1158 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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1158 wants you to get out of your comfort zone and do new things. Don’t worry about their functionality: the primary purpose of fine art is, in fact, to be beautiful. It is pleasing to the senses, simply.

Number 1158 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1158 is telling you to control your emotions and to live the life happier. Living with a person who has a neurotic personality is extremely complicated.

But the root of this difficulty is the absence of existing knowledge towards this personality pattern, as people tend to think that they are exaggerated people who care about any nonsense.

However, they cannot understand that these “dumb worries” can generate such significant discomfort in these people.

We consider explaining what a neurotic person is really like and its characteristics, as well as providing guidelines to help make the life of these people easier in our society. Below you will find how to treat a neurotic person.

Neuroticism is not a pathology in itself, but rather is related to the personality traits that characterize a person.

With regard to this dimension, the neurotic person is very unstable and emotionally sensitive, which gives rise to a very extreme experience of pain.

As a result of neuroticism, people can develop some pathologies and disorders, such as phobias, anxiety or depression.

What are the causes of neurosis? As we speak in another article, neuroticism has its origin in the adulthood of a person, when he is not able to accept that he is no longer a boy or girl and, therefore, has to enter the world of Adults.

What happens then is that they tend to be afraid of everything around them, causing this in them a continuous situation of distrust and stress.

How to identify a neurotic person? In this section, the main characteristics of a neurotic person are detailed in detail because, in reality, there are no closed and detailed criteria for diagnosis.

Each person can have a certain degree of neuroticism and have more marked characteristics than others. The symptoms of neurosis are as follows:

These people are usually in an anhedonia state, where they show a lack of interest when performing any pleasant activity. They never find anything that motivates them.

In the following article you will find information about the definition, causes, symptoms and treatment of anhedonia.

Neurotic people have a permanent feeling of sadness. It should be emphasized that these people have a great possibility of entering into depressive and guilty states because they cannot feel happy.


They are very susceptible to the criticisms of others even if they are recommendations or advice. This is due both to his high sensitivity and his lack of self-esteem, which drives him to consider himself inferior to others.

They are very impulsive. They tend to act without thinking about the consequences, and that is why, when they feel frustrated, they tend to act quite aggressively.

Their thoughts and actions are determined by their emotional states and, since they are very emotionally unstable, there are times that in the same situation their actions and their words can be contradicted.

Although he has difficulties in trusting people and therefore they have problems in establishing personal relationships, it is not very strange to see a neurotic person create a dependence on another individual. This is because that person creates in him a feeling of security and protection.

They raise unrealistic concerns which anticipate an event that has not even happened. That is why they are considered to have catastrophic thinking.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The number 1158 is one of the most intriguing in people when talking about its meaning and its symbolism.

All because, many people relate it to evil, others to the sacred and others to the good and; although all numbers have a positive and a negative side; the bad luck that relates to the number 1158 is quite large.

Bad luck is something that, although many people believe that it does not exist, can get to relate a lot with this number, how many times have we not heard versions of bad luck related to Tuesday and Friday 13?

In fact, many people stop doing things they had planned for the simple fact of being afraid of the days related to the number 1158 because, the bad luck that has the number 1158 can be transformed into many bad things, such as: death.

Now, not everything must be bad in the meaning of the number 1158, since its symbolism also makes it a number of prosperity, light and evolution. Recall that, the number 1158 is made up of two very important numbers in numerology, which are: number 1 and number 8.

Number 1 gives the grace and blessing of Heavenly Father. Therefore, remove all bad luck from the road and; Number 8 gives you the energy and prosperity you need for life.

Adding that, thanks to the symbolism of the number 1158, people can relate to it with love; since this number was the favorite or the one that basically represented the goddess Freya, who was the goddess of love.

Love and Angel Number 1158

It needs no other purpose in its existence than to demonstrate aesthetic beauty (in its academic meaning). Every artistic work is quite useless, said Oscar Wilde once, and that is not a bad thing. Look for new artistic nuances for your life

Number 1158 is confirmation that you’ve been working hard for a long time and it’s time to relax a little. Be more positive, spontaneous and communicative.

Enjoy the little things that bring you pleasure. Even if you haven’t reached your goals yet, a short break to breathe and distract your head can be very good and even productive, allowing you to see things with fresh eyes.

It is also worth removing from your life those things of little use that tend to get in the way of your wellbeing. If that thing doesn’t help at work, it doesn’t bring joy to people you love, and it’s just there to get in the way, you may not really need it.

Sometimes we ourselves put unnecessary bureaucracies in our lives, perhaps as incentives to be productive or productive, but they don’t always work as planned. It is no use clinging to a habit or custom that has already lost its function.

Sometimes we think too much and invent dozens of excuses for not trying something we always wanted to do, and when we finally create courage the moment has passed.

Do not forget that 3 is also the number of spontaneity.

Interesting Facts about Number 1158

Now, after all the symbolism, it is important that we dedicate ourselves to the true meaning of the number thirteen. From the positive side to the negative side. Without controversy and without what is imposed by society.

Although, you should know that, to the people who have touched the number 1158 in their destiny, they will not have it very easy, since they will have to make many sacrifices to fulfill their dreams.

All because, the only way to get what they want is to work hard and honestly.

On the negative side, the meaning of the number 1158 is not related to death or bad luck, but is reflected in those lazy people, with lack of motivation and with very little tolerance. They usually leave their dreams aside and postpone many activities.

Finally, if we go to the definition of tarot, we will also find death, since the number 1158 corresponds to the Arcane of death.

But, you should know that in the tarot, death is not bad. In fact, it does not mean that your end is near, but it represents the new life or rebirth.

Seeing Angel Number 1158

If we have the number 1158 on our way, we can find new opportunities that allow us to grow day by day.