1442 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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According to angel number 1442 belongs to the group of air numbers. It is variable in quality.

The ruler of number 1442 is the planet Mars. What is your major asset is the strong mental aspect of personality. You can’t miss anything.

Number 1442 – What Does It Mean?

You have strong logic, insight, exceptional perception, the ability to process information quickly and easily, as well as the ability to easily express your thoughts and feelings.

Because Mars is the ruler of your number, you can sometimes be brutal in expressing what you think and see. Your foreign currency is – truth above all, let’s call it a real name.

You are a master of manipulation, but for good reason, most often when you want to help the person who is in trouble through conversation and advice, and you are great at it.

For this reason, it is no wonder that most psychologists, astrologers, motivational speakers are among the three. But because of the ease of expressing thoughts and feelings, many artists, especially in the field of writing and music, also.

What is more typical of the fateful three is the tendency to gossip (at least for most) what they find difficult to admit, as well as the very annoying and bold reactions with unconscious and cheeky people, even if they are closest to them. Triplets when angry, the only solution is to get out of the way.

Nothing wrong, of course. The only advice is that if you are not comfortable with the relationship or marriage you are in, you can cut it off in time, otherwise you risk a lot of suffering.

Practice has shown me that many women with a fateful three have felt true love after 40, 45 years, while being married.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

You are very direct and open in relationships with other people, which can very well cost you a shaky relationship, starting with relationships with parents and relatives, through relationships with loving partners, all the way to relationships with friends.

But there is always a group of people who simply adore your honesty and openness, as well as the ability to present in a very comical way various internal human states, events and situations.

Because of the rule of Mars, it would be said that sex is crucial in love relationships, but it is not quite so.

However, you need to consider the angel of your number that is airy, and air is the spiritual aspect of life.

So, in the end, we come to the conclusion that in love you strive for relationships that are complex and meaningful. Physical appearance on the other hand means nothing to you, if stupid. It’s important to make intellectually intelligent, but it’s not crucial either.

Simply, to be happy in a love relationship, there needs to be some invisible thread that connects you, namely a strong energy match, which cannot be explained by logic.


So both physical attraction and mental coincidence, on average, but also something much more, inexplicable.

Because of this, you have a difficult time getting into serious relationships, and if you enter into a serious relationship that does not meet the criteria, you become terribly frustrated.

Otherwise, you are not immune to fraud, if a partner with whom you are more strongly involved than your partner appears.

Love and Angel Number 1442

When you fall in love, then it’s to the very end, and you easily become obsessive. It is often the case that because of a love or spouse you neglect friends as well as new acquaintances. There are 1442 victims of abuse.

This may be difficult for many to grasp, but think carefully and deeply. Love for love, but you come first. If you are a woman, you should never allow yourself the nickname of a desperate housewife. In terms of posterity, fours have at least two or three children.

In addition to the above, it is very important to emphasize that with their birth, the 1442 inherit a lot of heavy karma, both from previous lives and along the family line, so it is a recommendation to live as far from your place of birth as possible.

This way your sun will surely shine in its full splendor and you will show a lot of potential. When it comes to work, advice to have your own business.

People work within the family business, where they achieve quite solid results, but by becoming independent they would achieve a much higher degree of satisfaction with their business life, and thus with success in business.

So, either a job abroad, or a job where you are your own boss.

Interesting Facts about Number 1442

Also in Egyptian mythology Osiris was torn into 14 pieces. But Isis when he tried to rebuild Osiris’s body could only recover 14 pieces.

The piece that Isis could not recover was just the penis, for that reason, the 14 represents the male member and is used as slang among certain heartless people who believe they are very “select and cultural.”

According to this mythical story of the Egyptians, the piece of Osiris that corresponded to his penis fell into the river and was eaten by a fish called Oxirrinco.

Now you know the reason why children have a “little fish” between their legs, as you see, the thing comes from far away.

Undoubtedly the preference for 14 in cultures, is due to one of the celestial bodies that has hallucinated the human being since the night of time: the Moon.

In language we have the temporary expression “14 days” in reference to the days that the Moon takes to grow until the full moon.

The number 14 is also related to Christianity and in particular, to the nativity of the son of God on Earth.

Currently, a 14-pointed silver star is decorating the place where the birth of Jesus is supposed to have occurred inside the church of the Nativity of Bethlehem.

In Christianity the number 14 is well known because of the 14 Holy Assistants, which just date from the fourteenth century.

At a time when there were only wars and epidemics in Europe, there was a belief that 14 saints helped the people and the situation improved.

It was a sad time when the plague struck and wreaked havoc. The 14 saints were not the same and varied by region, but the number of saints was always 14 in all places.

The place where it is said the tradition began, the Church of the convent of the Fourteen Saints was built in the German city of Bamberg.

Seeing Angel Number 1442

The his number are susceptible to mental disorders, while, for example, it is interesting for average members of the number 1442 or those at the higher level, typically they have someone with a disability in their environment.