1248 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Seeing an angel number following you around is something we have all experienced at one point in our life.

This is why their appearance in our lives is important and it definitely represents divine presence.

Number 1248 – What Does It Mean?

People with the angel number 1248 in their loves are very charismatic, sensitive, and have a very good intuition.

With their powers, their charisma and their future-oriented ideas, they are able to inspire others and to move and change a lot.

They are powerful, communicative, stirring, emphatic and impatient. They often develop the tendency to act like a “head man” and forget about their intuition.

Therefore, they should learn to express their feelings and to listen to their “belly”. They should also learn to feel their way around slowly instead of rushing forward.

Figures of angel number 1248 instill trust and have an eye for the motivations that motivate people. Therefore, they can fill management positions with ease.

Furthermore, they are brave, adventurous and often successful, but can also fail because they are characterized by extremes.

The dual nature of this figure stands for other opposites: destruction and renewal, disappointment and hope, practical thinking and generosity in planning.

This ambivalence alone proves the form of the number: standing up, it shows the two circles of self-sufficiency.

A central role for the figure angel number 1248 is his professional position, which he uses to be productive and to make a financial profit, but not to exercise power.

Nevertheless, he has to fight against the tendency towards authoritarian behavior.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The pursuit of material recognition often overpowers his idealism and adherence to principles. If he feels that the needs and rights of others are being treated unfairly, this can result in a strong social commitment.

In their careers and personal development, people with this number of lives often experience either success stories or painful defeats. One of the biggest challenges of your personality is to believe in yourself and to discover your own talents and greatness.

Supported by self-acceptance and self-esteem, they have the potential to successfully write their personal history at all levels. If this does not happen, the angel number 1248 runs the greatest risk of becoming paralyzed and even taking the role of victim and thereby withdrawing more and more.


When blocked, the 1248 will express practical, strong energy that adheres to the structure and builds a secure foundation to protect itself.

The independent and, in many ways, proud personality of the 8s often lets these people live single lives.

However, once they have chosen a partnership, these personalities are relatable and ready to take responsibility for the couple relationship and for the common life.

The relationship skills of the 1248 is supported by an honest, inner dialogue and their self-knowledge. Very often these people experience an inner struggle between the loyalty they feel to their families, children or others and the urgent need to develop themselves.

Since these people find any kind of narrowing or oppression unbearable, they often recklessly conquer their freedom. They are often very keen on conflict and enjoy letting others feel that they themselves are more powerful and stronger than the other.

For this reason, it is difficult for them to control themselves in a conflict, since they often project their own experienced frustration and humiliation on the other person. It is essential for people who recognize this dark side to clear up the old injuries.

In this regard, working with the Inner Child is very helpful. Another downside has to do with control. These people tend to control their own emotions and feelings, but also want to monitor and guide their fellow human beings.

Love and Angel Number 1248

Angel number 1248 is bringing a special kind of message to you, when it comes to love as well.

Personalities of angel number 1248 need partners and friends who complement them intellectually, artistically and wittily.

In interpersonal relationships they are very demanding, but also generous. However, they find it difficult to show their weaknesses.

Angel number 1248 has an explosive and uncontrollable vibration that when turned inward leads to difficulty adjusting to life’s temptations and unexpected changes.

They are extremely family-related. But they often forget about the emotional care of the family, because they are more committed to the material issues and focus on ensuring the financial support of their family, especially the partners and children.

It is important for them to keep in touch with their hearts again and again, also through meditation and regeneration phases.

They should learn to listen to their inner voice and empathy, especially in interpersonal relationships.

Interesting Facts about Number 1248

Map of the Emperor and his astrological correspondence – Aries, ruled by Mars, the aggressor, an energetic warrior who is in search of conquest and breaking social rules. Mars is individualistic and often selfish, passionate, and in search of adventure.

Heavy but stable reliable energy is usually considered to be the numerological essence of number 4. We can see a close relationship between the Emperor and death, given the underlying nature of Mars (the Death map corresponds to the astrological sign of the scorpion, dominated by Mars and Pluto).

Number 4 has an explosive and uncontrollable vibration that when turned inward leads to difficulty adjusting to life’s temptations and unexpected changes. When blocked, the quadruple will express practical, strong energy that adheres to the structure and builds a secure foundation to protect itself.

This hidden energy does not offer fertile ground for passion, but only for security and stability. The fourth chakra is the chakra of the heart, from which all feelings of the love source come. The lessons of heart chakra are endless love, compassion, trust and forgiveness.

A general numerological interpretation of the number 4 would correspond to traditional values ​​and beliefs – it is the suffocated, blocked energy of love. The heart chakra asks us to open our heart to love, to transform ourselves into love and to seek the true essence of number 4.

Number 1, which appears three times in the opening date of the Olympics, has always been one of the most interesting numbers.

Eight is the number of cosmic equilibrium that is the number of the rose of winds in the Athenian Tower of Winds; there are often so many spokes on the wheel; so many brooks have a petal and path of paths; there are so many angels bearing the throne of heaven.

Number angel number 8 is often attributed to magic because it is made up of two circles or rings and therefore contains twice the magic power of these symbols. Interestingly, the Olympic symbol also consists of five multi-colored interlaced circles!

Number 8 brings not only the resurrection of Christ, but also the human resurrection, and proclaims the eternal age to come.

According to St. Augustine, after the seventh day comes the eighth that commemorates the life of the righteous and the punishment for the ungodly.

In Chaldean numerology, number angel number 8 is the lucky number of self-sacrifice and limitations and success that comes after the initial renunciation.

It is well-painted with the phrase “across the thorns to the stars”, which is perfectly suited to the path that the athletes participating in the Olympic Games have traveled and will pass.

The positive attributes that the symbol angel number 8 encourages in man are: practicality, prudence, responsibility, stability, loyalty, discretion, systematic, patience, power of concentration, self-discipline, sense of organization, analytical mind, self-denial, renunciation, perseverance, ambition.

Unlike the number 666 which represents the Antichrist (behind the three symbols of love – number 6 – in that number we see, there is actually a symbol 9, a symbol of war and destruction, because 6 + 6 + 6 makes a very dangerous and powerful number 18, a number armies and war activities).

the three numbers angel number 8 in this date associate us with the number 888, which in fact hides the basic number 6, the number Jesus, the number love, because the numerical value of the letter of the Greek word ´Jesus, Jesus, i.e. Jesus exactly 888.

Seeing Angel Number 1248

Seeing angel number 1248 is something we can all appreciate and message hidden behind it should always be listened to.

This angel number is being sent to your by your guardian angels, and the first thing you should do when you see it is to start taking actions in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.