116 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The esoteric meaning of 116 is particularly brilliant since it is the 6-pointed star illustrating perfection…

With all this, it is not surprising that the natives of 116 are visibly born at the same time under a lucky star and endowed with a multitude of qualities…

Number 116 – What Does It Mean?

Love, Glory and Beauty: if we had to use the title of a famous soap opera to sum up the numerological outlines of the number 5, it would be this one! The notion of glory would however be replaced by that of idealization but, for the rest, nothing could be changed!

That said, and to start off a little flattering this ultra-flattering table, it is also useful to recall the slightly less brilliant sides of the 116.

They are indeed very demanding (towards themselves and towards others) but also very impatient which can sometimes make them downright unbearable!

In short, they are in reality like everyone else: full of qualities as well as faults! Their faults arising from their qualities and their qualities from their faults…

If the 116 wins so many votes. It is mainly because it is very open. He is particularly hyper attentive and gifted with a strong power of compassion. Support and help those who need it: this is a very natural attitude for him.

This undoubtedly comes from his propensity to reject any form of injustice and to love harmony so much. The 116 is never as happy as when he feels that his entourage is too.

He is both altruistic and a lover of life, which makes him a highly appreciated traveling companion. He enjoys comforting, advising and is always available when needed.

Especially since he knows perfectly how to spot the worries and troubles of others and even anticipates their requests. A native of “116” is always very attentive and concerned about the balance and the happiness of those around him. Many have embarked on charity to support the poor.

This investment in the service of others is also made in a real perspective of results. It’s not just about alleviating the issues a little bit by listening to them. The 116 always projects itself into action and is keen to find a remedy for each ailment.

The concepts of conciliation, tolerance and relational balance constitute the essential bases of your existence. Loyal, sincere and delicate, you are a pure and terribly endearing soul.

Always attentive to your neighbor, your happiness comes first and foremost from the well-being of those around you. You place great importance on family life and love.

With a nature full of kindness and empathy, you are attentive and devoted to others. Your sense of justice, duty and responsibility is very strong. In this area you are impeccable.

You are at the same time, the loyal and understanding friend, the responsible parent, the loving partner, the confidant … in the eyes of others you are a guide par excellence. You are shy and sensitive, but you can be indecisive and lack self-confidence.


You would like to know how to balance your involvement in the quest for the happiness of others, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

He wants to be effective in his support and not be content with feeling sorry for someone. He even makes this objective a real mission essential to his life. For him, if he is on earth it is precisely to fulfill this mission.

It brings him enormous satisfaction when he feels that he has been useful and that his intervention has even been decisive. In reality, he gets no glory: just that famous sense of duty accomplished. And he immediately moves on, trying to figure out if someone else needs him too…

This ability to resolve problems that are a priori delicate to solve probably comes from its almost perfect balance. A balance that he has patiently built over the years and which he now wants to share with others.

The “116” always tends to consider that whatever happens to him in life, he is among the privileged. There is always something unhappy than yourself: this seems to be its motto that it applies to everyday life. All of this means that he never thinks of asking for any help himself when he is in need.

He hates to feel sorry for himself and therefore has a tendency to never complain and take everything in hand without flinching. By the way, this is not really a good solution because it then tends to sometime. It is all the more harmful that many would be delighted to help him and thus, to return the favor in a way.

In reality, as long as there is harmony around him, the “116” is simply happy and happy in his life. The rest is of very little importance to him. He is particularly attracted to family life and the warmth of a home (especially with children) gives him all the warmth he needs.

The “116” are generally very close parents with their children. They are very involved with them and always try to guide them as best they can on the path of existence. If it takes time to help them with their homework or just to talk to them at length when they have problems, they always do it with a huge personal investment.

In reality, the greatest danger awaiting the “116” is its idealism and perfectionism. Life does not always offer the best, so it can often be disappointed. He must remember that not all human beings work in the same way and that what he considers to be true values is not necessarily.

Love and Angel Number 116

Love is your engine, you know how to give better than anyone, but you also develop a strong need for affection. You aspire to a couple relationship based on an exchange of deep and sincere feelings. Romantic and blue flower, you dream of a partner who demonstrates your tenderness and love on a daily basis.

