1021 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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When you welcome angel numbers into your world, be sure that big things are about to unroll.

You will notice changes in your life, like you never experienced them before, so let yourself be surprised. Angel number 1021 is going to help you do it.

Number 1021 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1021 is telling you to break out of the feeling of fear and to live your life to the fullest.

The fear of fear is one of the most desperate vicious circles I have been able to experience, it seems that it has no way out and that nothing else increases your discomfort.

Therefore, if you are afraid of fear, of feeling bad again, of the return of anxiety or of experiencing a panic attack again … here are some ideas to overcome it.

You are simply afraid of being afraid, because you know that when you are afraid you suffer, that you generate anxiety and that you may end up having a panic attack.

In a way, you tiptoe with yourself about avoiding anything that reactivates your fear, you stop doing things, or you get distracted so you don’t feel it.

To be afraid of fear is to be practically paranoid and alert that you are not afraid again because you know that you get very bad.

Just get into a vicious circle, because by doing this, you are acting on the basis of fear.

That is, you think that by being afraid of fear you are doing something to avoid it, but in reality, you are already living it, you are already generating it.

Sometimes we believe that by being alert we are avoiding what we do not want to experience, but in terms of being afraid of fear, it clearly does not work, because fear is already there.

So, it is precisely that you stop seeing fear as something that comes out of your control, stop seeing it as the worst that exists and start losing your fear, how…?

Yes, we have to tell ourselves “well, if I feel fear, it will not be the end of the world, I have felt it before and here I continue, if I feel it again, I will know what to do in the moment, fear comes out of me and my mind like that is that I will always be in control of him. ”

And when you start to feel fear … instead of wanting to stop it, distract you or then suppress it, let yourself feel it for a moment, immerse yourself in your fear, and then …

Do not just run away for fear, stop and face it, talk to him, ask him what he is doing here, what he wants, tell him that you are in control of yourself and as ugly as he feels … he will not hurt you really, tell him it’s a fantasy created by your mind.


In other words … put your fear in its place. And its place is the one that, being a product of your mind, is no bigger than you.

In the interim that you are talking with your fear, recognize what the distortion, error or lie behind it is, what it is that is telling you that it is not true, about you, about the world, about others or about Something is happening.

What is the worst that could happen if you feel fear? Ask yourself this question, reflect for a moment … what is the worst that could happen if you feel fear?

And ask again that question about the answer you find, and finally, solve what lies behind being afraid of fear.

For example: if I feel fear, the worst thing that could happen is that I get anxious. If I feel anxiety, the worst thing that could happen is that I have a panic attack.

If I get an attack, the worst thing that could happen is that I feel bad for a while.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 1021 is telling you to trust your instinct and to go forward in your life without looking back.

This powerful number is a motivational number that is allowing you to find the inner strength and courage to go after the things you believe in.

When angel number comes into your life, this is a clear sign of your capabilities and it gives you a confirmation from the forces above that you are more than capable to achieve your goals.

The angel number 1 is a sign of pushing forward, being number 1 and leading the situation until the end.

The angel number 2 is a symbol of creativity and life force that is going to lead you to success in every possible way.

This number is a great sign of success in general, and it pushes you towards your end goals more than any other.

The angel number 0 is a sign of heavenly influence in your life. When the number 0 is somewhere in the angel number sequence, that keeps appearing in your life, this is a great motivation to stop worrying about the problems you have.

Simply relax and trust your gut, and also remember that the bad things pass just like the good ones.

Angel number 1021 also has numbers 10 and 21 in its core. The number 10 is a sign of believing in your guardian angels and their power, but also the confirmation that you are on the right path.

The angel number 21 is a sign of concrete improvement in your life. This number is a spiritual confirmation that you are using your talents and strengths in the right way, so you shouldn’t be worried about the end results.

When we give 100% then we can expect true and great results in the end. Just keep on pushing down this same road.

Love and Angel Number 1021

When it comes to love, angel number 1021 is telling you to move on and to find new love. We want to keep and hide fear, we want a life where we don’t feel it, we want to pretend it doesn’t exist, we want to fight against it l in many occasions … and of course, as it does not work, fear is repressed … and what do you think? It disguises itself as other fears in order to get out of your conscience.

The fear of driving, the fear of being alone, of getting sick, of traveling, of looking out the stairs … they are just ways in which true fear disguises itself so that we can let you know that it is there, and that no matter how much you want it avoid there will continue.

So, we don’t like to feel fear, but if you look, if you feel fear, nothing happens!

More than you feel it, and of course, it feels strong, unpleasant, intense, and above all, it makes you feel that you have to move to do something, to solve, to attack, to flee…

But you have nothing to attack or anything to run away from at that moment, so you feel fear and added to this you feel despair, haste, and restlessness, anguish.

And then your mind looks for pretexts to make sense of what you feel, wants to find explanations and then think about the possible dangers in which based on what you saw on TV or what they told you, you think you can be exposed, of course , not in the present moment but maybe later.

So the fear you need to expose yourself to feeling is the same fear and above all, the discomfort, haste or restlessness of feeling it.

Interesting Facts about Number 1021

The angel number 1021 has numbers 10 and 21 in its core, buts also numbers 1, 2 and 0.

The number 1 has the symbolism of leadership and being at the front of the movement. This number is powerful and it is used as a symbol for people who are born to take on the action and who are born to lead there to a better future.

This number also represents people who are very talented for art and their passion is easily noticeable.

The people are very driven and motivated to achieve something in life. The natural drive inside these people gives them the energy to accomplish everything they want.

The number 2 represents the ability to be at peace with yourself and to have your life in harmony.

The number 2 is very powerful and it represents the energy of change and partnership. The number 2 is a symbol of being together and achieving something with a faithful partner on your side.

Seeing Angel Number 1021

Angel number 1021 symbolizes the totality of the world and of man.

The alchemists considered the 1021 the symbol of this perfect union, since it was a reflection of the number 1021, since the feminine 2 was located on the left side next to the masculine 1 that occupied the right side together forming that great unit that represents the number 21.