then it shows that very soon you will have a financial boost that will allow you to do something for yourself and your family members.

A version of a dream where you are touching an electrical vire with your bare hand shows that you are in reality, going through some very passionate and strong feelings.

Presumably, they are connected to some circumstances that are occurring now in your life or the people close to you.

If it had a dream where you intentionally feel a source of electricity, in reality, such a dream depicts that you are attempting to resolve a complicated problem as soon as possible.

But do not rush with it, because you will make more damage than good.

When someone strikes you in a dream, with an electrical cord, then such a dream is the symbol of extreme silliness and freedom in reality.

At this time, your effortless mindset toward life will not carry anything wrong, but it is still better to change your moods and conduct slowly.

The intensity of an electrical hit or blow can also alter the meaning of a dream itself.

There can be two possibilities for dreaming electricity: if we are speaking of a very strong blow, and the electricity is too strong, then we as human beings are not directing our life energy in the right direction.

In another version of this dream, where there is a weaker blast, such a dream then is the symbol of your inner weariness.

It is more useful not to carry on too many things, but try to obtain yourself, and save up your energy for something better, more useful.

In a version of a dream where you receive a surprising and strong electrical blow, then such a dream could be a symbol that right now has come a profitable time for the most audacious and frantic steps. Reveal your devotion to people you like, go on that interesting travel wild, and don’t be scared to change a job you hate.

This dream will seem just like destiny itself drives you toward happiness.

Advice for all those who had this Dream

Electricity is the power that is received by transforming other shapes of power, like water, and it shapes into something new.

In this sense, the dream of electricity can also be an invitation to do something for yourself that can refresh and energize you. It can be any activity that will make you feel good again.

Sometimes dreams about electricity are dedicated to asking questions – since it is the symbol of immense power, and at times it seems that you are being deprived of yours, and you need to find, in reality, who is taking the energy from you.

Our advice is also to find the answer to how you feel about that – who in your close environment is stopping you from unwinding?

All of us have electricity inside of us, those are bioelectrical systems that allow the transmission of motions via us, as human beings. So, it is not unnatural, cause all people are “batteries.”

In this sense, electricity can be the symbol of life itself and its potential.

Some say that dreams about electricity are dreams that invite us to pay concentration to all those things that are around us and that are taking away from us our electrical power – vitality.

In some cases, this is just an invitation to rest and retrieve the prospect of your life, and it is up to you to find the way how to do it. Such dreams can also voice the deficiency of your life vibrancy.

Also, think of your current state and levels of energy – do you have enough power to maintain or achieve some goals in your life?

There is one interesting version of a dream where the electricity, for example in your home is flickering.

Such a dream shows that your energy levels and your vitality are very low and that you must do something about it.

Dreams of being involved in some kind of incident that is caused by electrical malfunctions may indicate that you should direct your life power somewhere else.

Sometimes, as you could have seen, dreams of electricity can be a symbol that some people are having plans against you.

It can be a competition at work or competition in personal life.

But this person is too scared of you since all of their earlier plans stay plans.

They were not brave enough to try something on you, but it is good to know that there is such an opportunity.

And a piece of good news, at times these dreams are seen as signs of a close fascinating finding, which is just what you wanted to discover.

It can be a great idea in your area that will ultimately obtain you measurable win and universal admiration.

Such dreams can also be signs, that in real life, there is (or is not) strong support from family and friends; and you want it very much.

Regardless of all of this, dreams that have electricity as the main motive, often mean that in real life you will shortly have to exhibit steadiness, will, and power and you will not have any chance to show any fear.

It will be the depiction of your true personality.

It is advisable if you had such dreams to work on yourself, without depending on other people’s support, but if you have the need, it is ok to ask for it.

At times these dreams are interpreted as a subconscious wish to discover the facts about an occurrence in your life, most likely in your youth, that you have some recollections, but cannot remember.

Feeling scared of electricity, in a dream is the symbol of mistrust of the people near you.

Do not be scared if you had to encounter pain in a dream about electricity, since it is a very common feeling.

It can be something like tingling and at times a true pain.

In the end, they are just dreams, and in the worst-case scenario, we should think of them as warning signs and reminders that we have to do something with our life energy and the direction we are going in life. Very often, they are quite fortunate.

And if you understand them perfectly, you can effortlessly handle your activities on the right path.