148 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you see the number 148 everywhere? If so, now is the time to understand why and what your angels want to communicate to you. Do you see other angel numbers too?

148 as an independent number is rarely considered: most often numerologists distinguish between the influence of fifty and seven, which are part of it.

148 is a symbol of good health and the desire for independence, the desire for new discoveries and unexpected achievements.

This is the energy of change and all-round development, a sign of progress and motivation.

Number 148 – What Does It Mean?

The seven symbolizes spiritual development, striving for perfection and secret knowledge.

This is a sign of an inner voice and wisdom, a symbol of unusual abilities and mystical manifestations.

This number is permeated with the influence of the inner self and religious motives.

In addition, the seven is symbolized with good luck and prosperity.

The number 148 represents the weights on the scales. They can lean to either side: for example, towards development or decline.

This figure encourages its carrier to listen to the inner voice and follow all its advice. Its main meaning is to unite the potential of the spiritual and material world.

It is a symbol of the masculine principle, which is ruled by the constellation Leo.

A frequent meeting with a five and a seven indicates that your health is in danger. You should change your lifestyle and pay attention to proper nutrition.

It is also a sign of higher powers that inform you that you are on the right path.

Do not change the chosen direction: sooner or later you will reach your intended goal.

Stay true to your principles: you will soon be rewarded for your resilience.


The seven, which is part of the number, endows its bearer with sensuality and understanding.

Such people have a talent for psychology: they are great listeners and good storytellers.

As a rule, they are able to give the right advice and can help a stranger in a difficult situation.

The carriers of 148 are strongly associated with nature and are well versed in the medicinal properties of plants. They skillfully prepare medicinal decoctions and possess secret knowledge of traditional medicine.

With them, a stranger feels safe and on a subconscious level strives for new meetings.

Thanks to the influence of the seven, the carriers of fifty-seven are lucky enough. They easily bypass all obstacles in their path, and skillfully cope with a variety of problems.

Thanks to their natural ingenuity, such people are able to make various discoveries.

Their main goal in life is to immerse themselves in what they love and achieve a high level of professionalism in their field.

The carriers of 148 are not always confident in their abilities. They are prone to depression and destructive moods.

As a rule, such people do not support someone else’s point of view and stubbornly prove the correctness of their actions.

The lack of a strong inner core opens the door to all kinds of addictions. This can be a desire to gamble, a craving for drugs or alcoholic beverages.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 148 is something of a reminder: you must be grateful and appreciate what you have in life.

Although life has its ups and downs, it’s important to remember how lucky you are. Recognizing your fortune and being openly grateful will lead you on a providential and profitable path.

Your angels urge you to give thanks for the positive aspects of life. Your positive attitude will open countless doors for you.

Seeing the angel number 148 could indicate a new career opportunity that’s just around the corner. Have you had enough of your job? Have you always dreamed of doing something else but struggled to pursue your dreams?

Seeing the angel number 148, the angels want you to have faith in yourself and to follow your dreams despite the possibility of taking risks.

Number 1 is associated with being a leader and guiding other people to victory in a professional setting.

Seeing this angel number can also be interpreted as a reminder urging you to put yourself first despite your obligations. Focusing on your well-being is essential for your progress and your goals.

Change characterizes your path and you will need to have the right mindset to take full advantage of it.

Taking time for yourself involves deciding what else you want in life and choosing which path you dream of following.

Love and Angel Number 148

Dealing with personal evolution will teach you much more about yourself and could also lead you to inspire other people around you.

Sequence 148 also has an influence on your love life and your relationships.

Seeing the number 148 is a sign that love is real and has different levels of intensity and passion.

This number is a positive sign that brings with it a lot of optimism and also new beginnings.

The love you feel for the people close to you will be intensified and amplified thanks to the presence of this number.

If you have a relationship and you see angel number 148 constantly, it means that you have to change something if you want to solve certain things.

If you are single, your guardian angels are encouraging you to open your heart to love and future love affairs.

Number 148 is not primarily associated with bad luck.

Rather, it represents an urgent call to set your goals and to follow your own path despite what others say.

Deciding what you want out of life could generate negative thoughts as you are trying to look into the future.

Interesting Facts about Number 148

Your period of reflection could bring confusion, fear and general negativity.

Bad luck can be ruled out, the angel number 148 encourages you to make your own luck.

The angel number 148 will help inspire you and at the same time increase your confidence and motivation.

Seeing this particular number will give you the determination and strength you need to aim higher and make your dreams come true.

Others will have to acknowledge your change and will also come to you for guidance and advice.

Seeing favorably the appearance of this angel number will radically change your life for the better.

Seeing Angel Number 148

Guardian angels have an important influence on your goals and ambitions. Your vision of the future may take a turn under their influence and you will be totally satisfied with their inspiration.

Dare to dream of the life you want will help you take the first step towards realizing your ambitions?