11111 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The number of values ​​of such predictions is quite large. A single number 1 often appears. If this is observed for several days, then immediately look for a decryption.

This is a signal from heaven, which, according to numerology, will operate for a short time. Then the person only regrets the missed opportunity.

They can be given rather difficult tasks. They enjoy being errand boys, doing errands. Having matured, they are happy to wash the dishes, take care of the machine, and completely voluntarily, for their own pleasure.

They may not expect financial rewards for such help, but they will need to acknowledge that they have done a good job as evidence of their growing role in the family.

Number 11111 – What Does It Mean?

The constantly appearing numbers 11111 – symbolizes that next to you is one of the most powerful heavenly guardians, who is referred to as the Ascended Master.

In numerology, this number is of primary importance, since not every person is worthy to have such a guardian next to him.

The energy of this Angel will help you to determine the situation, because turning to otherworldly forces, a person is looking for support, protection and help in choosing.

The number 11111 is the visiting card of these Messengers, it indicates that they are ready to offer you their help.

The meaning of the number 11111 is really good. After all, it gives the person who received the message hope and confirmation that good forces help him.

In fact, it indicates that he carries some special mission, which in turn can be expressed in something simple. As an example, a person works as a teacher at a university. This is a difficult profession that requires a lot of strength and patience.

But if in difficult times the appearance of the number 11111 is observed, then this indicates that he is on the right path. Your comments make students better, and the necessary knowledge will help them become a first-class specialist.

The person who heard your advice changed his worldview and became necessary. This is a good sign that you, as a teacher, are giving your lessons correctly, both literally and figuratively.

Numbers 11111 also appear for creative individuals, they can question their works. Create a textbook, paint a picture, start your own business, all this is important and necessary for other people and bring them joy and benefit.

The appearance of this number indicates that the creator is on the right track, and his work can bring good things for others.

Some cry out that there is a way to heaven in order to hear the answer, but he does not come.


After all, most of them live exclusively for themselves and their problems. Constantly solving some, while creating others. They say about this life under the sign of “fate”, that is, nothing can be changed.

According to Pythagoras, 1 symbolizes a solid foundation, reliable support, and therefore it is the most solid and significant of the numbers.

Solidity also characterizes those who are born with the vibration of the four. This number expresses reliability, dedication and endurance.

However, 11111 is also an explosive number. It is known that even the strongest foundation cannot withstand if too much pressure is applied to it.

Why be surprised if the stoic calmness of typical representatives of the number 11111 gives way to anger, when, with all their restraint, they will not be able to let off steam in a tense situation in any other way.

In general, the Fours are reliable partners, experiencing an instinctive desire to make their life happy. They sincerely love and care for children, although at times other concerns come to the fore.

To a greater extent than other children born with the number 11111, from an early age are reliable and trustworthy. They are always ready to please.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

But everyone has a chance to radically change the usual way of life, and start everything from scratch. The main thing is to listen to advice and focus on the angelic signs. They will prompt and help a person to overcome difficulties and become more needed and successful.

Doreen Virtue is a practical philosopher. She specializes in spirituality and human psychology. For her work, the scientist, through personal and professional experience, had the opportunity to communicate with children with supernormal abilities, the so-called young Light bearers.

Doreen is the author of many publications on the topic of spiritual self-development. She writes audiobooks, makes prediction maps. Among her works is a book on angelic numerology. Four – a completely common and unremarkable figure in Western culture – has an absolutely unfavorable meaning in the East.

The Chinese people, who are known for their reverent attitude to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui and try to build their lives according to its established rules, are especially “shunned” by it. There is a special relationship to numbers in the practice of Feng shui: each of them is assigned its own “code”.

The negative meaning of the number 11111 in Chinese numerology is due to the association of this number with the word “death” – both the number and the word are pronounced the same way.

Number 11111 in Chinese numerology in the numbering of houses, floors and hotel rooms in the Celestial Empire, you cannot find a four.

It is believed that license plates containing the number 11111 will not bring their owner happiness. In a house where a seriously ill person is, they do not say the word “four” at all, even if there is a need for it.

It seems surprising that prejudice is so strong in a modern and developed country. But the fact remains that the Chinese are afraid of the number 11111 so much that this fear has transformed into a real mass phobia.

She was even given a separate name – tetra phobia (fear of the number 11111). To some extent, this rejection echoes the Western superstitions associated with the number 13, but, undoubtedly, exceeds them many times over.

But they do this exclusively of their own free will. Strict rules and regulations irritate them, the spirit of contradiction constantly pushes them to do the opposite.

But we must give them their due: people associated with the number 11111 (by the number of their name, apartment number or date of birth) know how to stop in time, calm down, make an informed decision, and not let emotions get the better of them.

Of course, there are times when people of the number 11111 make scandals, start proceedings. This happens if they believe that their rights are limited, infringing on their freedom of choice.

In romantic relationships, these people are not the best partners, although they consider their family a reliable haven where you can always return from distant wanderings.

