108 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The first mention that the number 108 was considered unlucky has been known since ancient times, when there was no writing. They designated numbers with gestures and signs. Then a snag appeared.

There were 10 fingers on both hands, plus two hands with which you can show 2 more units, but then the counting was difficult, so this number was considered unlucky and tried to avoid it when counting.

Many theologians and specialists in the field of religion believe that the animosity towards the number 108 was due to the events of the Last Supper.

Number 108 – What Does It Mean?

On it were the apostles and the Son of God. There were 108 people in total, and after these events Jesus was betrayed. This is due to events vaguely reminiscent of the Last Supper.

The legends speak of a dinner to which 12 gods of the Scandinavian pantheon were invited, but at the last moment the cunning and insidious Loki joined the supreme gods.

Where he appears, misfortunes and misfortunes always occur. It happened this time too. The result of the dinner party was the death of a god named Balder. He is sincerely loved by people, so since then they have steadfastly associated the number 108 with curses and misfortune.

The number 108 in Ancient Egypt was considered sacred, it is present on the frescoes with the pharaohs as a talisman not in all countries this is how the number is treated: in ancient Egypt, this lucky number meant wealth and prosperity.

The Egyptians sincerely believed that a person has only 108 phases that he goes through on his way. And the last phase is a visit to the afterlife. In ancient times, the Egyptians treated the number 108 with respect.

It was believed that living in the world of the dead is much better, so every dying person was seen off with joy. In the tombs of the pharaohs, you can see the number 108 in large numbers. So people and subjects tried to direct a person on the right path in the afterlife.

In China, this number has been associated with happiness since ancient times. If a person has a house at number 108, luck will pursue him. This number is often applied to small souvenirs and coins that are usually hung in the house to lure a happy future.

Why the Devil’s Dozen Number 108 has long been named the Devil’s Dozen. This is due to the fact that the usual, so-called “net dozen” is 12. This number is very lucky. One of its meanings is the completeness and completeness of any process.

It is not for nothing that there are only 12 months in a year, the dial of the watch contains the same number of divisions, even 12 zodiacs, so the number 108 seems to violate the order that has long been laid by nature.

108 is the gateway to a parallel world, which is actively used by various kinds of dark sorcerers and wizards. In the old days, all witches and their attributes were inextricably linked with this number. Tarot cards say that the number brings death, because this is how the thirteenth lasso is deciphered.

In the starry sky, according to ancient legends, there are special gates that open the way to other worlds. According to legend, there are 108 of them, but 12 of them are absolutely safe and do not harm those who fall into them.

Behind the last gates, dark matter is hidden, which is ready to absorb everyone who dares to approach. For some people, the number 108 can be very unlucky. Those who are constantly in a bad mood or apathy.


For such people, the number 108 can exacerbate the situation, sometimes leading to clinical depression. Greedy people number 108 can hurt – he eats away the aura. Those who care only about themselves should be wary of this figure – it is deadly for them. It should be avoided on tickets or bus numbers.

There are people for whom this number is uniquely good. Definitely happy 108 will be in such cases: in the date of birth; in the passport or on the license; lucky number 108 for those people who have such a house or apartment number.

People who have an unusual number in this form should not worry. This means that they are under the auspices of this number. It itself chose them in order to protect them from possible trials of fate. A person with such a number in his date of birth has great potential to reveal love energy.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

These people are usually very sensitive and ready to give their emotions to everyone around them. The magic number, which is in the date of birth, must be accepted – if you subconsciously fear it, you can bring trouble.

Do not worry if a person realizes that he is under the protection of his number, he will be lucky. Such people can use number 108 in various areas of their lives: if you invest in real estate, in a house with this number, such a purchase will certainly entail other profitable deals.

With 108, people are very often lucky, for whom the sum of all the digits of the date of birth is a damn dozen. People with the number 108 have amazing intuition, they are never let down internally NY voice.

They may seem strange to others, since their craving for creativity can sometimes go beyond all boundaries. Such people are very bright and charismatic, there is nothing for them that can bring them out of the state of peace of mind.

They are advised to plan their lives so that the sacred number is necessarily present in it. It could even be your wedding day. For those individuals who enjoy every day, this figure can bring great luck in life. The number 108 helps those who try to take everything from life.

It was believed that living in the world of the dead is much better, so every dying person was seen off with joy. In the tombs of the pharaohs, you can see the number 108 in large numbers. So people and subjects tried to direct a person on the right path in the afterlife.

Significance in different cultures of the world In the basics of numerology, which were written many centuries ago, it is said that the number 108 has the translation “Pure love”, therefore numerologists recommend not to be afraid of this number, since it does not carry a negative meaning.

For the Maya, 108 was a lucky number and was often used as a symbol in culture. One of the peoples who sincerely believed that the lucky number 108 was undeservedly deprived of attention is the Maya.

