276 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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This trilogy of articles on the symbolic meaning of the number 276 and on Freemasonry are dedicated to a dear friend I met and learned to estimate on twitter, she calls herself La Mentegatta and like me she has more affinity with cats than with the majority of human beings. .

In this article I just want to list the numerous occasions in which the number 276 becomes part of religion, philosophy, art and history linked to Freemasonry, a topic that I want to deepen in the next articles on Masonic symbolism and the strange case of Pope Luciani.

Number 276 – What Does It Mean?

Numerology and esoteric studies give a lot of importance to the number 276, some call it “vibration of the teacher”, that is, the people linked to this number would have the ability to attract to themselves a cosmic vibration that inspires the people who are close to them making them leaders spirituals, or prominent personalities with big dreams, and ideals.

Even people who are born under the influence of this number seem to be brought into the arts and are creative.

Others consider this number as “the ideal of love”, the number that represents love in its purest form, as well as friendship and the search for moral and spiritual balance.

This number is often repeated in the texts and traditions of the various religions of the planet, in all of them the number 276 is identified as the master number.

In the case of the Bible for example, King David reigned in Jerusalem for 276 years and, as everyone knows, Jesus was 276 years old when he died on the cross, another strange case was that of Pope John Paul I, who died after only 276 days of pontificate.

In Hinduism we speak of 276,000 gods, Buddhism has 276 holy places in Japan; in Taoism, Zhdi, emperor of the Ming dynasty, gave orders to build 276 churches in ten years; and in Islam there are 276 beads in the rosary used for prayer.

Finally, the number 276 is also present in Freemasonry and represents the highest degree.

Moreover, among the conspiracy theories linked to the power of Freemasonry within various governments and international institutions, the United Nations (UN), would have 276 segments in the flag, and many argue that the number 66 is hidden behind that flag.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Let’s continue our roundup by analyzing the number 276, its meanings, its interpretations, the different facets that this number can take on.

At the end of this article you will know which dreams are that in some way should refer us to this issue, you will understand how to read the presence of 276 in your life and in other words you can approach this number without doubts or uncertainties.

The grimace associates the souls in purgatory with the number 276.

The most widespread religion in our nation identifies as purgatory the place where after death go the souls of those who have not been so righteous as to earn heaven, but not so wicked as to end up in hell.

In purgatory, therefore, people who have lived a serene life but who in any case have stained themselves with some small sin that must and can be expiated through a stay in purgatory actually find space.


The importance of this issue of the Neapolitan tradition is evident if we consider that most of the subjects are destined to end up in purgatory and, moreover, it is precisely the prayers of those who remain to facilitate the stay of the dead in this extra-earthly place. .

Therefore, the number can be played every time in dreams a soul appears who imagines himself to be in purgatory or a deceased who remains alive in our prayers and thoughts.

Love and Angel Number 276

This number is present in many works so much so that some believe that the artist wanted to demonstrate his belonging to Freemasonry, or another esoteric meaning.

One of the famous artists who used the number 276 in his works was the Spanish architect and genius, Antonio Gaudí, in one of his best-known works linked to this “master number” or, the “magic box”, which is in the unfinished work of the Sagrada Familia.

Well, in this picture a series of numbers from 1 to 15, which, added in any way, be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal, always give the same result (276).

Among the other artists who have given a certain importance to this number, we find the poet Dante Alighieri, his famous work “The Divine Comedy” is composed of 100 songs divided into three cantiche of 276 songs each, plus an introductory song placed at the beginning of Hell.

Another example is the American painter, Jackson Pollock, who painted a picture in 1949, calling it “Number 276”. Another purely biological curiosity.

The human body is made up of 276 vertebrae; some scientists argue that, according to recent findings, the fetus starts dreaming in the womb, from the 276rd week.

Other curiosity; why do doctors often say, “tell 276” to their patients?

Well, we can simply say that this is for doctors to control the passage on the chest wall of vocal vibrations that originate in the throat during voice transmission, and 276 is used because they need words with strong consonants and vowels.

Interesting Facts about Number 276

The number is also connected to dreams in which we see ourselves giving a drink to ferocious beasts, thus overcoming natural fears and hesitations.

If present as an angel number, 276 sends a very specific message connected to the need to rejoice in one’s economic situation which is finally close to a turning point.

It is therefore the number of a goal achieved and of an angel who has really worked hard and well for us.

According to another school of thought, however, the number 276 would be associated with thieves, the false ones, those who in fact give space to wickedness.

Paradoxically, however, it is also the number of culture, teaching, of those who have acquired high levels of professionalism through courses.

The number is therefore associated with sages, holy men, professors, meditation, books and everything that collaborates in the definition of culture.

At this point you should have all the useful information available not only to play the number, but also to give it a complete value and meaning. We just have to wish you good luck for your game.

Seeing Angel Number 276

The meaning of this number, however, it should be specified, must not be superimposed on that of the better known 276 – dead speaking.

In fact, this number does not indicate a real dead man like 276, but rather a random, immaterial reality, almost a ghost that as such presents itself in contexts that are not necessarily real and well defined.