1132 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1132 rescues you now from all your suffering, your loneliness, your doubts and uncertainties.

It comes to affirm that HE is the living God, your spiritual Father, who appears to console and bless you in this difficult time.

Number 1132 – What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 1132 brings a beautiful message of faith in God and the pouring out of his love in this difficult time.

I, the loving father, transmit at this moment all my love, all my anointing, all my power and all my care, proving you through this powerful sign that you are loved and cared for, that you are my son ( The). We are always by your side no matter what you do or what you have done in your past.

For me, only the present is real, and I erase with today’s meeting, the pains of your present, and the anguish and suffering that still weigh on your soul.

I am the living God, and I now act with power to free you and heal you from all the evil influences that try to convince you that you are neither important nor strong. I take off you the heavy burden of your mistakes, which will make you lighter and happier.

Know that there is much to be healed and understood in your life, and that is why I bring the balm for the wounds of your soul that need time and care to heal without leaving marks.

I love you so much my son and my daughter, and my happiness is to see you walking the path that I dreamed for you.

How many blessings, how many miracles I have prepared for you, but that you missed the chance to experience? But unlike men, I, the Lord, always go after those I love.

My love never ceases, never decreases, never gets disappointed, never gives up, my love wants you close, wants to talk to you daily, wants to involve you and protect you with my security, with my protection, wants you to use my wisdom to brighten your life, and that of everyone you love. We are a family, we are your spiritual family, here and now, with you, forever.

Angel 1132 represents the God who is present and faithful in difficult times like the one you are in, and comes with power to nourish your suffering soul, with the love that heals and restores.

I am the spiritual FATHER who always wants to be close to his children, loving and being loved, teaching and learning, sharing the day to day, the experiences, guiding and guiding the way of true happiness. My great love invades your soul in that magical moment, close your eyes now, and feel me…

I come to prove to you once again that my love is true, and that it is time to turn doubts into certainty (faith). I come to teach you through this spiritual experience that there are no limits to my mercy or love.

Angel number 1132 represents your spiritual rescue, which brings you closer to the love of God. God is calling you! God is calling you!

Feel this beautiful emotion of being close to the creator. No more suffering, it’s time for you to live the happiest moments of your life! Go in peace, go with God, and heed that call!


The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Look at number 1132 as your friendly angels, sent from God and Jesus, always at your side helping, protecting, teaching, guiding and conditionally transmitting your love, your wisdom and your protection.

It doesn’t matter to you how much you have done or have done wrong, as new paths and new opportunities are always given to those who ask with humility.

Angels are working behind the scenes in your life helping you to dissipate negative energies from inferior thoughts and feelings such as fear, doubt, anxiety, sensualist, disorientation etc., which end up harming your harmony and vibration, barring most of your time.

Ability to “hear” the voice of your inner god (intuition) and angels, and to see adversity as beautiful learning opportunities.

Remember that Faith, which is the action of trusting in God’s protection and purposes, is the antidote to feelings of fear, anguish, restlessness, despair, and anxiety.

The number 1132 once again comes to tell you that you need not have anything to fear, because you are loved and cared for every moment, but today you begin to realize that this protection exists in your life.

Discipline your attention, avoid distractions and use these tests to your advantage, strengthening your spiritual qualities of resignation, patience and submission to the will of God.

Angel Number 1132 asks you to create the daily habit of seeking God through whichever way you prefer, whatever your religion and / or belief.

The closer we are to our inner god, the happier and more complete we feel, but the further away, the emptier and the more hopeless.

Dedicate yourself to do what is right and morally elevated, allowing spiritual friends to get closer / closer, seek the word of God (bible), edifying readings, dedicate yourself to prayer, meditation (strengthening your state of peace) interior and observant mind) and spiritual and charity work for the brothers of the earth.

Love and Angel Number 1132

Let go of inferior distractions, violent news, TV shows that are not edifying and sensual, negative and unbalanced people, crowded environments (bars, clubs, etc.), discussions and conversations about controversial subjects and any external factor that makes you enter a state negative feelings and thoughts.

Use your talents and skills to improve humanity. Be aware of what is going on inside you, always watching and not letting any negative thoughts and feelings of fear, desire, anger, intolerance, doubt, etc. take root in your being.

Pull them out at the root, replacing them with positive thoughts and feelings based on love, tolerance, understanding and respect.

Learn to focus your attention only on what is good and positive about you and others, remembering that inevitably everything you put your attention on, good or bad, will grow.

Train your mind to exchange negative thoughts for positive ones as soon as they appear, making it a habit. The friendly angels come to tell you that despite the possible difficulties of the present, everything will fall into place in the long run.

Look for activities that awaken peace, love and joy within you, learning to identify and dedicate yourself to what you really love.

Interesting Facts about Number 1132

People who have 11, considered a master number (a more intense vibration of 2) are strong and brave in weak moments.

They are the ones who put order in situations of chaos, passionate, determined, strong, dynamic, and have a deep thought.

At work they are very dedicated, especially in positions where inspiration is required. They can become very influential people.

The others perceive those who have the number 11 as people with a special sensitivity for the spiritual, and a fantasy nature.

They like to follow rituals to get attention, and they succeed. In difficult times, they are able to guide themselves and others.

They are intuitive, idealistic, nothing materialistic, although they may fall into fanaticism, the instinct of superiority and control over others.

And they may seem a bit erratic because sometimes they pass from one thing to another without a definite purpose.

They have dreamy personality and sometimes they get lost in the clouds or in fantasy. They all take it to the plane of inspiration, to spirituality. That’s why they usually inspire others.

Their opportunities are found as preachers of the gospel, invention or theatrical performance. But they can also have very practical professions, such as electricity or aviation.

Many become opinion leaders who help raise awareness in different fields. Because of their creativity, intuition and inner strength, they guide others, becoming teachers.

They are admired for their knowledge and their ability to understand.

Their weak side is that sometimes they forget themselves and find it difficult to move forward and complete their own projects. They are impractical and may fall into egocentrism.

Number 32 reminds us of the need to grab the reins of our lives. Sometimes it is easier to leave difficult decisions for other people, making them responsible for our own lives, given our inexperience, fear and difficulty in dealing with the consequences of our actions.

This is the attitude of those who turn their backs on the challenge and prefer to remain stagnant waiting for life to happen.

As if that were not enough, he still charges others what he does not have the capacity to solve.

So the 32 kneads us, smashes us with its weight, purposefully, so that we learn to deal with the reality of the day-to-day, so that we are in front of what frightens us the most and can, once and for all, give the leap of faith, reaching unknown frontiers.

It is necessary to be persistent and train self-confidence to leave the lethargic world where nothing happens.

Seeing Angel Number 1132

Angel Number 1132 asks you to be strong if you are going through a trial.

Many moments of difficulty and trial will arise in the journey of formation of the spiritual man / woman, especially in this unique moment of transition in which we live.