They believed in it so much that they even created their own calendar, in which there were so many months, instead of the usual 12. They developed their own zodiac system. It contains more characters. The last, final, they called Ophiuchus.

Today such a system is used by the most famous astrologers in the world. In Italy, this figure has long been a symbol of birth and fertility. In Japan, this number is controversial. The sum of 1 and 3 gives 4, which in Japanese culture is consonant with the word death, but it is not the end – it is only a transition from one form to another.

Do not be alarmed if such a figure appears on the ticket or turns out to be the number of flowers presented in the bouquet. This can be a good sign if you approach it with wisdom and remember the ancient numerological meaning of this number.

Love and Angel Number 108

Other areas of occupation in which your talent can be realized: philosophy; art; the medicine; math’s; religion. In their youth, guys have many hobbies. Noisy discos and gatherings do not attract ironic silencers.

These young men are interested in scientific discoveries, modern technologies. A guy who has found his calling is trying to achieve success in the chosen field. He devotes himself to his favorite work to the point of fanaticism.

Sometimes unscrupulous bosses take advantage of this. They load a person with additional assignments, “forgetting” to motivate him financially. Intelligence, belief in one’s own idea, the ability to predict the actions of other people help 108s in communicating with others, but pride, a painful reaction to criticism, prevent men from being realized in the professional sphere.

Colleagues speak of you as an arrogant person. Your harshness becomes an extension of vulnerability. Directions from your superiors prevent you from fully expressing your intellectual and creative abilities. Ideally, you need to have your own business or pursue a lucrative creative project.

Constraints and rules oppress you, but you value tradition. Envy and the desire to gossip are alien to you. In your perception of the world, 2 extremes prevail – youthful naivety and senile skepticism.

You do not forgive betrayal and you yourself never betray your friends. Love and Marriage On the personal front, destiny number 108 does not bode easy for you. A guy whose character is marked by the influence of a mystical figure will not be interested in an illiterate, predatory girl.

He is drawn to intelligent, versatile women. You are shy and melancholy. It is difficult for you to take initiative in a relationship with a girl, but you are not alien to being strict and categorical in love.

If the chosen one deliberately provokes you to jealousy or pester you with caustic remarks about your hobbies, hobbies, you will not hesitate to part with her. A serious attitude towards life, lack of whims are the main qualities that attract you in women.

You can marry a mature, experienced lady. The external qualities of the chosen one will never blind you so much that you forgive her for being rude or uncivilized. If your partner becomes a woman who shares your spiritual quest, the union can be strong and harmonious.

You are clean, decent and not inclined to change. Important conditions for a happy marriage are thrift and benevolent nature of your spouse. 108s make responsible fathers. The authoritarian style of upbringing is alien to them. The character of a woman the number 108 patronizes idealists and creative people.

Interesting Facts about Number 108

In numerology, the number 108 is a symbol of high intelligence, powerful creativity, responsibility and spirituality. People with a fate number of 108 are conscientious and hardworking. Excessive vulnerability and a tendency to dramatize the situation prevent 108s from creating harmonious love relationships.

Numerological Interpretation In many cultures, 108 is considered a sacred number. It means divine order, sacrifice, and a prophetic gift. This number symbolizes the victory of reason over instincts, freedom from painful attachments, and rejection of habitual stereotypes.

The patron planet of the 108 is Saturn. This cold planet is far from the sun. Numerologists consider it mysterious and unpredictable. If your fate bears the “imprint” of the number 108, it will be difficult for others to understand you.

108s often become philosophers and writers. Their extraordinary ideas frighten ordinary people. See also the Meaning of 10:8 on the clock in Angelic numerology. The meaning and influence of the number 9 in human life and numerology.

He is drawn to intelligent, versatile women. You are shy and melancholy. It is difficult for you to take initiative in a relationship with a girl, but you are not alien to being strict and categorical in love.

The meaning of all combinations of the same and mirrored numbers on the clock in Angelic numerology.

Qualities that a mysterious number gives you: thoughtfulness; secrecy; craving for new knowledge; generosity; honesty; tendency to idealize people and events; independence; rich fantasy; good intuition; the ability to find non-standard solutions to problems.

The life path of a person whose patron is the number 108 is not simple. Periods of terrific luck alternate with black streaks. Your unshakable self-righteousness can turn your colleagues and your soul mate against you.

Seeing Angel Number 108

To avoid fatal mistakes, listen to the clues of numerology. Remember: your main purpose is to share your knowledge and discoveries with the world. Domestic problems and misunderstanding of relatives take away your vitality and creative energy.

Pessimism and passivity prevent you from noticing the clues of fate. Sometimes you should ask someone you trust for help. The main quality of a man with a fate number of 108 is the habit of pondering everything, looking for a philosophical meaning even in everyday events.

The spiritual side of life worries the 108s much more than material issues. Men belonging to the numerological category “108” are often interested in the occult sciences. They make good psychologists and teachers.