238 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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We, humans, see hidden meanings and secret symbolism in various things that are part of this world. We interpret natural phenomena, strange coincidences, social situations, images, living beings and everything else.

People like to interpret things created by their own hands, as well as abstract ideas, thoughts, emotions etc.

We are capable of inscribing meaning to the most common daily thing! This makes our lives even more interesting, amazing and challenging.

Our physical world is a great place, although not perfect. It is full of flaws, bad events, sadness and corruption.

However, it has its brightly shining side. Those opposing sides of our lives and a place we have in universe make our destinies an amazing experience.

However, challenges are sometimes so hard to conquer or situation we find ourselves into is so tough that we lose our strength and courage to move on. In such times, our guardians from heavens act to help us.

Guardian angels are non-physical beings that care about humankind and support us in times of need.

They love us and watch upon us all the time. Angels are connected to the Creator and share with us blessings from heavens. Maybe you have no interest in spiritual and mystical things, but, perhaps, there were some situations not so easy to explain logically.

Have you ever noticed a repeating symbol in your life? An image, object, number or something else?

You have probably asked yourself what it could mean. These strangely reoccurring symbols are angelic messages.

Since these pure spirits would rarely take earthly form and walk amongst humans, they have their divine ways of communicating with us and sending us their support and guidance.

Number 238– What Does It Mean?

Angels can talk to us through many channels. Some people regularly prey and ask heavens for guidance, some not.

However, spiritualists claim we all have guardian angels. As they say, every human being has at least two of these divine protectors.

They listen to music of our hearts and feel the tiniest vibrations of our souls and are ready to help us.

One of the ways angels communicate with human world are numbers. Any number could be an angelic, divine message.


The only ‘rule’ it has to follow is that it keeps reoccurring in a person’s life, during longer period, in the most common daily situations, including a person’s dreams, thoughts or so.

If you keep seeing a number that way, then it must be an angel number.

Angels often send us numbers that reflect our own personality. By sending such messages, they want us to think about our behavior or to help us realize how beautiful, strong and valuable we are as persons.

These messages usually mean both. Three-digits are particularly interesting, because of their complex structure.

If angels send you number 238, they want you to love yourself and value your talents. Be courageous and embrace your character.

Let us find out what is secret meaning and symbolism of this number and, thus, what does this angelic message exactly men.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 238 is an amazing personality number, consisted of numbers 2, 3 and 8. What does this mysterious combination mean?

People with number 238 have strong will and they are very charismatic.

They sometimes behave childishly, but, in general, they are responsible and care about others. Number 2 gives them stability of character, makes them loving, supportive and caring people.

Number 3 is their childish part. It is a number that resonates with incredible energy, optimism, joy and eagerness to do new and interesting things. It could put those people in danger, because they will not hesitate risking.

It also gives this combination the power of intuition and usually saves them. They are very imaginative and creative people.

Number 8 is a bit more ‘adult’ aspect, to say so. It is a number that represents sense for business, practicality, drive for success (especially career and financial) and it is highly rational.

It sometimes dominates the combination, which is good. It restrains the ‘childish’ 3 to flexible limits, making people with angel number 238 full of optimism, dreams and enthusiasm, but with their feet on the ground.

Love and Angel Number 238

Number 238 is a positive omen for love, because of a good balance of its elements.

While these people are romantic dreamers, seductive and flirting, they know when there is a moment to take responsibility. They love to be around people and really hate being alone.

For them, life without a soul mate is a disaster.

People with angel number 238 are lucky in romantic love; they keep good relations with their family members and have good friends. They are lovable, kind and honest.

However, they could try to dominate over the relationship or family, which could make their partners and dear ones feel under pressure of their strong character.

Numerology Facts About Number 238

Angel number 238 possesses destructive powers. It is interesting to mention that another atomic bomb component is associated with this number.

One of the elements used in construction of this terrifying weapon that make it so devastating is plutonium 238.

Seeing Angel Number 238

If angels send you number 238, they want you to be proud of yourself and your deeds. A

t the same time, they would like you to pay attention to your closest ones, because you are sometimes so dominant that it seems aggressive to others.

In addition, your responsible part sometimes closes the window of opportunities; let your childish self out occasionally and explore wonderful opportunities that this world has to offer.