1224 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The number 1224 is one of those figures that everyone wants to know its meaning. All because, in numerology it seems that it had no symbolism or meaning.

Therefore, we have thought that it is totally important that you know everything about the meaning of the number 24.

Number 1224 – What Does It Mean?

The first thing you should know about the number 1224 is the symbolism and this is directly related to the safety and responsibility of each person.

All because, they are people who know very well what they want and who know how to fulfill all the commitments.

The meaning of the number twenty-four is also closely related to loyalty. Therefore, the people who have been 1224 at their destination are very sociable and friendly people; Loyal to their friendship and therefore, they are essential people to trust problems.

The number 24 is associated with the hours that the day brings and with one of the most emblematic days in the whole world: Christmas (December twenty-fourth.

Therefore, it is a number that contains many pronunciations in the world, which makes a figure with much spiritual power.

If we break it down, we can see that the number 24 can be broken down in different ways. The simplest, leaving 2 and 4; which if added, results in the number 6, which many claim to be related to death.

But, for being such a multiple number, in synonym of decomposition, the number twenty-four can be reflected in a simple multiplication as 1x2x3x4.

In the tarot, the number 1224 is related to a very relevant card that talks about life, success and family. But, it all depends on how the letter comes out when making a spiritual consultation.

All because, if it goes face up, it can mean success and if not, it can simply mean abandonment.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

No doubt the meaning of 1224 is that of a number with which our spiritual guides want to convey a positive message of hope and opportunities.

The numbers have accompanied human beings since ancient times, helping them to make calculations and build complicated constructions, keep accounts or defend themselves in daily life with the simplest accounts. But they not only have a mathematical interpretation but a spiritual one.

Numerology is responsible for studying them. Within the different numbers, the meaning of 1224 is that of double vibration.

It therefore has an impressive load of energy, so it constitutes an important number. In the case of twins it means the number that represents the union / ascension.


We are facing a number with a lot of symbolic load, both religiously and astrologically. Being double, the energy load is increased, doubled in this case, so the positive effects will impact on us. Not only physically but also spiritually.

Because they, the guardian angels, are always aware of us, of everything that can happen to us, so they use the numbers to warn us both of dangers and of our bad way of acting as of the good times that are yet to come.

This number is associated with a date that would be that of the 12th day of the 12th month. Just on that date, being a double number its vibrational meaning is also doubled.

The great energetic load that occurs when repeating 12 is related to the fact that this is a sacred, mystical and spiritual number. Keep in mind that 12 are the signs of the zodiac, the months of the year, the apostles of Christ as well as the gifts granted to us by the Holy Spirit.

The meaning of 1224, in the field of soulmates, is also very important because it belongs to what is called mirror numbers in some places.

The message that it transmits to the twins is of the union / ascension because their souls (a soul present in two bodies) are always united in the twelfth dimension or divine planes of light.

Therefore, 1224 generates strong energy vibrations, making positive influences always in our favor, which will have an impact on the improvement and well-being of the body and soul.

Love and Angel Number 1224

Recall that all numbers have positive sides and negative sides, and the number twenty four could not be left out.

Therefore, we will talk about the meaning of the number 1224 in these two aspects.

On the positive side, the number twenty-four can give a unique symbolism, since the people who possess that figure in their lives are noble, loving, loyal and sincere people. In addition, they are intelligent and will always be there to help you solve any problem.

Usually, they tend to face their fears and emotional crises very well, since they always observe the positive of each thing and try to be guided by it.

Basically, they see the empty half full and not half empty. They are not jealous or vengeful people.

Now, on the negative side, the meaning of the number 1224 also has great relevance. All because, because they are so sentimental, so sincere and so loyal, they can fall in love too much and fall into toxic or possessive people.

In addition, if they get carried away by the negative, the positive energy can end after a while and therefore they go from being optimistic to total pessimists.

Interesting Facts about Number 1224

Twelve is part of one of the most popular and well-known numbers. The people of the middle Ages might not know how to count or read, but everyone knew what a dozen was.

