1108 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1108 is the beautiful emissary of peace and heavenly wisdom to illuminate, clarify, inform and increase your ability to discern good from bad, right from wrong, appropriate from inconvenience.

Everything in your life moves and takes shape according to your actions.

Number 1108 – What Does It Mean?

The direction in which you place the helm of your life is the direction that you will inevitably navigate and reap experiences.

Think now of that divine moment, where I approach you … can you feel my presence? Can you hear my soft, delicate voice, like that of a loving father?

Can you feel my magnetic field touching yours, producing the shiver in your physical body? This is me, your best friend. Little has been said over the years, but that is about to change.

Perhaps you did not know of my presence. Perhaps your parents did not teach you about me, that I am alive in spirit and in truth, and in the hearts of those loved ones who follow my teachings. I, Jesus Christ, live.

Feel my presence, which is light and charged with the love I feel for you. I have been looking for this contact for a long time, I have been waiting for the perfect moment to approach and tell you what you always wanted to hear: I love you, I have always loved you, and I will always love you.

From the bottom of my heart, you are important. Important to me and important to God’s plans. Your qualities need to be developed, you need to understand what you feel and why you feel, where your thoughts come from, how spirits act.

Do not be afraid of that word, “spirits”, for I the Lord am with you. Spirits are just people, but now in another state, without their physical bodies.

They died for the world, but now they see themselves alive in the spirit world. You need to learn how these spiritual mechanisms work, so that you understand what your mission is and how you can contribute in actions and energies.

Jesus not only recommends free spiritual work, but also exemplifies it, helping you at that moment through his envoys, the friendly angels.

His mediumship was used in order to awaken others spiritually, he performed works and miracles, cures and phenomena, all without charging anything for them.

The aim of spiritual work is to make the interchange between the materials and the spiritual, promoting enlightenment, mutual help, fraternity, between the incarnated and the disincarnated.

Mediumship is a holy possibility, which must be practiced and developed holy, religiously. Never mix the world’s “pay” (remuneration, profit, benefits, purely personal interest, satisfaction of vanity and pride) in your spiritual pursuits. On the contrary, make yourself satisfied with the spiritual remuneration that is inevitably given to you.

Be grateful for the job opportunities that have arisen and will arise in due time and for God to give you the opportunity to pay off your previous spiritual debts (mistakes made while unconscious) through the good that you promote with your mediumistic work, thus acquiring merits for new ones achievements.


The blessing of speeding up your own process is also offered to you through the development that will come from exercising your mediumistic ability and the knowledge that you acquire about life after life throughout that process;

And finally the most beautiful of all spiritual remunerations, the blessed coexistence with the good spirits / holy spirit and the protection of them in your life, due to the redemptive task to which you are bound.

Give to God what belongs to God, give freely what is given to you for free, and everything else will be added to you beautifully.

Mediumship without the gospel is a phenomenon without love, mediumship with the gospel and Jesus is a pledge of spiritual victory, of valuing the divine talents of the individual.

Go in peace, we are with you. From your faithful friend who is always by your side, peace!

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 1108 is the beautiful Angel of inner transformation. Angel number 1108 now reveals to you in this divine encounter that although you are very loved, cared for and supported by superior spirituality, the ideal time has come for your spiritual development to gain in consistency and volume.

It is not enough to stop doing what is bad, it is necessary to learn what is right and apply it with the maximum of your strength, proving to God that you are capable of higher missions, deeper messages, actions and tasks that redeem your past and clear your future.

Today is real, now is the only moment that exists for you to take new directions, start new studies, and seek knowledge so that your conscience can get out of the mud of stagnation.

Every exterior change process requires some interior change from us. It is time for you to put your life under the spiritual teachings of Jesus so that you understand once and for all the importance of doing well to others, especially when they do not treat you or want you well.

Love and Angel Number 1108

All the human qualities that Jesus teaches to develop with the help of his angels is precisely for your good, so that you do not get sick, or if you are sick, heal yourself. Everything stems from your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.

Each of them emanates a vibration in your spiritual body (per spirit) that reverberates in your physical body.

Know that most illnesses are caused by yourself, by the way you live life, by your habits, by the way you act and treat your human brothers, and yourself.

Change what you believe to be your truth and you will see your life and your whole being become abundant in joy, wisdom and life.

Continue to embrace ignorance, continue to receive destructive thoughts in your mental home, in your heart temple, harmful visits, and you will see your life dry up like the desert in the sun. Everything depends on you, the key to a life of purpose and discernment depends only on you.

At your side are an army of benefactors just waiting for a sign to reveal the conduct and habits of someone of spiritual success? And when the Spirit shines with the light of truth, man floats in his daily life. There will be no more diseases, pains, loneliness, malice when the majority accepts this call that is made to you now.

Let your inner god feel the truth that is poured out to you right now. Allow and ask for the approach of your guardian angel in your life, now and forever.

Work together with them so that their healing is also the healing of the entire planet. Study and work for the good so that the capacity to love rises with all those who are equally called by the angels of God. There is only one moment to change your future, and that moment is now.

Dedicate yourself to your change, to your level of knowledge and understanding about the spiritual world, and watch the situations in your own life prove to you that this is a wonderful truth. That when we change, everything changes.

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Interesting Facts about Number 1108

Angel number 1108 reveals that there are things, especially those in the spirit world that it is not possible to achieve alone, even if we try hard.

There are aspects of our spiritual being that can only be awakened and developed with the help of the one who was placed by God at his side. Seek silence, just like now, and ask for your help.

Ask him to be close to you and teach you how to live the spiritual life in love and truth. Blessed is he who receives this message today.

And with her the awareness that God is just a call away … close, loving, careful, attentive, God of love, God of progress, God of teachings and total protection. Recognizing the need for divine mentoring is a clear sign of spiritual maturity.

Stop judging or condemning yourself for your mistakes. All that load just makes you stagnate on the walk. Our God is one of freedom, God of lightness, of joyful purpose, of life in abundance. Plenty of smiles, hugs, tears of happiness!

This is the God that you will learn in this process with the divine spirits. When you are concerned with doing what is right and following the Laws of the spiritual universe, that alone is enough and shows that you are His, and therefore you deserve to be under his protection.

God accepts you with all your faults, and will work for you to harmonize them, with time, with maturity. And your spiritual talents and abilities, O how many you have and do not know … But I THE LORD will help you to develop them.

Their unique qualities, experiences, points of view that will help the brothers to overcome their difficulties. You will discover your purpose, and then help others to discover theirs, closing this positive cycle.

No more unnecessary tensions. It is time to surrender to that higher calling and trust! Whenever fears and doubts arise, strengthen your confidence (faith) by practicing it!

Humility, so necessary, will arise throughout the process of developing your spiritual sensitivity, where you will become aware of your need for divine assistance.

This fundamental quality will dispel the clouds of individualism, self-centeredness, infallibility, vanity and judgment of others’ errors.

Seeing Angel Number 1108

Seeing angel number 1108 is a chance to open up your eyes and to let yourself be smitten by someone special in your life.