1228 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers comes into our world with a special purpose. Their appearance in our lives means something, and we should always accept their messages like guidelines to success.

When you start to notice these numbers everywhere around you, this means you need to understand this message and apply in in our life.

Number 1228 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1228 is telling you to start being confident and to believe more in yourself. To know how to be more confident, especially as an entrepreneur, the most efficient way I know is to put yourself in situations where insecurity is not an option. I was about 22 when I realized that.

I don’t know if you have or have ever had a shyness problem, but if there was a secret society of the shy, I would be their leader (or not, because I was too shy for that). The thing is, I was really, really, really insecure to talk to people.

If I had to present a job or take an exam, I was very confident. Now, if I had to talk to girls or people in general, not so much…

And I realized that I needed to get rid of it if I wanted to have the life I envisioned for myself. I had to face that. Then I decided to put myself in a situation where insecurity was not an option. I either dealt with it or I dealt with it.

I went to work in the sales area of ​​a student organization. I had goals that I needed to hit. I had to do I don’t know how many calls to customers a day, make so many meetings to achieve my goals.

I went to events where the businessmen were there to talk to them and develop the relationship, because if I talked to them eye to eye it would be easier to arrange a meeting than by phone. I forced myself to deal and talk to people every day.

And it helped me a lot. But I was not only concerned with practice. I wanted to understand the theory behind that problem. I immersed myself in personal development courses to work on my insecurity at the root. I brought theory and practice together.

I strongly believe that theory without practice goes nowhere and practice without theory makes it take longer for you to gain the security you need.

Because to be professionally successful, trust is more important than talent. That’s why insecure entrepreneurs don’t last 2 seconds outside.

It is a stop at the biological level of the thing. We are programmed to value the opinion of confident people more than the opinion of insecure people.

In other words, an insecure entrepreneur does not inspire confidence in customers, employees and the market. Insecure entrepreneurs do not have a positive personal branding, perhaps even the branding of the brand is not done well.

The good news is that becoming more confident is completely trainable, as is training to run a marathon or training to win a championship. Just like I trained.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism


The meaning of the number 1228 is one of the most sought after by people today. All because, it is much related to leadership.

Therefore, people who identify with that figure are trained to have great responsibilities or simply be a born leader. But, without a doubt; this is not the only meaning of the number twenty-eight. Therefore, we invite you to read this post completely.

All this symbolism of the number 1228 is due to the fact that the people who have said figure in their destination are totally individual.

Therefore, he does not accept orders from virtually anyone and always does things as he sees fit.

In addition, it should be noted that; They are very difficult people to advise, because no matter how much they want to help them, they always believe that they do everything right and that others are totally inferior to them.

Now, the symbolism of the number twenty-eight does not mean that they are very self-centered people, they are simply born leaders who are used to performing their own actions.

In fact, they are so humble that they are able to support those who need it and, therefore, help other people achieve their goals.

As for the decomposition of the number twenty-eight we can find totally different forces. For example, 1228 is made up of number 2 and number 8. Number 2 gives the perfect imagination to create new ideas and therefore emerge.

Although, all this is achieved by being intelligent and responsible, since many people have confidence but do not end up achieving anything for the simple fact of not being right in their decisions.

Finally, on the negative side, the meaning of the number 1228 has an extreme relevance. All because, his sincerity can play a double double-edged sword, since in that aspect;

They can say everything they think without “hair on the tongue” and are able to criticize no matter who they hurt, even if they are members of their own family.

Many times they are not able to accept mistakes and on extreme occasions, they can lose their self-confidence.

Love and Angel Number 1228

Angel number 1228 is going to help you find soulmate and someone who is actually the person you should spend your life with. The way this number is going to help you realize that not all the people you discard from my life deserve it.

When angel number 1228 is close to you, there is always hope that love is coming into your life. If you are already in a happy relationship, this number means you need to focus on your partner and devote more attention to this person.

