1488 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The number 1488 represents the realm of angels, the third heaven and the vibrations of the spiritual world, this set of power is associated with the Chakra of the “third” eye.

This number has a strong relationship with mindfulness, spirit, and God.

It is one of the numbers preferred by angels when transmitting a message, it is the sign that they are close to protect and help, in addition to providing their company to keep loneliness away from the soul.

Number 1488 – What Does It Mean?

The number 1488 since the world is world, has stood out as a base for mathematical operations and theories, in addition to having a certain important spiritual and esoteric mystery.

It is a number that has been related to various areas of human thought and life.

For example, from the metaphysical point of view it is the representation of the elemental world, the celestial and the intellectual; from the perspective of human intelligence it designates memory, understanding and will;

From the scientific point of view they are the states of matter, solid, liquid and gas; from the artistic point of view, the primary colors are blue, yellow and red; in the musical field, they are the 1488 keys Sol, Do, Fa.

In numerology the number 1488 has a special vibration, it is a reflection of art and creativity at its best.

Spontaneity, enthusiasm and optimism also have an extraordinary energetic vibration, owning this number has a very particular energy, it is the extravagance and indulgence made man.

The best known and most revered symbolism of the number 1488 is the representation of the purest and most universal energy, the “universal trinity” or “holy trinity”. Its meaning has great relevance in many areas of culture and spirituality.

The number 1488 in the bible has a great meaning, it is the representation of integrity and perfection. 1488 is a number considered spiritually perfect, it is used to denote excellence or complete character.

They also relate it to the whole, as it is closely related to the 1488 temporal dimensions, past, present, and future.

When in the sacred scriptures the number 1488 is said or expressed, it is an equivalent to total or always.

For angels the number 1488 is the representation of the skills and social characteristics that every human being possesses, especially in the part of communication and the expression of feelings.

Within their vibrational frequency these beings of light highlight adventure, creativity and humor.


The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

And they mean that you should trust more in the abilities that God has given you, also you should not forget that the divine blessing is always with you, no matter how complicated things may seem, you are not alone.

In addition, they tell you that their love and protection are always by your side, so that the evil that others wish for you will not be able to reach or affect you.

In difficult moments or during adversities that may come your way through life, do not think that you are alone, far from it.

They accompany you and give you all their support, so rest assured that what seems difficult today, tomorrow you will have at your fingertips, you just have to be braver and trust yourself more.

The number 1488 is a symbol that the angels have heard your prayers and calls, they are by your side, they want you to not only cultivate your mind, but also your spiritual life. Communication and your emotions are your best tools, don’t forget it and cultivate them.

When you give yourself completely and are involved in every part of the process, there will be no room for error.

In the internal part, the person should know that this number represents goodness and gentleness, in addition, it is a symbol of the fight for their ideals and for everything they consider correct, regardless of the opinion or disagreement of others or opinions that these have on their actions.

It is also a sign so that you do not stop looking for what gives you happiness or people who complement you and make you feel good about yourself and your company.

Likewise, it is a reaffirmation that your way of thinking and acting are correct, and that the truth that you handle is the truest and that you are seldom wrong.

Love and Angel Number 1488

The number 1488 in tantric numerology is defined as “diabolical or divine” but from the point of view of the positive mind.

Where its main quality is equality and the teaching that the individual seeks to obtain is impulse control, the analysis of the pros and cons of each situation, the balance of weaknesses and qualities, so that he can channel everything to the side. Positive.

From the tantric perspective, the number 1488 have the need to recognize equality within themselves and in others, they are very good people and noble feelings, in fact, when they do something wrong (consciously or not) they feel guilty.

They master depression in a wonderful way, in such a way that it does not affect their development throughout life.

The number 1488 in the bible has a great meaning, it is the representation of integrity and perfection.

1488 is a number considered spiritually perfect, it is used to denote excellence or complete character.

They are emotionally effective and very expressive, in addition, they have the quality of not giving more importance to things than they deserve, so they do not take everything so seriously or worry excessively.

Interesting Facts about Number 1488

In Kabbalah, the number 1488 represents synthesis, the doubling of energies, the conciliation between the parties, and the son of both forces.

On the spiritual plane, the 1488 symbolizes the knowledge of the occult; on the mental plane, it is the representation of ideation, creation; and on the physical plane, it is the personification of the expansion of ideas and desires.

When the transcendent axiom of the number 1488 is sought, the following maxim is glimpsed, “Weaving is your loom, fabrics for your use and fabrics that you must not use”, that is, your life is creating and developing ideas, some you will use them in a personal and others you will let them run so that others can grow along with them.

The astrological association of the 1488 in the kabbalah system is the Libra sign, it is with whom you can achieve better results in various areas of life.

In general, 1488 represents a possible marriage, but you must avoid at all costs that doubt eats away at your soul and mind, because it will only delay your life.

Remember, take advantage of the opportunities that the cosmos offers you, it does not matter if others think it is crazy, you will know how to get the best out of it.

Seeing Angel Number 1488

Many may think that the number 1488 are very confident individuals, with spectacular self-control and extraordinary seductive ability, but the truth is that it is not true.

These are quite insecure and in many cases it is difficult for them to maintain a stable relationship.

When the number 1488 is presented to us regularly, it is a sign from the cosmos that you are encouraged to undertake this new project, put aside doubts and face challenges with confidence, poise and a lot of determination.