1009 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Whenever you feel the presence of a number in your life, that seems to be constant, then you can be sure that this number is actually an angel number.

These numbers come into our world when we least expect them, and open our souls to a new experience.

Angel number 1009 is the same, so we are going to discuss the symbolism behind it and everything that this angel number can do for us.

Number 1009 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1009 is a symbol of sensitive nature and symbol of being able to connect with the people around us.

Although it has often been mistreated, empathy is finally getting the attention it deserves, even within working relationships.

This word of Greek origin, which literally means “to feel inside” (en = inside; pathos = feeling) is in fact the cipher of every fertile relationship, that feeling that allows us to decipher a world in constant evolution.

By giving us the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of the other, to be able to understand the emotional states of others, being empathetic makes us capable of deciphering and analyzing contexts, making us react with the right emotion.

It is undeniable that in a low-empathic environment the quality of work and well-being is lower, and precisely for this reason a lot of energy is being spent within organizations to help employees exercise empathy.

In fact, as we know empathy is a muscle that can be trained. You just have to overcome your limits and commit yourself.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

For traditional wisdom everything is cyclic. What started from the silence and the abyss of Zero, the One, now begins a new series that will begin with the double One, the Eleven, a number that indicates transition and which, has a hellish character to reveal the excess of excess, for trying to exceed “the number of perfection” as Pythagoras called him, the Son of Silence.

Number 10 For the Pythagoreans, 10 is the number of the Tetractys, the Pythagorean decade, which is the sum of the first four numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10) forming the face of a pyramid, an equilateral triangle of ten points arranged in four horizontal rows. In the vertex above, a single point symbolizes the One, the divine, the beginning of everything, the being not yet manifested.

Below, in the second row, the first manifestation is signaled by the appearance of two points such as the first duality, the masculine and the feminine, the phallus and the egg, the light and darkness, the sky and the earth, the yin and the yang, etc. representing the pairs of opposites that everything created permanently faces.

People characterized by the number nine, besides distinguishing themselves from others, have a particularly acute intuition.

Aware of the fact that their life is only a small piece of a much larger mosaic, they have a composite and varied nature that often leads them to live a life of ups and downs.

They can therefore go from euphoria to despondency, from serenity to bewilderment, from a strong humanity to an almost total disinterest in one’s neighbor.


In any case, this swing occurs especially during the first years of life when the person of the Nine does not yet have the awareness of what his path and his nature is.

Love and Angel Number 1009

Like we already mentioned, angel number 1009 is going to teach you empathy in love. Learning empathy does not mean closing yourself in the office and forcing yourself to endure that colleague whom we just can’t tolerate, but rather the opposite.

Traveling, learning about other cultures and perspectives, seeing new places, meeting people with an education distant from ours, can be truly educational.

Around the world we realize that it is not us, with our training and our way of life, that is the center of the universe, and that the other can be very different from us, and for this reason deserving attention.

A study from the University of Toronto, published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, said it: reading helps us to codify the emotions of the person in real life, because it makes us exercise with the characters and the events that we find in the books.

The study has shown that the brain of regular readers is more stimulated when it comes to imagining scenes starting from listening to a few lapidary sentences.

Why do people who complain annoy us? Or why can’t we communicate with someone who uses a high tone of voice when speaking? Our reactions are probably the result of our path.

The annoyances and prejudices towards certain ways of expressing emotions can depend on experiences we have had as children, on events that have marked us since we were very young. Let’s ask ourselves, let’s try to understand why we are inclined to react in a way, and let’s try to change.

Before your friends or colleagues, ask your friends and family to help you become more empathetic. Whenever you struggle to identify yourself, that you cannot decode the feelings of others, ask others to explain themselves.

Only in this way can you begin a journey, and what was once incomprehensible to you will become easily recognizable over time. Ask more questions, listen without interruption, and encourage others to do the same with you.

A fairly widespread attitude is to call colleagues by surname, yet the name of a person is fundamental, because it encompasses all his history of a person.

Addressing someone by calling him by name is a way to make him feel present, to involve him with his whole being and to confide that we are taking him seriously, that we are ready to accept him in his entirety.

Interesting Facts about Number 1009

The ten is for many doctrines a sacred number, symbol of the perfection of the manifested universe, of the culmination of a journey. It is the first two-digit number, the one that closes the cycle of the first nine, returning to the beginning, to one and zero, now united in the ten, to begin a new and broader cycle of falling in the matter.

In the third row, the three points symbolically correspond both to the divine triad, to the Three Logos, and to the three levels of the world: infernal, earthy and celestial or what in man would be body, soul and spirit: the material, the intellectual and the spiritual.

The base of the triangle, with four points, symbolizes the multiplicity of the manifested universe, the four elements, the four seasons, the four stages of life, etc.

It will be observed that 10 is the binary formula that corresponds to 2 in electronic calculators, which confirms its sense of origin of the multiple and of the manifestation, as well as its totalizing role.

Let us not forget that 10 is double 5, and five we already know that it is the number of the first totality, of the whole man, because it is the sum of 4 + 1, of matter and spirit, which make up the already known game of opposites that integrate all created beings.

The ten thus shows, once again, the internal dualism of each of the elements that make up the five and that equate the macrocosm with the microcosm, the universe with man.

Later, in the Christian catechism, quoting the Gospel of St. Matthew (Mt 22; 37-40) it is said: “These Ten Commandments are enclosed in two: you will love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.”

And Jesus, by saying goodbye to his disciples at the last supper, synthesized them even more by saying: “A new commandment I give you: that you love one another.”

For the Greeks, the first god was Eros the Elder, the primordial Love, which is definitely the origin and the end of the manifestation, the path by which we return home, to the Unity from which one day we depart.

Seeing Angel Number 1009

Angel numbers bring stability and faith into our lives, therefore, noticing them and listening carefully to their messages is important. Always be on the lookout, because these numbers can appear anytime.

Being led by your guardian angels is a huge blessing so never refuse their help, no matter how little you believe in their presence.

Sometimes even the people who don’t believe can be reassured and start to believe in the power of the angel numbers.

Every message hidden behind them can only help us, and never do us any harm, because the messages hidden behind angel numbers are positive and motivating.

Therefore, keep your mind open to new experiences and try to apply the messages hidden behind angel numbers to your private life.

Perhaps you will notice changes that are going to turn your life around and allow to you be happier and better in every sense of the word.

There is nothing you can lose, but you can gain so much if you choose to go down this road.