137 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The value of the number 137 corresponds to the values of its constituent numbers: two fives and a total unit.

A person who has this intermediate indicator in calculations by date of birth became a “wanderer” before he learned to walk. And his Life path will always be a road in the truest sense of the word.

Everyone knows that the horizon is an imaginary line.

However, there is a category of people who are not stopped by this knowledge. And they continue to walk towards the horizon, hoping to someday look beyond it.

Number 137 – What Does It Mean?

Man 137 belongs to this category. He keeps walking. At the same time, he is not a vagabond, not a dreamer and not a fan of walking.

There is nothing fanatical about his actions. He would be happy to stop at any moment – if there was anything to stop for.

But the further he goes, the more clearly he realizes that there is nothing left behind for the sake of which one could get off the road and become a “watchman” – with his property, position, social status, affections.

Everything in his life is “disposable”. And not because it is bad, but because he quickly loses interest in everything. He, casually, does well, but does not wait for the reward. And he certainly does not believe that now he must constantly take care of those whom he once benefited.

He does not feel sorry for him, there are just a lot of those who need help, and they will meet more than once on the way of a person who does not value anything and does not worry about anything.

Those who happen to have a relationship with 137 people rarely manage to correctly understand and adequately evaluate him.

Then they begin to adjust his behavior to the stereotypes known to them and to hang standard labels: restlessness, childishness, frivolity, and in some “difficult” cases – inconstancy, meanness, betrayal.

However, in reality, the only basis for motivating 137 is an unquenchable thirst for new things and an unrelenting zest for life.

It is not difficult to determine what the number 137 means in terms of numerology.

Two fives and one together give a fearless discoverer, a tireless explorer, led through life by the force of birth.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Man 137 knows for sure why “you cannot enter the same river twice”.


Because, “performing a repeated action, one cannot hope for a different result.” I mean, nothing new and interesting will happen.

At the same time, neither the result, nor even the process itself is of interest to him. And the ultimate goal, if any, is indicated only in outline.

It is not possible to consider it in detail: it is beyond the horizon.

The similarity and even the identity of the qualities inherent in each of the components of the number 137 make a person marked by this number an exceptionally harmonious person.

He is unfamiliar with the essence of the concept of “internal conflict”, since the combination of individual aspects of his nature can be called optimal. And they have no reason to enter into confrontation.

The positive qualities of character 137 include initiative, fearlessness, a high level of social adaptation, a calm attitude to any changes in life, as well as sexual attractiveness.

Negative qualities are represented by a tendency to reckless actions, impatience, vanity, selfishness and stubbornness.

Sexual attractiveness of a person 137 is precisely the main magical property of this number, which violates all laws of logic.

First, it has nothing to do with his external data. And secondly, it is precisely such qualities as frivolity, inconstancy and neglect that are raised to the rank of its main advantages.

Apparently, representatives of the opposite field instinctively feel the presence of an irresistible force, which a person 137 is not able to resist. And they willingly forgive him these “weaknesses”, being content with his genuine gaiety and light, perky disposition.

Love and Angel Number 137

The meaning of the number 137 is important for understanding its influence on a specific person and human consciousness in general.

Like other numbers, 137 has a special strength, which lies in the invisible connections between the relationship of people and the principles of nature.

The number 7 symbolizes serious life changes, the desire for freedom, resourcefulness, curiosity, versatility.

Number 6 expresses love, home, family, stability, reliability, upbringing, care.

The quintessence of these three vibrations makes it clear what the number 137 means.

This is the whole spectrum of human relationships: friendly, business, love.

It is also a range of personal freedoms, coexistence, team participation, adventure.

People with 137 in their date of birth are typical sanguine people.

These life-lovers and merry fellows expect only positive from any changes. They want to take from life the maximum of positive emotions, recognition of society, and happiness in love.

137 people are eternal learners who can easily master a new profession or change their place of residence. They are sociable and love to be part of a team or various associations.

Interesting Facts about Number 137

Learning from their own and others’ experience, over the years they become wiser.

If the carrier 137 uses his vibrations in a positive way, over time he turns from an adept to a guru of his own life.

The mystical features of 137 were seen in ancient times.

Here are some examples of its sacred meaning in different religions and cultures:

At Stonehenge, there is a 137-hole Aubrey astronomical circle, which was used to calculate the famous Celtic cycle of 137 years, as well as the cycles of the rising of the Sun, Moon and Venus.

In the first eleven verses of Matthew’s Gospel concerning the origin of Jesus, there are 137 male names.

137 indicates new opportunities and meeting people who can somehow help you achieve your desires. If you are currently struggling with financial problems, angelic numerology interprets the appearance of this number differently. She says that your material needs will be satisfied in due time, and advises you not to worry about this.

Seeing Angel Number 137

The frequent appearance of the number 137 in your field of vision usually means that you are waiting for imminent changes in your personal life.

It makes sense to more carefully monitor your appearance, and also – try not to miss displays of attention and interest from others.