147 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In numerology, the angel number 147 represents the seeker of the truth, it is one of the wisest of the most spiritual number.

Despite this, the number 147 can delay or even prevent someone from finding success.

This number is also associated with many symbols because the seven is one of the most spiritual numbers in numerology.

Number 147 – What Does It Mean?

This spirituality comes from an innate ability to draw attention to the inner dimensions. The cost of this ability is the lack and loss of friends and relationships.

These truth seekers learn to develop and maintain healthy relationships, but also to organize their lives, to maintain and nurture their inherent wisdom and spirituality.

The chakras of the number seven constitute the balance and harmony of the intuitive, emotional, mental and spiritual physical. This symbol has a long tradition in Freemasonry and in fact it can be found in many schools and esoteric organizations.

The astrological signs Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo have the common characteristics of those born under the number 147.

Likewise, the astrological sign Sagittarius, nicknamed the seeker of truth, is often associated with the number 7.

Organization is a trait that all those born under the path of life 147 have developed. A person who was born under number 147 has strong organizational skills while on a spiritual level number 147 has close ties to magical powers and mastery of the spiritual dimension of life.

Does angel number 147 match your personality? Then another important aspect that you need to learn is specialization. No matter what field you specialize in, if you love what you do, you will also have satisfaction, you will feel respected and you will have great inner peace.

The career that suits you best is in the following areas: business, science, religion, education and the occult. All of these areas involve a certain degree of research, which is a very nice asset for the number 147 researcher.

He active number 147 is a square person who likes order, organization and thoroughness. Seriousness and discipline characterize him and one can say that he knows how to act in a methodical way in everything he undertakes and in particular in the professional field.

Liking a job well done, he cares about thoroughness and knows how to organize the different tasks to be accomplished.

All his qualities combined will lead him to accomplish important things if the will and motivation are there.

He has all the ability to succeed and his incredible endurance pushes him to persevere to reach the goal he set himself at the start.


When he embarks on a project, his investment is total and he can work without demerit until the desired results are obtained. This tenacity compels the admiration of those around him who see him as a hard worker.

His reputation is based on his values ​​which revolve around his work but also the sense of family. He will bring comfort, stability and security on the material and emotional levels to his loved ones.

To be happy and feel reassured, the native under the influence of the 147 will need something concrete and to have control over things so that his life does not fall apart like a house of cards.

He finds comfort in all that is material and needs to build, to possess in order to feel secure. He does not squander his money but uses it wisely.

He will not hesitate to invest his financial heritage in stone. The solidity of a house gives it this stability, echoing its personality.

One thing is certain, he is not lazy, but always focused on action and achievement. His professional success is obtained by his regularity in efforts.

However, his assets must not turn against him. Indeed, if seriousness is his main quality, he must learn to let himself be carried away by certain futile joys of existence and be light-hearted from time to time. Unlike the active number 3, originality is not its strong point.

The native whose first name is 147 represents righteousness, the palpable, and the true. He also has a great sense of duty. Reliable, he’s also someone you can always count on.

Orderly, rigorous, organized, everything that surrounds it must be in its place. Extremely meticulous, he likes everything to be classified, tidy, and hierarchical. No detail escapes him.

His character therefore leaves very little room for the unexpected, or even at all. He is quite capable of refusing an event, a meeting or an appointment if it has not been planned and decided in advance.

Spontaneity is therefore not innate in him, and those around him may suffer from this lack of fantasy as well as from the rules he imposes not only on himself but also on others.

You have to know how to tame it before it can open up to people and trust them fully. But once the shell is broken, we discover a warm and pleasant personality. In friendship as in love, he has lasting and solid relationships.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The Neptunian profile with vibration 147, influenced by the moon, likes to devote itself to reverie and meditation, it often chooses places isolated from the noise and the movement of crowds, to give free rein to its imagination.

The association of Neptune with the moon gives birth to very pensive beings whose thoughts are sometimes complicated and contradictory.

Just like vibration 1, the type of vibration 147 is of medium size, its appearance is proud and sober, and the port is haughty. His body is refined, thin and well proportioned.

The forehead is quite dominant and the chin often expressive. His gaze is often elusive, commensurate with his thoughts.

The person influenced by angel number 147 has an icy temper because his personality is not very expressive; his entourage can perceive him as an insensitive being as he manifests little taste for concrete things, his companion or his companion will have to get used to it, there is little chance that he will change.

Despite everything, the 147 is a cold sentimental and if one takes the trouble to observe it more closely, one will discover a great timidity which prevents him from releasing his emotions.

The native assimilated to vibration 147 is most often performed in thought-oriented activities. Literary or religious and metaphysical research, writing or psychoanalysis are his preferred areas of activity.

He loves the solitude of reading and studying, life for him is a vast university whose resources are inexhaustible. This is why he almost always chooses an activity in libraries, teaching or medicine.

The following study was carried out for you by our clairvoyant numerologist, expert in the divinatory art of numbers. Come and find out what you have in store for the next three months in the areas that matter to you: love, work and health.

The number 147 will place your need for reflection, analysis and meditation at the center of your concerns. You will be in a period of responsibility and unlike the year in 5, you will aspire to a certain stability.

Love and Angel Number 147

In terms of family, the units are very conservative, they take care of and take care of them, marriage is not just an institution for them but a sanctuary, never touch their family.

They have their own standards, every family member has their place and their task, and they do not have much mercy.

That is why, as parents, they can be very demanding, they also know how to overdo it with their children in the sense that they expect only good and concrete results.

As a spouse, it is certainly easier for a male unit. They take care of the family in the right way, they are both husband and father in the true sense. Unit women are a bit handicapped, set high career and family goals, but are also able to retire from work to preserve hearths.

On the heart side, the 147 hardly or awkwardly expresses what it feels, its feelings although they are sometimes very deep, can remain buried inside.

It will therefore be necessary to know how to be patient and attentive to him so that he opens his heart. He needs tenderness!

As a couple, its loyalty embodied, but be careful not to become too homeless and homebody. It is true that he completes his little habits.

From a health point of view, he is a fairly fragile being. He will have to take good care of himself and have a good lifestyle, exit excess of all kinds…

Although he is apparently someone very solid and who knows where he is going, the active number 147 hides certain flaws and weaknesses with which he will have to work to achieve fulfillment.

He should not hesitate to open up more to others to find the happiness he deserves.

Interesting Facts about Number 147

Those born under number 147 are people who keep all situations under control even in the strongest crisis.

For this reason, people in their angel number 147 tend to be a little too serious. The symbolism of this figure is represented by a square.

The square indicates the order of the universe and is considered stable and solid. As long as all of its sides are solid and they work together – this suggests the idea of ​​stability. But when one of these sides disappears or collapses then there is a risk of rupture.

In the analysis of personality based on numerology, the individuals represented by this figure are those who tend to be the link or the base that holds things together.

Whatever happens, these individuals are able to maintain balance and calm so that you can spend anything brilliantly.

From the point of view of numerology, the number 147 correspond to very practical and methodical people who are endowed with an indomitable will. Discipline, endurance and the strength to persevere to the end are all positive aspects of their personality.

Regarding relationships and the couple, the people in angel number 147 are very practical, realistic and reliable. Although they take life seriously, they will still be able to overcome countless difficulties or obstacles.

In addition, the number 147 will bring organization and discipline to the lives of those he coordinates.

It is important to note that almost everyone born under this figure learns to have faith. Many of these people are analytical and well organized, but tend to get caught up in too much technical detail.

Seeing Angel Number 147

One thing is certain: those who are blessed to have someone in their life whose angel number is number 147 will always be marked by a strong sense of security.