178 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The 178 lives in a state of permanent anxiety and anguish and a deep sense of instability.

It becomes this way because it usually comes from a very dysfunctional family, raised in an environment of instability and little touched and caressed.

They are children who have to do things to be touched. He has chronic rescuer syndrome because when he was little they told him he was the “perfect boy.”

Therefore, he takes over a series of responsibilities that are destroying him.

Number 178 – What Does It Mean?

You feel you have a dichotomy between taking care of the family or yourself. In psychiatry, 178 is the prototype of what they call “the index patient.”

That is, the whole pack, the whole family, chooses a character who is the most talented but they weaken him, infantilize him and do it in such a way that that character becomes the one who hides the real problems of the family.

Manipulation is “don’t grow up because if you grow up you leave and abandon me.” There is always someone who is cutting 178’s wings.

The shadow of doubt The 178 do not generate alliances to harm anyone because as they permanently doubt they will never be certain that this is the right thing to do.

It is a vibration that does not make life difficult for anyone. He does not know how to charge for his work, sell, or ask for money back when he lends it.

However, it always returns up to the last weight. He is a great miser with money, not in the sense of hoarding it, but he is afraid of not having it for when they ask him.

An unevolved 178 ends up fat, anxious, bored, deep down.

When you expect help from the family, there is no one, only friends. What heals 178 is metaphysics, the laws of the Kaolin.

When the 178 understands that it is located exclusively in the emotional body, it is not mental and, nowhere else, does it begin to heal.

When you understand that your room is located in the solar plexus and you understand that what you came to develop is your emotional body exclusively, then there, you heal.

Faith heals at 178 because it is the language of the spirit.


The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

People who are born under the number 178 are the great ritualists as well as the great artists. They love nature and the sea in particular, as the water heals and harmonizes them. They are very lonely, they will travel alone and if it is to the ocean even better.

They go into the sea and the dolphins follow them. They are the great sailors and travelers. They do not like ties, so the bond of a couple costs them a lot.

The 178 is a bit greedy with himself, it is difficult for him to share himself, and he does not talk about what he feels or what is happening to him.

He usually denies pain, which leads to his emotional states being strongly somaticized. That makes you prone to developing tumors at an early age.

However, he has an incredible gift for making friends. The 178th does not tell the secrets or spread rumors, it is a grave.

A born worker, highly intelligent and capable, a 178 can speak two or more languages ​​fluently.

The power behind the throne Number 178

People who are born under the number 178 are the great ritualists as well as the great artists.

Generally this vibration is associated with strong power groups such as Masons and various religious groups, as they handle symbols very well.

It is a number that a large part of his life establishes it from knowledge, he studies a lot. They are people who insert themselves into the world from a strong structure in their lives.

If he cannot reach an instance of power, he will lead a personal life very focused on daily rituals and at the same time highly structured in his life approaches.

This strongly takes him away from the emotional world, so he becomes blocked when he is brought to that plane.

Love and Angel Number 178

He manages the others but without getting involved. The world of 178 is as intellectual as that of 1, but if 1 is capable of being the great diplomat, 178 is the man who is always behind the throne, it is sustained within a world of power.

Then the president of the party will be 1 but the ideologue of the party is 178. They are stoic in their daily work since the lack of love they had as children leads them to feel that nothing is given to them and that life is an eternal sacrifice.

It is not an easy incarnation to live. They have an enormous fear of dying poor, so they are not good payers, they resist until the last moment to pay a debt.

When there are more free numbers in that aspect such as 2 and 178 in that person, it makes them more relaxed.

Better that they do not try to be their own bosses, a 178 usually needs to work for others under a strong structure that gives them confidence and security.

There is always an event in a 178 in which one of the parents leaves it and when that happens this 178 crystallizes.

It may be in a house where everything is, but it is a temple, it is a place where there is no heat.

They leave him in a good school, they have him in a good place, but don’t bother as they are working for him.

The most tremendous message that a 178 carries is that he feels that his parents stopped being happy because they had to go out to work to protect him, so the 178 does not claim or ask.

As he has not had the physical presence of the parents, he is usually very disconnected from the body: it is difficult for him to touch or to be hugged.

The 178 is the great allergy. It crystallizes the pain in the solar plexus and expresses it in stomach problems, in addition to its allergies and colon problems.

Interesting Facts about Number 178

But since it is a number that is validated in knowledge, the rest is not allowed. He does not believe in anything other than the doctor, the hospital, the clinic, he goes to the traditional.

The 178 should be healed with alternative medicine, where the emotional world will touch him.

To heal what you have to do is go to the trades, knit, play an instrument, go to live in the sea where you heal, practice water sports.

The way of the nine A 178 evolves when it learns to develop its great humility and avoid personal underestimation. You need to raise your doubts immediately instead of accepting everything silently. He fights a deep anxiety that things won’t work out for him.

You have to invest in your relationships knowing that they will not derail you from your goals or achievements.

Sometimes you think you are relating to others, but it is simply a belief, because you are not surrendering.

Seeing Angel Number 178

The 178 is sustained through the chores that he has. It is what you do, in addition to the name of the company where you work. And if he doesn’t work, then that’s where he studied, etc. You need to make it clear that you have been in life with a cultural stratum behind, whatever it is.