Your heightened sensitivity is at its peak in all your romantic relationships. You have strong values and ideas about feelings. This is why you happen to be disappointed or affected by those you love.

Regardless of this, you should not always trust your apparent sweetness. You are also able to get out of your hinges, as soon as your emotional balance is threatened.

Selflessness, generosity, loyalty, sincerity are undoubtedly one of your most beautiful qualities. You are second to none to bring warmth to others. You have a great sense of understanding. You are often called upon to resolve conflicts.

Your common sense and judgment are unequivocal. You are a distributor of love and harmony, a real ball of tenderness. A loving parent, a loyal friend and an exceptional partner.

A strong sense of responsibility sometimes pushes you to forget yourself. But it doesn’t matter to you, because you find your happiness through the well-being of those you love. Your main weakness is that if you want to take care of others too much, you fade away.

You may not be aware of it, but you also have a little intrusive side. A strong tendency to interfere in the problems and the life of others. In love you develop an exacerbated sensitivity, and an excessive romanticism which can sometimes be suffocating for the other.

You do not appreciate the conflict, and may find it difficult to impose your personal opinions. Indecision is also one of your small weaknesses.

Interesting Facts about Number 116

Strong motivation for harmony and a warm atmosphere (do not appreciate struggles, aggression). Seeks comfort, security. Helping, advising, being and feeling responsible will always be second nature, even unconscious.

The inner number 116 is motivated by conforming to the constraints of living with dignity.

Weakness by dulling in warm comfort. The inner number 116 is forgotten by caring too much for others. To maintain his serenity, he must be careful not to get too involved in the problems of others. He must learn to work by sharing responsibilities so as not to endorse everything as he tends to do.

He must not accept either that one discharges on him the negative emotions which he may then find it difficult to manage.

Your internal number is the number 116 but can also be experienced in mode 33 (see below) Balance in the sentimental area is of the utmost importance to him and he could be deeply affected if things did not go entirely according to his wishes. Marriage, family, home play a big role.

The usual excesses of this vibration are linked to an exacerbated sensitivity: excessive romanticism, subjectivity, indecision, difficulty in imposing or even saving one’s personal options.

When the two members of a couple have such a vibration, immobility and a certain weakness could result from their mutual complacency.

However, one should not trust the appearances of softness of this vibration 116 because as soon as one threatens harmony, the bearer of this inner number 116 very often regains all its legitimacy and all its strength. To keep him, you must know how to show him tenderness, and stay educated, courteous.

The concepts of conciliation, tolerance and relational balance constitute the essential elements of your motivations. You also actively contribute to creating a pleasant, warm and comfortable atmosphere where you live.

At home, the sense of duty plays a big role and you will be comfortable in positions of responsibility at the family, professional or socio-cultural level, groups where you will work to manage the relationship well.

But your skills don’t stop there. Activities or professions related to art, decoration, beauty, body care, and trade or catering are also at your service, due to your deep interest in everything related to well-being and aesthetics.

All aid services, humanitarian associations, social trades can also fulfill you and quench your thirst to help, protect.

The physique from the number 116 is of medium size, its morphology is rather muscular. The face is angular with a square chin, the flat forehead and the aquiline nose, the look is intense and captivating. His pace is energetic and pressed.

It can be interpreted by his powerful desire to be involved in a great cause and the honor of the service rendered.

His sense of diplomacy combined with an imposing physique means that he is constantly called upon to end quarrels or to resolve certain family disagreements. He is the ideal person to advise his loved ones to make compromises, also to make the last decisions.

The most important difficulty of vibration 116 is trying to see things as they are, without trying to turn everything in its path for the sake of perfectionism.

Combining with diplomacy is therefore the key word, especially when it comes to relationships with loved ones. She must learn to be of service, without feeling domestic.

Seeing Angel Number 116

The person assimilated to vibration 116 can easily perceive the vital utility of enjoying material happiness.

Dynamic and ambitious, she can fully invest in a rapidly evolving career: triumphs in the military and political branches reveal her soul as a leader.