1023 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Welcoming the energies from the divine forces is something that we should all do.

Their power and guidance in our lives is always a blessing, therefore accepting the messages they send is the first step towards something great.

The angel number 1023 is an interesting number, and we can learn a lot by listening to the messages hidden behind the numbers, that constantly appear in our lives at our every step.

Number 1023 – What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 1023 is a number fundamentally associated with your individual creativity and the development of your ability to manifest / co-create your dreams, ideas and aspirations.

Angel number 1023 reminds you that wherever you put your attention (focus), your divine energy will flow in the same direction, making the ideal in focus gain “momentum” until it becomes your reality (materialize).

Remember to keep your attention only on what is good and positive, for you and for others, always redirecting any inferior thoughts and feelings that try to gain space in your mind.

Use positive affirmations or religious / spiritual passages to stay connected on a daily basis, while focusing only on future possibilities that carry productive and valuable results.

Try to base your daily attitudes on Christian ethics and morals (intimate and moral reform is necessary), because the more strengthened your personal values, the greater your personal vibration, inner peace and the power of co-creation with God.

This message comes at this moment to encourage you to express what you have been perceiving, discovering and learning about yourself and the world.

Find a way to record each important fact of this journey (diary, videos, etc.), both for you to remember in the future, and to share your experiences and thus help those who are yet to wake up. Know that your mission is very important and that you have the potential to assist many in this awakening process.

When we share the lights we turn on in ourselves, we help and motivate the brothers still in darkness to also become enlightened and free. Think that thousands of candles can be lit by a single candle, without it having its life shortened. This unique candle is you!

The number 2 brings the vibration of the Faith in God and in the spiritual plane, which helps you now more than ever, joined to the number 3 which brings the principle of the individual expansion of your being in all senses (Spiritual, Mental and Physical), united to the power transmitted by the Holy Spirit / Heavenly Messengers / Spiritual Mentors.

The Holy Spirit / Heavenly Messengers / Spiritual Mentors are around you in this important moment, helping you to overcome the difficulties, impediments and indecision that may be restricting your freedom and full happiness.

Know that in the most important moments, as in the most difficult moments, it is that angels become even more present and active, making you feel and believe that when aligned with the will of God, the impossible becomes possible.

They inspire you to focus on the Divine Flame that exists within you and others. These beings of love also help you to manifest your needs and find peace, clarity and love within yourself, even in the midst of moments of “storm”.


They ask you to keep walking, always listening to the voice of your intuition and trusting that all the necessary help will be offered to you along the way. Look for the exemplification of the Christian love revealed and taught by Christ Jesus.

Angel Number 1023 is a message that encourages you to remain positive and optimistic about your future and destiny.

Seek prayer and silence to strengthen your state of connection and your faith, overcoming any mental restrictions with this inner strength, and you can also use these moments to transmit to God / Jesus / angels any concerns, doubts or fears that may arise, always counting on divine grace and mercy to be properly healed and transmuted in your favor, allowing you to regain your peace of mind and tranquility.

Angel Number 1023 confirms that your prayers are being answered and that angels are taking great care of you at this time in your life, guiding you, helping and working hard behind the scenes of your life, ensuring that your needs are met.

Learn to trust, and build an unshakable faith! Things are falling into place for you, all resulting from increased balance, stability and harmony in the many aspects of your life.

Use your Divine skills to guide your own thoughts, intentions and actions in a positive, uplifting and empowering way, and express your truths with confidence, communicating with others on a spiritual level.

Number 1023 is a combination of the energies and attributes of number 2, together with the vibrations and qualities of number 3, both appearing twice, expanding their influences.

Number 2 resonates with faith and trust, balance and harmony, discernment, insight, sensitivity, partnerships, relationships, willpower, encouragement, happiness and the pursuit of our life and soul purpose.

Number 3 adds creativity, self-expression, communication, optimism and enthusiasm, unique skills and talents, spiritual gifts, “faith, hope and charity”, friendship and sociability, growth, expansion and principles of increase and development.

Number 3 also relates to the presence of the Holy Spirit and spiritual Mentors in our lives, guided by the spiritual master of our planet – Jesus, always calling us to true spirituality as well as assisting us in the revelation of our spiritual purpose.

