1227 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1227 is not in your life by accident. Each time we receive a message from our guardian angels, there is a higher purpose and goal to the appearance of these numbers.

Their goal is to direct us to the road that can bring us peace and balance, in every possible way.

These numbers are strongly suggesting you to take the advice hidden behind them, because that can influence your life in a positive way.

Number 1227 – What Does It Mean?

The life lesson that number 1227 brings with you is: rely on your intuition and let it be your radar in life!

What the couple has to learn is to express their feelings, to follow their inner voice, to first compose their dice or their emotions and then intuitively guess the right moment to act.

As couples tend to always withdraw and compare with their surroundings, they are advised not to run away from the advice of others, but also not to trust others’ blind promises, but rather to follow what they feel is right.

It is of paramount importance for this issue to know their thoughts, feelings and desires well before declaring it all less important. It is enough to begin by translating your tenderness, diplomacy and over-sensitivity into words, and clearly expressing your most pressing needs to the whole world.

Words like “I don’t know”, “I can’t” and “I don’t care” each couple should put out of their vocabulary as soon as possible!

Finally, we add that the 1227 represents the moon and the feminine principle, sensitivity, gentleness and fertility, radiates golden color and salmon color, and its symbol is the cross. The couple has no specific gemstone or flower and its metal is silver.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Do not believe that you are bad in your head just because you see the number 1227 wherever you go, rather it is the guardian angels who want to give you a great message.

The 1227 also summarizes the totality of moral life, adding to the three theological virtues (faith, hope and charity), and the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, strength and temperance).

Hippocrates said that the number seven, by its hidden virtues, keeps all things in being, dispenses life and movement, and influences even celestial beings.

Seven is characteristic of the Apollo cult, whose ceremonies in Greece were always celebrated on the seventh day of the month.

This tradition also appears in China, in India and in Islam. According to legend, everything in the world is seven, because everything has its own ipseity and six sides.

The strange identity existing in the totals of the Semitic, Chaldean and Indoarian chronologies attracts the attention of researchers when these figures are handled. Among the Sumerians and the Aryan primitives, the seven also contained the mystery of the unknown, anxiety, after completing a cycle, to know how it would be the next.


According to the prestigious and patient researcher H.P. Blavatsky, this mysterious number can be read not only on each page of the Aryan Sacred Scriptures, but also in the oldest books of Zoroastrianism, in the annals that could be saved from ancient Babylon and Chaldea, in the Book of the Dead of Egypt and even in the mosaic books, the Bible and the Jewish Kabbalah.

Number 1227 is specific in that it indicates the number of planets visible to the naked eye, the number of days in the week God created the world, or the number of mortal sins, so to say in the Bible, symbolically or not, number 1227 is mentioned somewhere about 700 times.

Only in The Revelation of John the Theologian, the last biblical title, does number 7 occur more than once: 7 churches, 7 angels, 7 ghosts of God, 7 stars, 7 seals, 7 golden candlesticks, 7 candles each, 7 trumpets, 7 thunders, 7 extreme evils , 7 gold bowls.

The Lamb of God, which has 7 horns and 7 eyes, is only worthy to open the Holy Book, which has 7 seals. In the same chapter of the Bible there is a dispensation with 7 heads and 7 crowns on heads.

In addition to the 7 deadly sins and the 7 virtues, there are 7 sacred mysteries, but also from the existence of the world to the present day, there are 7 planets visible to the naked eye.

What is also very interesting, the names and schedules known to us today, originate from the order of the planets, that is, from their distance from Earth.

Mondays rule the Moon closest to Earth, Tuesdays Mars, Wednesdays Mercury, Thursdays Jupiter, Friars Venus, Saturdays Saturn and Sundays Sun.

Love and Angel Number 1227

When it comes to love, angel number 1227 is another powerful spiritual number, that is telling you to embrace love and to stop being afraid of the life that is waiting for you out there.

This angel number can’t change your life completely if you don’t want to change, which is why you have to accept the angel number message and let yourself be guided by their powerful force.

Having the angel number 1227 in your life is going to make you feel more confident and this is very important in love as it is in life.

The more you believe in yourself, the better you feel and your actions are much more clear than when you are afraid of everything.

Interesting Facts about Number 1227

It is the sum of three and four, symbolically the union of the ternary and the quaternary, for which an exceptional value is attributed to it as closure or complement.

Number 12 Seven is the number that ends a cycle and initiates a renewal with the next. According to Genesis, God rested on the seventh day after the six of Creation; this is the meaning of Sabbath, evocation of divine rest, which is made mandatory for men in remembrance of divinity at the end of the week.

Each lunar period also lasts seven days and the four complete their cycle of 28 in total (4 × 7 = 28), a number that in turn would give us the Pythagorean sum of 10 (2 + 8). Philo observes in this regard that by adding the first seven numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7), curiously, the same totality is reached: 28.

From all this it is not difficult to conclude that number 7 fought for its place from the fundamental natural law of motion of the 7 planets, i.e. stars, and the determination of time intervals, astro-logos, i.e. astrology.

Isn’t it more than convincing all the symbolism of this number, which no doubt coincides with 7 planets visible to the naked eye? In astrology, even before Ptolemy Alexandrisky, the moon and sun belonged to a set of planets visible to the naked eye, so-called high lights, so that in addition to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, there were a total of 7.

Not only were the moon and sun equally viewed as planets, rather than being considered to be the main contributors to life on Earth, and the universal life on Earth depends on their cyclical movement and distribution in the sky.

Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Indus, Greeks, and Romans, as well as Mayans, Incas, or North American Indians, all of whom believed that each of the 7 planets governed the destiny of humans.

The Romans believed that every hour during the day governs human destiny, and that the next hour gives influence to the next planet closer to Earth, and so on, until the cycle of 7 planets is completed. This seven-hour cycle is repeated until day 7, i.e. the 168th hour, and again from the beginning

What is older, are there 7 planets visible to the naked eye or 7 days a week? If you get 7 numbers on a LOTO draw of a total of 7 x 7 = 49 numbers, this will certainly not interest you, because you will be in seventh heaven!

For the first time, we all met number 7 for the first time in fairy tales that begin: “Over 7 seas and 7 fields and 7 mountains was once one …” and, of course, there was the inevitable Snow white and her 7 dwarves.

Shortly thereafter, we learned in school 7 cases, 7 World Wonders, 7 basic units of measurement in the International Measurement System or chemistry that ph. 7 is a neutral value.

So it is learned from physics that Newton divided the white light into rainbow colors of which there are, imagine, 7, further from music one learns that there are 7 names of notes, from history one learns about 7 ancient sages, as well as about the eternal city of Rome which was founded and lies on 7 hills.

Also, history teaches us about the 7 Holy Kings who, in addition to today’s Kings, have been married to the kingdom of Zich, see symbolism, and in recent history, there are 7 SECRET Secretaries or on the big screen, probably following the same symbolism we see 7 Magnificent or 7 Samurai, and some would taste the popular drink 7 UP or study the 7 chakras on the human body.

Later came the Windows 7 computer and the theory of the law of the octave or the law of vibration of 7 tones or waves that represent the basic law of the universe.

Seeing Angel Number 1227

Seeing angel number 1227 is a very strong message from your guardian angels, which is the main reason why you should never let this message pass without you noticing it.

Use the message behind the angel number 1227 and let yourself be guided by the powerful and spiritual force, behind this angel number.