Twelve is the number of space-time divisions. It is the product of the 4 cardinal points by the 3 planes of the world. Divide the dome-shaped sky into 12 sectors forming the 12 signs of the Zodiac since the time of the Sumerians.

On Earth the year is also divided into 12 sectors, although this division corresponding to the 12 months is no longer as old as that of the 12 signs. It should be remembered that in ancient times the year was divided into 10 months, hence the names of September (month seven), October (month eight), November (month 9) and December (month 10). It was in Roman times that the months of July (Julio Cesar) and August (August) were introduced after the month of June.

The 12 symbolizes the universe in its cyclical space-time development. The reason is very simple: the multiplication of 12 with 5 gives birth to the 60-year cycles in which the solar and lunar cycles are resolved.

In football the spectators are considered the twelfth player who is the one who destabilizes the confrontation against the eleven players of the visiting team. This fact reflects the advantage of playing at home, as long as the home team is not sanctioned and the game is played behind closed doors.

According to the Jews, 144,000 will be the number of faithful of the end times, consisting of 12,000 of each of the 12 tribes. The number 3 (the triangle, the Sky), multiplied by the number 4 (the square, the Earth), gives us a nice number 12 (the dodecahedron, the Cosmos) as a result.

Twelve times by twelve, 144, is perfection multiplied by itself, it is about squared perfection, the geometric paradise. The 12 tribes of Israel have a deep symbolic meaning and each of the tribes has its banner and their respective correspondences such as stars, time, space, stones and Hebrew letters.

Emperor Charlemagne is intimately linked to the number twelve as the majority of legends of kings and heroes, where there are twelve the number of loyal servants and knights who accompany him on his adventures.

In the case of Charlemagne, his twelve faithful gentlemen are called “The 12 Pairs of France” whose adventures were recounted in one of the most printed books in history after the Bible and Don Quixote.

In geometry there is a figure especially related to the number 12: the dodecahedron and its 12 pentagons that form it. The dodecahedron contains a deep symbolism determined by the combination of 5 and 12. In this way the dodecahedron joins man (5) with divine space (12).

The Catalan painter Salvador Dali knew how to reflect this characteristic in one of his most famous works: The Last Supper. The artist shows us the 12 apostles in the foreground, representing the real world, and Christ in the center, in the place that marks the border between the underworld and the divine space.

In Tarot card 24 corresponds to “The hung one”. This letter tells us that in order to transform ourselves is essential to sacrifice. Without sacrifice there is no evolution. The card symbolizes a stalemate, a stop in a process of movement, which can only be overcome through sacrifice.

It is the only way you can start a new cycle, it is the “condition without equanum”. The twelfth sign Pisces, also represents the end of a cycle, after which a new spring will be born. The planet that represents this card is Neptune.

In Tarot card 12 also represents another important aspect to keep in mind: As long as 1 and 2 do not come together to give rise to 3, something new cannot emerge.

As long as this does not happen, we will be oscillating between polarity 1 and polarity 2, which will be an unsolved dilemma by wanting to have two things at the same time that they are incompatible.

This letter shows us that in the face of the dilemma, the solution is not to doubt and oscillate between one alternative (1) and the other (2). In these cases the decision is only one: look for a third solution that allows us to move forward.

Finding this third solution is not simple or comfortable, so the man on the card is face down. If you do not reflect and light up, you will not be able to find the third solution, for this reason a golden halo appears on the hangman’s head.

The letter from El Colgado helps us find our own convictions, our own beliefs and our own truths. It is a necessary step for each of us to find their own individuality. Only in this way is a man able to reach the power that each of the 12 knights who accompanied King Arthur had on the famous round table.

Many have opted for pyramidal forms and live surrounded by pyramids. They sleep inside a pyramid, they even build the house in a pyramidal way.

But there is another trend that suggests that the dodecahedron is the figure that provides more benefits to the human being. Against tastes there are no disputes.

Seeing Angel Number 1224

In conclusion, the number 1224 is one of those relevant figures in numerology and may have different symbolizes.

Therefore, if you are related to that number in your destination, it is best to always go on the positive side.