1002 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Since the oldest times people have believed that they receive messages from angels in many different ways. One of them is through the numbers. If a certain number appears very often around you, it could be your angel number.

If you continue to read this text, you will find out something more about 1002 angel number and its symbolism.

Number 1002 – What Does It Mean?

Before we say what is the meaning of number 1002, we have to take into account the vibrations of numbers 1, 0 and 2.

It is known that number 1 is always a symbol of new beginnings and important changes that are about to happen. Also, this number is connected with ambition and leadership.

Number 0 is associated with your spiritual journey and it is considered to be a symbol of eternity.As you can see, number 0 appears twice in number 1002, which makes it even more powerful in this case.

Number 2 symbolizes faith, balance and happiness and it also means that you should think more of your life purpose.

Angel number 1002 brings you a very important message from angels.

This number means that you should have trust in yourself and believe that you are doing something that will be good not only for you, but also for other people.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

As we have already said, angel number 1002 is associated with trust. Actually, it means that you should trust in yourself and also in your own abilities.

You have to believe that everything that comes in the future will be good for you. If you believe in your own success, it will happen to you soon.

The secret message that angel number 1002 is bringing to you is that you should take your life more seriously. It is possible that you have been too lazy recently, so it is time now to wake up and to take life in your own hands.

Angel number is a symbol of hard work and efforts that will certainly pay off.

Love and Angel Number 1002

If you have been depressed recently because of your bad love situation, we have good news for you. If you have seen number 1002 somewhere, then you can expect many good things to happen to you.

Your angels are thinking of you and they will make you feel amazing with your emotional partner. Your relationship is beautiful and there is no need to worry.

It is important to say that angel number 1002 will not change your love life very much. Nothing will change drastically, but we are sure that you will spend great moments with your loved one.


If you are single, then angel number 1002 is telling you to be patient and to wait a little more, because the right person will appear soon.

You just have to believe in love and also to have faith in your guardian angels who are thinking of you and protecting you all the time.

Interesting Facts About Number 1002

The first thing you can notice if you look more thoroughly into the number 1002 is that this number could be connected with number 3 as well.

Actually, 1+0+0+2 is three, so we can say that angel number 1002 could be associated with angel number 3.

It is interesting to say that the year 1002 had a very important role in the history. Many important events happened in that year and also many famous people were born or died in the year 1002.

Seeing Angel Number 1002

Now when you know what angel number 1002 means and why its symbolism is so important, you will find out what to do the next time when you see number 1002. We have already mentioned that most important is to have faith, not only in yourself, but also in your angels.

Your faith will help you choose the right path in your life and make success.

Seeing angel number 1002 is also telling you that there is so much love in your life and you should be aware of it.

Your angels are with you to protect you and make you feel good. If you are going through a difficult period right now and if you have negative thoughts, your angels will certainly send you number 1002.

This number has a special meaning for you, so you should pay more attention when you see it. This number will tell you that there are great opportunities in front of you and you have love and support of your angels.

Whenever you are feeling lonely and disappointed, your angels will come to you and make your life better.

If you are seeing angel number 1002 very often, your angels are telling you not to waste time on some things that are not important.

You have great potential and great skills, so you should use them for doing something valuable. Your angels are giving you motivation and strength to move forward and to reach all your goals.