You have been neglecting your relationship and not focusing enough on the future that you two might have. This has been seen by your partner as not being interested in looking forward into the future, which needs to change.

Interesting Facts about Number 1228

Angel number 1228 is a combination of numbers 12 and 28. Both of these numbers have a special kind of symbolism and meaning behind them.

“12” is the residence number. Since the number “7” represents temporary or dispensational perfection, 12 speaks of permanent perfection. Seven is made up of the basic number “4” (man) added to the basic number “3” (God) – the union of the creature and the Creator.

“12” is the residence number. Since the number “7” represents temporary or dispensational perfection, 12 speaks of permanent perfection.

Meanwhile, the number 8 gives the perfect strength to reach those goals. Adding that, the root of the number 28 is also important, since it is number 1 and this grants individualism.

But, as in all numerology, the meaning of the number twenty-eight is based on positive and negative aspects. Therefore, we have decided to help you get to know them through this post.

For example, on the positive side, the meaning of the number 28 can be very prominent in trust. All because, although they are not very self-centered people; they rely on themselves to successfully carry out any work they propose.

Also, because they trust themselves, they don’t need to seek help from other people. Therefore, they always end up achieving success without sharing the triumph in a group or in a community. Something important to motivate every day and in each project.

Seven is made up of the basic number “4” (man) added to the basic number “3” (God) – the union of the creature and the Creator. Twelve is 4 multiplied by 3; and, thus, it is the created being united to the Creator.

Seven represents the approach of man and God, while 12 speaks of how God gives grace to man so that the created can be united with the Creator.

The previous number signifies the creature’s contact with the Creator; it is perfect, but it is only temporary; but the last number shows the union of the created with the Creator, so that it is not only perfect, but also permanent.

We understand that both 7 and 12 come from the two numerals 4 and 3; only “7” is the addition of these numerals, while “12” is their multiplication.

To add is to approximate, to multiply is to unite in one.

Thus, the meaning of multiplication is much deeper than that of addition.

Here we see the importance of being united to God. Other examples of the biblical use of the number 12 can be seen below. A year has twelve months. The nation of Israel was made up of twelve tribes. Mounted on the high priest’s breastplate were twelve precious stones (Ex. 28:21).

Twelve loaves were placed on the golden table of the proposition loaves (Lev. 24: 5,6). Elim had twelve sources of water (Ex. 15:27). Twelve men were sent to spy out the land (Num. 13). Joseph put twelve stones in the Jordan River (Joshua 4: 9).

Elijah used twelve stones to build an altar (1 Kings 18: 31, 32). He healed the woman who had had a blood flow for twelve years (Luc. 8: 43.44). He raised the daughter of Jairus from death, who was twelve years old (Luc. 8: 42,54,55).

After five thousand people had eaten, the leftovers of the five loaves and two fish filled twelve baskets (Mat. 14:20).

If the Lord wanted, he would ask the Father, and would have twelve legions of angels to rescue him (Matt. 26:53). In reading the book of Revelation, we find that the number 12 is used more frequently in this book than in any other.

There will be twelve stars forming the crown on the woman’s head (Rev. 12: 1).

In light of all of this, we need to realize that in the eternal realm of the new heaven and earth, all numbers will be twelve, none will be seven.

In the first half of the book of Revelation, 7 is often used, as it speaks of the conditions of this temporary era.

But for the eternal kingdom, 12 will be the number used. So, this proves beyond any doubt that 7 represents temporary perfection, while 12 represents permanent perfection.

Seeing Angel Number 1228

Angel number 1228 is coming into your world to shake things up and to help you realize your own worth.

When you start seeing this number, start behaving more confidently and don’t look at other people and think about their remarks.

Finally, on the negative side, the meaning of the number 1228 has an extreme relevance.

All because, his sincerity can play a double double-edged sword, since in that aspect; so be careful of the way you handle this message and make sure you understand what your guardian angels actually want from you.