1007 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you ever noticed a number appearing on your every step, then you can be certain that your guardian angels have decided to pay you a visit.

These numbers only come to the people who deserve divine attention and to the ones who are spiritual enough to notice their presence.

The angel number we are going to talk about today is the angel number 1007. To discover its hidden meaning, especially if it has appeared in your life, keep on reading.

Number 1007 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1007 is telling you to pay more attention to the people around you and their emotions.

It is easy to say “increase your emotional intelligence and you will feel better”, but to have emotional intelligence there are many important points, and here we want to share one of the ones that has helped me most in my personal life.

I confess that I constantly focus on developing my emotional intelligence, since when I had anxiety and panic attacks I realized that I had very little, and that it had been the main cause of suffering in my life.

I constantly go to courses and buy books that help me improve my relationship with my emotions, although unfortunately, many times I did it with the intention of “not feeling negative emotions”. Of course, who wants to feel them?

Then I learned that there were no negative emotions, that they simply felt different in my body: some denser than others, some stronger and more painful than others, but in the end they were all emotions and they all had a cause and purpose in me.

I understood that I could not feel, (as I often wrote in my diary … “if only I did not feel  …”) but rather it was about accepting my emotions to be able to transform them, to be able to replace them with others that made me contact who I really am.

Then, in this process of accepting my emotions, I lost the rush to change them because I realized that each emotion brought me something positive and that it was good to feel as if I felt it if I took advantage of it to enter my interior and discover my thoughts that generated That dense emotion.

From the “unpleasant or dense” emotions, I discovered my negative thoughts and irrational beliefs that I had about myself and life, and then I began to see that my emotions were an opportunity to get to know me more and transform myself to deeper levels.

In these times of practicing changing my thoughts to stop feeling certain emotions, I realized that I was attached to the emotion itself, and that although I already knew that it was based on a lie, I continued to reinforce it and continue to feel it.

Similarly, although the facts showed me that I had no reason to feel that way, or even if the people involved expressed to me that they were sorry and even asked for forgiveness, I still mentally reinforced the story, the story and the situation that led me to generate those negative emotions.

And then I realized how attached and identified I was with living with dense, negative, intense, dramatic emotional states … and it was that I understood that it was not about not feeling negative emotions or not having negative thoughts, but of being willing to detach myself from those emotional states that seemed to make sense of my existence.

Detaching yourself from your emotions is the greatest act of self-love that you can do for yourself.


That is how I came to the secret that I want to share with you, and in order to change from a dense emotion to a positive one or to simply feel better, you have to really prefer to feel better than to continue in the drama and suffering.

You have to have enough humility to recognize that this emotion is unfounded and that nothing happens if you let it go; nothing happens if you let yourself smile nothing else because yes, nothing happens if you suddenly accept that you are happy or if at any moment you have nothing to worry about.

You really don’t need to be worried about something all the time, neither sad nor anxious, you can live free of all those emotions, but you have to be willing to let them go.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 1007 is filed with energies of angel numbers 100, 7 and numbers 1, 0 and 7.

The number 1 is a leading force and it represents the power of pushing forward even though you feel like there is no option.

The angel number 0 is a symbol of eternity and believing that the impossible can happen. Your guardian angels are sending you this energy multiplied by two, since the angel number 0 appears here two times.

The angel number 7 is a symbol of luck, which means you are going to have luck in everything you do and everything that you are planning on starting in the future period.

Therefore let go and enjoy life to the fullest.

Love and Angel Number 1007

The power of love is transformative, and the angel number 1007 is bringing more positivity in your emotional life.

Prepare yourself for a beautiful time in your emotional life that is going to be remembered forever.

Even though the love you are about to feel, might be temporary, the time you are going to spend with the person you are about to meet, is going to be something to remember.

Interesting Facts about Number 1007

Every number always has a root. Just as in elementary school mathematics, in which they teach to decompose figures, entering to decipher the meaning of 100 implies first understanding what 1 and 0 represent, then joining them and discovering what together they potentiate.

Numerology, understood as a method to represent vibrations as forms of energy, is a pathway whose root is millenary and facilitates the understanding of its representation and influence.

Without algorithms or complicated Pythagorean concepts, Mario Torrealba, computer scientist, numerologist and astrologer, explains what the meaning of 100 is and what its celebration implies.

This hole-shaped number represents the void, and from it the other digits are born. It is the beginning and the end, it contains everything. It is like a wheel that goes up and down.

It integrates just like breathing: inspiration-expiration. For this reason, it is linked to a basic principle of existence: “as above it is below”.

Interestingly, there are negative expressions around this circle called 0: you are a zero on the ballot; worth less than zero; you are a zero to the left; Zero comments, among others, are some examples that certainly print a pejorative image of that number.

However, Torrealba emphasizes that it is a principle of polarity. Seen from the other angle, anyone would like to have many leading zeros in their bank account, for example.

“The 0 prints forces and expansion to the adjoining number, but it can also represent manias of greatness.

On the other hand, any number raised to “zero” will generate the same number: the unit. From where it is seen, it will always imply tendencies, possibilities, because its principle is the connection with the void, with that mystery that is everything”, adds the expert.

It is the first number after the vacuum. It is the beginning that speaks of action and startup.

It also represents unity. It works very well when it is in sum, but not when it is multiplied because every number multiplied by 1 is the same.

“The 1 is individualistic, creative, original, action, leader, strength, and pioneer, ambitious. When man discovered 1, he discovered himself. Visually, it is a symbol of masculinity, of strength. It is even phallic. It represents the Yang energy, and is the symbol of divinity, of light,”describes Torrealba.

By joining 1 with 0, a strong number marriage is created. They are forces that attract and balance between the whole and its elements. It is inclusive and excellent for leadership.

Not surprisingly, for athletes the number symbolizes a leader: on football teams, on the score for gymnasts and ice skaters, among others.

“For the Pythagoreans it is the number of the world. Everyone who has 10 in their numerological chart has a gift of leadership.

That is why it is excellent when presidents have this number in their component: it means justice and bliss,”says the specialist.

The 10 is masculine. It becomes the number of the decade, which includes and starts the celebrations. 10 are the commandments, and in the body it is represented on the fingers and toes.

In Pythagorean numerology, 7 was the only number that had the meaning of wisdom and independence.

This number was not related to concrete representations in the nature or anatomy of man, each of which had an assigned number.

In some aspects, therefore, 7 generated itself. At that time only seven celestial bodies were known in motion – Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

In many cultures, 7 was closely related to religious content. The Jewish candlestick has seven arms. Dante described seven levels of purgatory corresponding to the later concepts of the seven steps to completion.

According to the concept of the seven heavens, the Babylonian temples were seven stages. “In the seventh heaven” means today the highest bliss, immediately before the final Paradise.

Seeing Angel Number 1007

The angel number 1007 is a powerful number that is bringing new energy and new point of view into your life. Prepare to make a choice and to turn things around completely.