1058 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1058 is the messenger of higher consciousness, and it comes to reveal to you that only you have the power to transform your life.

When you receive messages from your guardian angels, you can be sure that their presence in your life is for certain.

This is why giving them a chance to transfer valuable messages to you, should always be taken with gratitude.

Number 1058 – What Does It Mean?

We are always at your side, motivating you, encouraging you, purifying you from the evil that wants you to continue doing the same things, feeling the same feelings, comfortable in your comfort zone of illusions and worries.

The Age of Consciousness has arrived. It is time to move towards new plans, new habits, either by changing your diet to something more natural, which will allow your body to recover, reducing pain and disease symptoms, or by practicing meditation daily, or weekly, and experiencing its benefits.

Begin the pilgrimage to places where the word of God and the teachings of Jesus are joyfully and honestly shared. After all, whoever follows Jesus from the heart is inevitably happy.

Angel Number 1058 says that the time has come in your life for important changes to be made. Remember that what you did in the past is what you are reaping today, whether good or bad.

You are 100% responsible for your choices, and they determine the results you will experience in a “present” in the future.

Today is real, it is where you can start again, redo, experiment. Do not choose with fear, but with love. God is just love.

The more aware of this, the more understanding about physical life and especially about spiritual life, why we are living on this planet, why we have a physical body and what are its capabilities, life after death, all of this will help you choose better now, which will inevitably offer you good fruit wherever you go.

Our entire journey on earth is based on the Law of Action and Reaction / Cause and Effect, and the Law of Love. Studying both, everything will become clearer in your experience on earth.

But the effort for intimate reform is indispensable, in order for you to free yourself from disturbing spirits and at last be able to be in tune with the good spirits, to then receive superior guidance in your personal life, and in your spiritual and material commitments.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Christian guidance should encourage you to build a spiritual routine, compelling you to prayer, meditation, study, discernment between good and bad, good conduct and the exercise of moral charity, which will attract the spiritual assistance of divine workers to you.

Spiritual assistance will be abundant for all those who join goodwill and dedication to master, understand and use their spiritual sensitivity (mediumship) for the benefit of others, with a pure desire to serve the good, wherever they go.

Everyone has a special mission planned by God and spiritual friends. Spiritual Sensitivity called Mediumship is the tool by which you will be able to find and align yourself in thoughts, feelings and attitudes to this mission.


The development and education of mediumship along with the teachings of Jesus is the path that will lead you to the divine and meaningful life that you have always desired. The path that leads to the truth, and the truth that leads to life.

Love and Angel Number 1058

A distance relationship raises a different context at the sentimental level regarding a courtship of two people living in the same city.

There is no ideal situation, each case has its advantages and disadvantages. In the specific case of distance relations, the frequent problems with their respective solutions are the following:

One of the frequent problems in a distance relationship is to live with the feeling of longing by missing the couple in everyday moments, but also in important situations.

The longing can be so strong that, when the time comes, one of the two has the desire to throw in the towel when not seeing a future in the relationship.

To solve this problem it is important to use all possible means of communication to shorten distances. For example, email, Skype, telephone, text messages, letters, weekend getaways … Good distance communication helps reduce the feeling of loneliness that arises at certain times.

Distance is an added problem in a couple’s argument. That is, in the midst of a couple’s discussion feelings are magnified and the reality of the facts is exaggerated. To put things in context it is better not to talk on the phone in the middle of an argument because the feelings of the interlocutor can be hurt under the effect of anger.

The solution to this problem is that each one reflects for a day on what happened, to assess things calmly and then chat on the phone. He also thinks that oral communication leads to less confusion than written communication, because it allows immediate interaction, which helps untangle emotional knots.

Another possible problem in a distance relationship is the difficulty to square the agendas to organize common meetings.

Similarly, the economic cost of travel is also an added difficulty. At the level of emotional intelligence, the best solution is not to waste time on complaints and enjoy those shared moments, however small, with initiative and enthusiasm.

To cope with a distance relationship it is essential that you hold on tight to the positive side of your love and think that each encounter is the best reward for waiting.

Interesting Facts about Number 1058

Numerology is a fascinating science, not only because it is a tool that allows us to decipher our personality with precision and in a relatively simple way, but because it opens a set of doors to the knowledge of human beings in their interaction with the world where they have touched live.

Therefore, I am convinced that Numerology is not only a way of observing the world in its cyclical development, but that it is an extraordinary metaphysical tool for personal development, and therefore capable of enhancing your professional and even business development.

In previous posts I have talked to you about the importance of raising our vibration, and particularly about the meaning of numbers.

However, in the spirit of harnessing the numerological wisdom for your self-knowledge and personal growth, I am going to talk to you about the meaning of the number 1058 in your emotional aspect and its relation to the process that Eckhart Tolle calls “psychological time accumulation”.

As I developed in the post about the meaning of the number 8, people who vibrate with this figure in general are ambitious, methodical, bold, persevering and have a gift to send. Their power is both material and metaphysical and they are bold when it comes to executing their expansion plans.

For the 8th, the mundane successes obtained, the titles achieved, the status and prestige that he has forged with his work over time are important, all of which gives his life a fame glow.

Also, when it is in low vibration, its ability to accumulate and forge empires becomes greed and excessive ambition of power.

In this way, the key to successfully entering the universe of emotional number 1058 will be the word “accumulate.” Yes, because 1058 is the lucky one; the best when it comes to choosing a number for finance.

Revered by the Chinese, the eight represents the businessman, manager, wise; to the president, to the accumulator, to the powerful.

Now, keeping this in mind, let’s review Tolle’s reflections before plunging into the labyrinth of eight when it is placed as an emotional number.

Seeing Angel Number 1058

Seeing angel number 1058 can be healing and potentially beneficial for you, so never allow yourself to be in doubt by the changes that are happening in your life.