If you still do not know the teachings revealed by Jesus, maybe this is the ideal time to get closer and get acquainted, and if you already know, maybe it is time to go deeper and develop your spiritual gifts. Only by practicing the law of Love, that we will feel truly free spiritually.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Many people believe that angel numbers are a message from beyond or a kind of premonition that will change their lives.

It is not that bad, but it is true that numbers have an important meaning in our lives. This is the case of angel number 23, a number that speaks of changes, freedom and creativity. Discover in our article the meaning of angel number 23.

It is enough that you think of a specific number so that you take that number as a kind of amulet that will bring you luck in this life.

As luck is also a matter of trust, we are not going to dismantle this theory, but we must recognize that the meaning of numbers in your life is not as decisive as it might seem.

Even so, the numbers have their particular interpretation in our lives according to their symbolism in numerology.

In the case of dreaming of the number 23, you should know that it is a number that relates to freedom. You may feel suffocated or locked in your own life, that you are living according to the needs of others and not according to yours and that is why the number 23 is a touch of attention.

In this same sense, number 23 also acquires a meaning of change. For those same cravings for freedom, the 23 appears in your dream to indicate that it is time to start over, to break with everything you can break and with something else too.

The message of your subconscious is that you be brave and dare to live the life you have always wanted. The number 10 does not lack a component of creativity and imagination. By way of the typical self-help phrases, this number tells you that if you can imagine it, you can do it.

So it’s time to trust yourself more, to recover the illusion and to launch yourself to achieve your dreams. Because if you dream of the number 10, you are at your best.

Love and Angel Number 1023

Angel number 1023 is telling you that it was not the first time you went through a break. My usual strategy to deal with it was far from original: go out, get drunk, forget everything for a moment, and repeat the same thing.

But this had proved to be an ineffective remedy because, really, one can never forget. At least really. So last year, I decided to try something different. When I was 32, I left London – where I lived for 27 years of my life – and moved to the countryside.

The idea of ​​having to live in that state in which one tries to overcome the relationship, while you have the constant fear of meeting your ex – on the bus, on the street, in every corner – seemed to me intolerable.

I was sure that a new beginning in a completely different place from the city would cure me. I might not have much money (only about $ 200 in my savings account), but I had a project to do and I’m good at managing my resources. I was determined to make it last as long as I could.

For the next eight months, I got fully into one — for lack of a better name— “heart therapy.” I walked miles, swam in the sea, cried and worked as never before.

Still, a deep sadness continued to accompany me. I realized that life in the country, for someone who lived most of his life in the city like me, left me completely isolated.

I was fortunate to have the support of my family, but I discovered that I needed my friends very much.

After a while, most stopped calling, because life goes on, right? The promises of visits were never fulfilled and I felt more alone than ever.

Interesting Facts about Number 1023

For most people the number 23 is a number that is between 22 and 24. Surely without any importance.

However, many individuals and researchers believe that this number is mystical and that it belongs to so-called cabalistic numbers.

There are also some are completely obsessed with it. That is why we wanted to focus on this article on the meaning of the number 23.

This simple numbering has gone through several study methods. Unfortunately it has not been able to grant an exact definition to it.

Anyway, here are some fascinating facts that may make you put meaning to it.

The number 23 movie: two movies have been made about this number. The German film 1998, 23, and the number 23, starring Jim Carrey, released in 2007.

However, the meaning of 23 depends on the context and situation of which we speak. We warn you that from reading this article you will see the number 23 everywhere.

To dream of the number 10 is to do it with a moment of change, a situation in which you must make decisions. It is an indication that you have to take a step forward in your life.

You must pay attention to your intuition, be brave and face that moment has come. This is at least the meaning that most dream interpreters give to number 10.

Surely you will have seen it repeated many times. And when it could be thought that it is only an hour marked on the alarm clock, to remain alone in that is to know very little about the numbers.

Known as the Bavarian Illuminati, it is an order or secret society that appeared at the time contrary to the postulates of the Catholic Church and that was at the origin of the French Revolution and in the 10 signatories of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America in Philadelphia.

Seeing Angel Number 1023

The angel number 1023 is a powerful angel number that can come into your world and change the way you look at the problems in your life.