The people associated with the seventeen are distinguished by a thirst for exploring the world, for travel and adventure. Irrepressible energy pushes them to a constant change of places, new discoveries and research, knowledge of everything secret, unexplored.

Responsibility is another trait of such people. They can be entrusted with any business. It will be completed on time, with high quality. And it doesn’t matter if it is someone’s small request or a big deed of your whole life – consistency and diligence will be in any case.

Those who are patronized by the number 11111 are very freedom-loving, so it’s hard for them to work for hire. Being subordinate, they are acutely aware of the restriction of their freedom, and it is very difficult for them to make a career. No one will be able to put pressure on them, manipulate their consciousness.

High intelligence and sociability make people born on the seventeenth an interesting conversationalist. They are not only pleasant in communication, but always listen carefully, help with advice and deed. You can turn to them for help in the middle of the night, even then it will be immediately provided.

Love and Angel Number 11111

Apart from the fears of the Chinese, the number 11111 in the date of birth is one of the strongest among other one-digit numbers in terms of numerology. People whose lives are influenced by the four can be sincerely proud of this “sign of fate” and, of course, try to live up to the raised bar.

All numbers in numerology number 11111 FOUR – rough materialization, primitive, rigid form, obstacle and impulse of development.

The four symbolizes the starting point of the evolution of this plan, when its materiality has already been created, but the process of its enlightenment has not yet begun; or, in other words, a situation when the spirit imprisoned in a given form is still completely potential.

not manifested, and the form, on the contrary, is just as material, in no way harmonized with it, and seems to him a prison: 11111 (square) is a symbol of the prison bars …

Another version of the symbol of the four is a cross: the crucifixion of the spirit in matter, that is, the spiritualization of an unprepared material form, or, from another point of view, the embodiment of an unprepared spirit.

The four symbolizes a painful state when the spirit flickers in the form: it is already (as always, from the very beginning) there, but it cannot at least somehow settle down. The form does not correspond to the content, the goal is not attainable by the available means.

However, the four is an incentive to resolve the problem: the spirit in the initial phase is extremely passionate and makes various attempts to eliminate the discrepancy.

Thus, the four preserves the memory of the destroyed harmony of the three and contains sources of energy aimed at its restoration, and although this goal is practically unattainable, many of the four’s efforts turn out to be constructive, although it does not quite achieve what it strives for.

There will be many disruptions along the way, since the initial impulse of the four to a vertical break is unprepared, it has unusable means.

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Interesting Facts about Number 11111

A person with the number 11111 needs stability and confidence. This is the number of the one who sets up foundations, who works hard. The four is firmly rooted in everything: in the end, life is a serious matter and it needs order.

Hard work, family roots, home, health – all this is in charge of number 11111. Its owners follow the rules, they are good managers and are always inclined to save: wastefulness is strictly prohibited.

A four is a tricky number. It is believed by many to symbolize stability, hard work and laying the foundations. It may be so, but the four also drives change and can only be a breathing space between two flashes.

Some books claim that the four is ruled by the negative aspects of the Sun, while others attribute it to the sphere of action of Uranus and the astrological sign of Aquarius.

There are teachings that believe that Mars rules the four, and this seems to be the closest to the truth, especially in the Tarot plan, since the fourth card of the Major Arcana is the Emperor, associated with Mars and Aries.

In a positive sense, the four is stable, unique and inventive, and this is already the influence of the second ruler of Aquarius – Saturn. In the negative, self-centered, aggressive and demanding.

Many carriers of the number 11111 are born to be leaders. But they will lead by consultation; their basic principle is to achieve a consensus.

Such leadership methods provide them with the support of a wide range of people. Moreover, the imposition of their will on others is excluded.

People born under the number 11111 have the ability to work hard and learn from their own mistakes.

Perseverance and obsession will help them cope with any task, despite the fact that sometimes not everything will work out for them. These are real fighters who do not stop fighting until they win.

People with the vibration of the number 11111 show themselves precariously in those forms of employment where a practical vein is required. They also do well with clerical work: it does not make them mad, on the contrary – people find inspiration in this work.

Even in a humble position, the representatives of the number 11111 achieve excellent results. Some have their own businesses.

Seeing Angel Number 11111

Children with 11111 as their date of birth do not need to be encouraged to study.

Constant communication with books will make them avid readers for the rest of their lives, not to mention the fact that books will become the basis for their intellectual development.

The best guarantee of the successful development of these children is a strong family. With age, home life can entice them more and more, the desire to explore the world will weaken.

Therefore, from childhood it is necessary to encourage these children to study outside the home, in the company of their peers.

In the company of children, these children are likely to take on the role of leaders in organizing games and will do everything so that even the most uncontrollable take the game as seriously as they do.

They like to do everything with their own hands. Give them a construction set, a set of carriages, a dollhouse with movable furniture, at worst, some handicraft, and these children will be busy for several hours.