1028 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are small sins we stumble upon along the road, and they are leading us to a better future and better tomorrow.

These numbers can help us find meaning in everyday things we do, and help us shift our focus on what is important.

Number 1028 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1028 is telling you to open your eyes, because your soulmate is somewhere close to you.

Has it happened to you that they know someone with whom they make an immediate connection so powerful that it seems like they were lifelong friends?

Even sometimes it is not that they become friends, it is that they fall in love and turn out to be real soulmates. Could it be that this soul mate is really a love from a past life?

Could it be that one is destined to meet the same people over and over again and find that soulmate over and over again through the multiple lives one can have?

All of this is going to give you an answer to, the angel number 1028.

If one believes in these theories, they dictate that all the people with whom one relates, have been one way or another, close to us in our previous lives and have been able to be our parents in one life and our friends in another and our children in the following;

The constant is that they have always been there. It may also be that when one is very much in love with someone, and that relationship is lasting and has particular characteristics, they may have been together in past lives.

In the end remember that this concept of soulmates is nothing more than a mythology and that it really depends only on you to feel good and find a person to be happy with.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

On this occasion we focus on the meaning of the numbers 1, 0, 2 and 8, so you can discover how you will be doing in life, at work and in love.

Having the number 8 as a life number is almost a guarantee of success. People with the number 8 have a sweeping personality and great charisma.

The 8 symbolizes power, strength and unstoppable energy when it comes to achieving the proposed goals. What more could you want?

You can ask to have a great organizational capacity and great security when making decisions.

If they also have a positive attitude towards life and a sense of humor, the result of a person with the number 1 is a happy person.


The best thing about people with the number 2 is their tenacity, their constancy and their ambition. There is no obstacle to stop them on their way, so they are very inspiring people for those around them.

But number 0, like everyone else, also has its dark side. In his case it is a certain arrogance that can become contempt for what they consider weakness.

They can become very little empathic with the problems of others, especially if they perceive that the other person is running out of strength.

You can fall in love with a number 1028 for the positivity it gives off, for contagious energy and because they are also people with many abilities and who know how to highlight their virtues. Your intelligence, if applied to love, helps create balanced and healthy relationships.

However, as successful people, you can be arrogant and belittle others. His taste for the organization and for having everything under control, can also lead to a toxic relationship marked by jealousy and the desire for domination.

The number 1028 presents the best compatibility with the number 4 when it comes to labor matters and with the number 9 when we talk about love.

The most insurmountable incompatibility is presented with another number 1028.

Love and Angel Number 1028

Sometimes it happens to us that we know our soulmate and for some reason beyond our reach to correct it, that relationship cannot be fulfilled.

There are those who say that one falls in love with the same person, again and again; only sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

On the other hand there are cases in which those soulmates do not coincide during a lifetime, and those are the people who always accuse feeling that they “lack something”, “that they have a void that they cannot fill.”

All this has to do with the belief in reincarnation. The theory of reincarnation exists since man began to wonder about what happens after death, and is part of many religions; especially in those dharma of Hindu origin.

According to these beliefs, there is nothing that can destroy the bonds of love; neither time nor death nor birth.

Even if there is a physical separation between people, there will always be some kind of communication beyond the tangible, and that at some point they will meet again.

It may happen that two people who loved each other deeply in a past life reincarnate, and although they have no memory of what happened before, feel a very deep love bond.

The meaning of this theory is that they have to spend many lives for that love to be less and less selfish and more selfless, healthier and pure, until it reaches a point that is perfect.

Interesting Facts about Number 1028

People who numerological vibrate in number two represent the duality of the world.

They are beings capable of seeing the two sides of the coin, which serve as a balance in opposing forces, are excellent as mediators, peacemakers, and arbitrators.

We do not usually find them as a visible head, shy and sensitive, sometimes lacking confidence, they usually work behind the scenes.

They are usually good people with skills for diplomacy because they know how to express themselves tactfully, tolerance is one of their great facets.

It is the opposite number to the masculine one, it represents the feminine receptivity, and they have great gifts for cooperation and to mediate in a conflict as peacemakers.

The two are usually good employees, and they stand out in artistic fields such as music and painting, they can also succeed in politics and diplomacy, statistics or as librarians.

As a negative we can say that sometimes they are shy, too sensitive and predisposed to hesitation in the face of decisions, when the number two vibrates in a destructive way it can reach cruelty, anger, or unleash in unbridled passion.

Personality two knows how to adapt to everyone around him and is the only vibration capable of harmonizing with all other numbers.

They are not people given to personal brilliance and like to know that their actions have helped others or have been useful because they need to know that they have contributed because that fills them with joy.

We will rarely find both of us as leaders and yet this vibration is usually almost essential for those who are.

Humanity, generosity and touch tend to be great skills for both of us, and people around them usually classify them as good people, noble, generous and human, and with a young soul until old age.

So far with the meaning of the number two in numerology, in the next article we will talk about the meaning of the number three, remember that if you are numerological the number two you can delve deeper into yourself by doing the free test, where there is more information about it and it is Much more detailed.

As in previous articles remind you that you can also do the test to know what personality number you are in numerology.

Therefore, you are a person endowed with great will and a complete, frank and solid nature. You can’t stand the injustice and you can get angry when you face a situation you don’t like. Do not hesitate to defend the weakest and raise your voice for them.

And you are not afraid to break the established rules to create them fairer, take risks and do not hesitate to go to battle, to face the challenges directly.

While in love, you need to find a character almost as strong as yours and you have great difficulty getting along with people fleeing or being too pacifist.

When you have a goal or an idea, you stand firm and do not deviate, even if the road is long.

For you, everything is acquired through effort and work. Your loved ones know your intractable character and have learned to deal with it, especially because your qualities are excellent.

Seeing Angel Number 1028

The number 1028 symbolizes power, justice and growth. Through his personality, he gives great strength of achievement and impressive energy.

The 1028 is a rocket launched at full speed, which breaks the obstacles without trying to avoid them.