123 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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High above in heavens there are forces that watch upon us and make this wonderful world go round.

We never (or extremely rarely) see them and usually do not think about; at least, most of people on this planet do not. We have become obsessed with material and physical things we are able to touch and make some concrete use of.

Modern humankind is focused on money, fame, success in career. There are less of those who care about spiritual part of this planet and themselves.

Fortunately, heavenly forces do not blame us for that; everything does happen for a reason.

Maybe you have noticed and maybe not that in recent years humans have been realizing how spirituality, nature and immaterial things are important.

It seems we have been turning to our more abstract selves. In last decades, old practices, including both spiritual and religious, have been becoming popular.

For most of people, this healthy and spiritual life seems only as another marketing movement, but the truth is that humankind is in deep need of reconnecting with spiritual forces.

Amongst many other phenomena and practices, there is an increasing interest in analyzing simple signs and symbols that keep reoccurring in our lives. Spiritualists and religious people claim these signs could be messages from heavens.

Some people believe there are non-physical beings that keep watching on us all the time.

They are believed to be our heavenly protectors, guides and guardians. People call them guardian angels.

According to those particularly interested in idea of guardian angels, every single person on Earth has their own heavenly protectors and supporters. You may have two or more guardian angels that care about you.

Number 123 – What Does It Mean?

Why do angels care about humankind?

Well, there is the only one simple explanation; it is their heavenly purpose. You see, angels are made of pure light and pure thoughts. These are spiritual entities without Ego or free will.

They are incapable of thinking bad or doing evil. Their only goal is to help people on Earth.

Ok, but why do they do that? Why the Creator wants us to be happy?


The Universe is in need of peace and harmony.

It is something it leans towards to, but such perfection could never be reached, supposedly. However, by helping people, guardian angels support such a ‘cause’.

People are imperfect and that is the most beautiful thing about us, actually. We are meant to both suffer and be happy; without pain and loss, we would be unable to understand the beauty of life.

Sometimes, it seems so unfair. Some people face great difficulties in life and could become severely upset, depressed and lose all of their drive, strength, motivation and even hope things could change for better.

Angels can feel that and then they step in to help people regain their will for life.

However, they would never change events or make things better, but they would give people strength to move on and overcome difficulties on their own.

One way of showing their support is by sending messages from heavens. These angelic messages often come in form of something that is known and easily recognizable by people.

Have you ever heard about angel numbers?

Angel numbers are a form of angelic messages; they would keep sending you particular number, until you recognize it as a symbol and make some proper ‘use’ of such a guiding and supportive message.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angels may send you any number, as your angel number. In this article, we talk about three-digit magical number 123.

You see, this number represent a continuing row of first natural numbers and so it could be interpreted as a symbol of eternity, universal flow of energy, infinity, longevity, beginnings and opportunities.

It also represents uncertainty, challenges and destiny, things you do not know about in advance.

You should not be afraid of your destiny, because there are, of course, bad things that might hide along the way, but incredible opportunities, as well!

Number 123 offers great support and guidance.

By sending this mysterious number, angels want to make sure you believe in yourself, above everything else. It is indeed hard to be confident when you are faced with troubles and problems in life. However, this angel number means there are always possibilities for good outcome.

It is somewhat tricky, because it suggest you will never know what is around the corner, unless you go to see yourself.

Number 123 also brings positive energy. It symbolizes continuity and infinity.

Angels want to tell you that whatever happens, life will go on, so you should embrace it with your open heart. There will be times of struggle, but there will also be phases of peace, success, happiness.

That is a normal course of life! Have faith in yourself and trust people who care about you.

Do not be too focused on problems, they will not go away if you keep pressing and exhaust yourself only by thinking about them. Sometimes, things need time to resolve.

Number 123 suggest people should have patience, which is something we are likely to lack.

Try to be more relaxed and pay attention to other things than problems. Life is beautiful, if you are only able to see it.

Love and Angel Number 123

Angel number 123 brings changes and uncertainty of new beginnings.

It symbolizes turbulence and change in love life, as well. People with this angel number would most likely be challenged to make changes in their love life.

For example, people who are married or have a long-term relationship should start doing something differently and refresh the relationship. Married couples could start talking about children, for instance.

For those who are single, an angelic message with number 123 suggest they should make a change in their attitude towards a possible partner.

If your relationships always end up shortly after getting together, maybe there is something you are doing wrong. Maybe you do not show much love and affection to your partner, so he or she feels neglected and even abandoned.

If you feel fine being single, number 123 is a good omen, which helps you embrace this situation as something you truly like, without self-doubt.

Since number 123 represents steps forward, in love life it brings possibility of starting amazing relationship with some new people.

It could be positively reflected in all aspects of love, as a concept, including romantic love, family love, friendly love and everything else. Overall, it is a good number for new acquaintances.

Numerology Facts About Number 123

Number 123 is not particularly interesting besides its incredible spiritual powers.

However, there are important events that took place in years 123 BC and 123 AD, there are several popular titles (e.g. songs, movies) with this number as their part, and there are some documents and works marked with 123.

Number 123 is the emergency dial in Colombia, medical emergency number in Egypt and electricity emergency dial in Indonesia.

Seeing Angel Number 123

Angel number 123 brings you amazing energy. Your guardian angels want to help you get back your courage and motivation, if you have lost it because of some problems you have been facing lately.

They want to tell bad things will (always) pass and you will surely grow and develop. Your experience is what makes you the wonderful person you are.

We forgot to mention, people with this angel number are generally positive and kind.

They usually have few great and loyal friends and their families are full of love, despite all difficulties they might be facing. This angelic message also reminds you of the importance of bonds you have with this people.

If you have lost your confidence and hope, rely on people who care about you.

Number 123 offers great opportunities. If you keep seeing it, it could mean the time has come to risk and step into new adventure of your life.

Sometimes it is so hard to let go off old habits and step into something completely different.

Angels will help you during times of transition and adaptation. They want you to value your qualities and use your skills and talents the best you can.