1036 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Having the feeling of being followed by the guardian angels, is not something unusual.

When this happens in your life, you can be sure that the spiritual forces from above are coming into your life to send you a valuable message, that you can use in a good way to improve your current position in life.

Number 1036 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1036 is an orientation message from your guardian angel. The time has come to dedicate yourself more intensely to your divine aspects than to your material gains and work.

Contrary to what we have been trained to believe, know that when you start walking the path planned by God, all external factors, including materials, will fit perfectly and abundantly.

Angel Number 1036 reveals that there is some imbalance in your being, perhaps meaning that your focus is too much on daily factors and life concerns.

Feed the spiritual side of your scale and watch the material side lose priority and intensity. Experience for yourself how divine laws will offer you countless synchrony, coincidence (providence) and miracles in your daily life, teaching you not to worry, but to trust.

Excessive concern about material matters reveals a scarcity of spiritual thoughts and a lack of faith. Work and dedicate yourself to balance yourself, diverting your mind and channeling it to spiritual and / or useful teachings for the development of your spirit, mind and body triangle.

When you feed the spiritual, your whole being inevitably also calms down. Life was planned to be lived with peace, moderation, tranquility and progressive conquests, and any factor that takes you out of this state is a sign that there is something unbalanced.

Learn to analyze yourself and watch your mental and emotional states, practicing techniques that put you back in your center.

Angel Number 1036 is a powerful message for you to get out of your comfort zone and go towards what really matters, the development and education of your spiritual aspects (mediumship, spiritual sensitivity, gifts of the Holy Spirit, control of your thoughts through meditation) and evangelization.

Do not fear the lack and do not feed the feeling of fear regarding the financial aspects of your life.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 1036 brings the certainty that God (universe) looks at absolutely all aspects of his life and his family, and that his financial aspects are being carefully worked and prepared by the forces of good.

If you happen to be in a difficult financial situation, practice resignation and learn the important lessons that this limited state can offer you.

In order to give true value to what we have and what is really a priority in our lives, the painful experience of momentary losses is often necessary.

But always remembered that God will repay at the appropriate time, and / or when you have been enabled to use money as an instrument of progress (own and collective).


Dreaming is important, but learn to be grateful for everything you already have, because gratitude in the little is what will enable you to receive the much. How you use your resources and especially your time says a lot about your current state and level of consciousness.

When you use your resources wisely, new resources will be offered to you. However, if you use your resources in an unruly and immature way, most likely they will be limited to you.

Remember that a new being needs to practice new attitudes, showing the universe that it is ready to live a life of high values ​​and help.

Open yourself to the new and leave the grave of selfishness by practicing actions of true life, for that is the key to your true happiness.

Love and Angel Number 1036

Most people have experienced or will experience, at least once in their life, the devastating experience that is supposed to break your heart. No one is immune to a love break.

This can cause psychological damage that impacts us in multiple ways: depression, insomnia, apathy, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, etc. And among boogers and songs of Bustamante you wonder how to continue with your life.

And luckily, you get a number as powerful as angel number 1036 in your life, how to overcome a couple breakup in which we are going to help you and give you some key tips to know what to do to overcome a couple breakup.

When we are in a relationship, our brain secretes hormones that produce pleasure, well-being, and happiness.

These also help us strengthen the bond with our partner.

One of the secreted substances is dopamine, a neurotransmitter that positively reinforces us, responsible for addiction.

That’s right, we become addicted to love, to our relationship, and when it ends, the dopamine tap that produced that feeling of satisfaction and well-being is also closed.

That is when we begin to suffer that kind of withdrawal syndrome. In addition, to all this we must add the pain that involves a loss, because after all, a link that was important to you has just been broken.

One of the things that characterize the ruptures is the subsequent search for an explanation for that end. We believe that if we are clear about why our partner has left us, that if we understand why he has decided exactly to end our relationship, we can overcome it more easily.

But knowing the reason is often not enough, because for us it is such a dramatic and painful event that for our mind there must be an equally dramatic reason.

However, the explanation is often too simple for our logic to assume.

Closing and acceptance. We need to close and put an end to that episode of our life. Accept that it’s over. To do this we must take and accept the explanation they have given us to break, or invent one, and stop insisting for unnecessary and painful explanations.

The duel a break is a loss, the breaking of a bond that was important, that leaves a void. And that hurts. Taking time to feel and learn to deal with that pain is part of the recovery.

Interesting Facts about Number 1036

Angel Number 1036 also encourages you to practice material generosity, and especially morality. Donate your time for others, donate love, forgiveness, togetherness, patience, truth, hope, kindness.

Overcome the selfishness that always prioritizes you, and practice Altruism, voluntary and conscious actions to benefit the neediest neighbor. You are called to practice the change you would like to see in the world.

There is no more time to wait nor to leave the responsibility of this important movement to those who still do not know how to do it. Know that the development of these soul qualities is worth far more than any material gain.

While in the world money conveys the illusion of success, in the spiritual world it is the qualities of the soul that say about its true wealth.

Life has been given to you to develop your soul qualities, use your time and the opportunities that life gives you with wisdom and caution.

Know that financial success will closely follow the increase in your level of awareness and vibration.

The balance of the triangle represented by the number 3 (spirit, mind and body), will turn you into a charged magnet, attracting countless opportunities for your life, both spiritual and material.

Remember that nothing happens by chance, and that each new person that appears in your life offers you a new opportunity, be it spiritual or material learning.

There is nothing to fear, go ahead seeking a balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life, and retraining your mind to see life gone as a beautiful opportunity for personal development and helping others! Go with courage! We will always be with you, just call…

Seeing Angel Number 1036

If you choose to follow the messages behind the angel number and apply the spiritual guidance into your daily situations, then nothing will stand on your way to success.