1048 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1048 brings the heavenly breeze of love, protection, attunement to angels and the powerful love emitted by God through the forces of nature, and his perfect laws.

Angel 1048 blows good adventures on your way, inspirations that, if followed, will change your whole life, and the way you live.

Number 1048 – What Does It Mean?

Acquiring knowledge and experiencing it is the wonderful process you are going through, and you will always be, live, perceive, feel. Smile… life is beautiful to be lived when you understand the “whys”, and you find the answers you have been looking for since your coming to Earth.

The knowledge of the Truth will bring light to your present moment, it will give you the opportunity to choose what you want to experience, to take actions that align with your higher divine development plan.

His spirit emerges, strengthens himself, balancing himself and feeling more and more his surroundings and the subtle signs that the universe is master in reserving him.

Everything and everyone always showing you the new paths to be followed. But what does a new path mean in real day-to-day terms?

These are decisions you make to accomplish something, to do something, be it a course, an exchange, a trip, an experience that will offer you as a final product a set of new results.

Practicing new actions generates new energies, so practice them!

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 1048 is telling you to forgive those who hurt or hurt you, try to understand them, try to be more patient with those who do something or how you would not do it, try to be more tolerant of those who think differently from you… this is the art of living without barriers.

The more you love your neighbor, the more you are free to live your own life and follow your intuitions without fear.

But always do this with a broken heart, looking to the heavens like a small child who knows that he needs his father and mother to continue living.

Certainty and confidence when placed on temporary things like recognition of the world, money in the bank account, social position, physical appearance, the status you have achieved through your work or wealth, your intelligence, can easily be moved by storms of life so you can finally understand and feel what’s really important. Hope, faith and love.

Hope to be used by God in your plans, Faith that everything is always perfectly planned and taken care of, and Love for God that generates love within you, and that should naturally overflow to those who live with you on earth, regardless of how they act for you.

Love and Angel Number 1048

The emotional emptiness makes us think: If I have everything, what else can I ask for? What can I aspire to if my partner is already perfect? How many more friends should I have to not feel alone?

Well, maybe your partner is “perfect” but your relationship, for you, is not. Then, something will have to change and somewhere you have to start.


It may also be that, if you have everything, you need something that is not so easy to obtain. Or that you are surrounded by people but not by the right people who fill that part of you that feels lonely.

What is behind that feeling of emptiness that bothers us so much? Feeling of emotional emptiness the emotional emptiness hides the longing, sadness and need behind it.

It masks mixed feelings, doubts, tiredness, reluctance and lack of concern.

This happens because we don’t know each other well. Throughout our lives we take little time to value our feelings. What we need, how we feel, where we want to go and what we are willing to do for it.

It is not that we have to ask ourselves what happens in our life, but who we really are. And, knowing this, we should stop thinking that our identity is to want to be tall or beautiful people who have a handful of illusions.

The idea is that we put aside the wrong approaches and that we define ourselves at the present time. That is, who we are, what we are and what we are doing today. It is no use telling us: “I want to be a doctor”, “I will find the love of my life”, “I aspire to be a mother”, etc.

Because that keeps us just as empty and full of yearnings. That is when we realize that the price to be paid for our ignorance is very high.

In short, when something fails, emotional emptiness occurs. Simply, everything becomes mere labels, patches that cover our wounds and bandages that prevent us from seeing our eyes.

If we had to choose an adjective to define the emotional vacuum, the most appropriate would be “unbearable.” It is unbearable, because it reminds us that we need something that we cannot determine.

We can try to complete ourselves by overeating, looking for great love, drinking alcohol, crushing ourselves in the gym or carrying our agenda. However, that insufferable feeling of “I need something but I don’t know what it is” is still there, on the prowl.

Undoubtedly, emptiness determines our life and our well-being, making our emotions tremble. This feeling is linked to depression, due to the cerebral disconnection that occurs between the limbic system and the prefrontal.

Interesting Facts about Number 1048

The deceased is the lifeless body of a person and when the corpse speaks and turns to the sleeper then it is dreaming of its spirit and the Neapolitan Smorfia places it immediately after the image of the corpse, at number 1048.

In general, dream of the deceased who speaks, who wanders around the house or who turns or tries to address the dreamer indicates that the absence of the loved one is deeply felt, the sleeper has not yet managed to rework the mourning but can also symbolize a part of the unconscious and the personality of the sleeper who has been lost, forgotten and who tries to find a way to surface.

In any case, we are dealing with a sense of loss on which the subject has not yet stopped to reflect and his interiority is inviting him to do it for his psychological and emotional balance.

The corpse that speaks is 1048, seeing him get out of bed or coffin corresponds instead to number 7 while it is to be pinned there8 if the body moves as if it were alive and well.

Angel number 1048 combines the powerful energies of number 7 and number 1. Imagine 1048 as your brain seen from above, where the left and right hemispheres are represented by the two numbers 7, and the central stripe that separates the hemispheres is represented by the number 1.

Imagining the number 1048 in this way brings to mind the image of the real meaning of this very important, powerful and divine number.

1048 as the “mind of God”, representing the individual who has been crucifying his inferior nature and becoming more spiritualized with each learning cycle, “writing” the higher laws in his mind and heart, thinking more and more as a being divine.

Allowing the expansion of your consciousness and using the wisdom acquired through many internal and external processes, difficult and happy, to finally become conscious enough to control your way of thinking, feeling, acting, co-creating, vibrating and assist others as a divine being.

Seeing Angel Number 1048

Seeing angel number 1048 can be such a powerful motivation to push forward and to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Once this angel number comes into your life, this means you can always find a ways to overcome these problems you are having, and get to a place in life where you feel comfortable.