139 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If there is a number that unleashes passion and, in any case, does not leave indifferent, it is the 139.

Object of all fantasies and all beliefs, the 139 evokes luck for some and unhappiness for others.

Number 139 – What Does It Mean?

For those who claim biblical references, it is also synonymous with treason and in particular that of Judas, the thirteenth apostle.

So let’s take a look at what numerological science says about all of this…

Because it is true that in the field of beliefs, this number 139 does not have a very good press as they say. In the Hebrew alphabet, for example, the thirteenth letter is none other than the one that symbolizes death!

In short, nothing very encouraging! If we refer to fortune telling, the verdict is not better… so blade 139 of the famous Tarot game of Marseille (the anonymous arcane) is none other than that of the reaper that is- to say of death!

And indeed, in numerology, the number 139 represents and symbolizes the end of a cycle.

So it is not a real death but just the end of one period … and therefore the beginning of another…

The 139 thus evokes much more a decisive transition than the pure and simple disappearance of something.

There is therefore a real fusion between the past and the future within a present which then serves as a gestation period. Novelty awaits the 139 in all areas of its existence.

This means that its operating cycles are quite short and that its life changes are, on the contrary, very numerous. The love life of the “139” is notably quite chaotic in general. Passion is often there but it lasts only a short time.

The “139” do not suffer from it because in general it is they who leave their partner.

On the other hand, and even unwittingly, they often do sentimental damage around them. In the professional field, this pressing need to change is also very present.

This is why the “139” rarely have linear and stable careers. They often go through difficult periods of unemployment but still manage to rebound positively.

The other overall aspect to remember from the 139 is that he leads a very contrasting life. There is really no room for monotony at home! Whether in happiness or in misfortune, the events which follow one another in its existence are always clear-cut and have serious repercussions.


Whether in the financial, romantic or professional field, the “139” go through all situations and all moods. They always navigate between failure and success with incredible dexterity and, ultimately, one has the impression that nothing can really reach them.

We are therefore very far here from the black notion of death mentioned above! And in reality, the “139” are beings overflowing with life and energy and dragging everyone into their impressive whirlwind.

In short, if you want to meet a partner with a calm and serene life, avoid the “139”!

Perpetual transformation and successive renewals: this is the essential symbolic content of the number 139. And that is probably why the natives of the 139 rarely leave indifferent.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The number 139 intrigues us all and that is why we dedicate this article to it. Indeed, there are a lot of rumors about number 13, legends, and breathtaking stories.

In many cultures, this number would be equated with bad luck. But what does number 139 teach us according to numerology?

Symbolically, the number 139 is associated with the mystery of death. When we speak of death in the esoteric or spiritual realm, we equate it with a change, not an end.

From a limited point of view, one tends to associate death with something negative, but from an unlimited point of view and the search for the meaning of life, death is only a passage to reach a superior state.

The number 139 in numerology is associated with changes, unforeseen events or situations which at some point can be assimilated to a “spiritual death”, the “symbolic death” something difficult to accept, but in most cases, it is a path, an evolution towards a state of better understanding and personal growth.

As we know, number 139 has been surrounded by a negative, sinister charge throughout history, like the 139 evil spirits of Jewish Kabbalah.

In different cultures special attention has been paid to this issue. However, what we do know is that some civilizations like the Maya have really considered 139 as a sacred number.

There are 139 lunations or 139 new moons on an annual cycle, which is quite significant and in other cultures it is a number associated with love.

This is why, in a way, the negative charge with which we have associated this number is simply a misunderstanding of his spiritual plan.

There have been several examples throughout history that have led to this association.

On Friday the 13th the most honorable order of the Templars was arrested by the Inquisition under the command of Philippe IV of France, which caused the extinction of this order, given that for having been accused of heresy the members of this order were tortured and burned at the stake.

On the other hand, the Greeks associated Tuesday with March, god of war. From the point of view of numerology, the number 1 represents the manifestation, and the number 3 represents the movement.

The union of these two numbers gives the number 4, which represents the force which realizes and materializes the divine plan, this is why it must in no case be associated with bad luck, but as a transition in all cases of figures and karma.

However, karma should not be seen as a punishment, but as a learning and liberation of the soul towards its development and self-understanding.

Love and Angel Number 139

They even tend to fascinate some with their ability to approach all situations with confidence. And it is true that they manage to assume almost everything without necessarily showing their inner feelings. It is this aspect that they should address more often.

Because even if the “139” tend to shine in society, they are still very secretive and ultimately quite modest. Indulging is not a natural thing for them.

Besides, they prefer to bury some of their feelings deep down so as not to have to express them…

Let us add that the “139” often have an overflowing sexuality. Loyalty is not really for them.

They can even sometimes behave like real predators on this level. Therein lies, moreover, an important trait of their personality: they find it difficult to be refused and very ill bear the feeling of frustration.

There is therefore a small “spoiled child” side that can quickly exasperate those around them.

A challenge in this area appears necessary if they do not want to see their friends evaporate one after the other…

Interesting Facts about Number 139

Ah this famous number 139, the object of all fears, fantasies and superstitions.

Difficult to know where this fear goes back, perhaps from the bible with the famous supper of the Lord’s Supper bringing together the 12 apostles and Judas the thirteenth man symbolizing the sufferings of Jesus, or perhaps it is because of the 139 it letter of the Hebrew alphabet which indicates death.

Maybe still from Antiquity when Philippe II of Macedonia added his statue to that of the 12 Gods and was killed shortly after, or even of the blade number 139 (the arcane without name) of the tarot of Marseilles with its image of the reaper symbolizing death.

It’s hard to say precisely where this phobia of the number 139 goes back from.

In numerology the 139 symbolizes the end of something and the beginning of something else. In other words, the “death” of one thing and the rebirth of another.

The 139 symbolizes an important change, which can be in the right or wrong direction.

Transformation and renewal is what the number 139 symbolizes in numerology. The 139 is a sign of new construction, new bases, and a major change.

In some cases the 139 may also express significant sexuality or a certain aggressiveness.

Seeing Angel Number 139

The 139 is neither good nor bad in itself. This can herald a very painful separation such as a very happy sentimental encounter, a great financial loss or a very important gain, a great success or a bitter failure, a major turning point, in short, a big change concerning the situation of the person.