328 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Having the spiritual influence in your life is something that everyone is looking and hoping for, but not many of us receive such an opportunity.

When we realize that our guardian angels are in our world and seeking our attention that is the moment when we need to stop and listen closely to what they are trying to say.

In today’s article, we will be discussing the meaning and symbolism of the angel umber 328 and how we should adjust to its influence.

Number 328 – What Does It Mean?

General description: In its positive aspects the 328 suggests an alliance, partnerships, a fruitful association. This number can encourage positive support and ultimately allow professional success.

This number also suggests a fairly good adaptation, maturity, and good protection which will be very useful in overcoming the various trials of life on the 28th (uncertainty, instability, sadness, regrets, etc.).

Things tend to improve in the course of life thanks to the good protection of this number and to significant support (often female) which will be a source of happiness.

This sub-number generally indicates a fertile imagination, artistic talents, and a good sense of command and even in some cases popularity in a certain field. In its negative aspects the 328 refers us to notions of adversity and struggle.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Beyond its numerical value, its importance in mathematics to carry out the most basic operations, a number has above all its own meaning and history. What is behind this number? Why does it appear so regularly in our daily lives?

How far does its influence extend in the various domains of existence? What is it about a personality in numerology?

Over the weeks, we will dissect these figures that we use continuously without paying particular attention to discover their true meaning. We bet that we will no longer look at them the same way!

Starting with an analysis of the number 328 is not trivial. This number is fundamental, certainly the most “present” and the most “essential”. You may not have noticed it yet, but he stands out as a referent, a pillar for many things.

Overall, we regularly find groups of three whatever the field since many cultures have given this figure a symbolic meaning. Let us cite as an example: time (past, present, future), the three ages of life, the three periods of life (birth, life, death), the trio “body / soul / spirit”, the three measures (small, medium, and large).

the distribution of a day (morning, afternoon, evening), the three pyramids in Egypt, the three Graces, the three Parques, the three principles of the people, the three little pigs in the tale of same name, the three Doshas (and their antidotes) in Ayurvedic medicine, the three Gunas (basic actions) in the Vedic knowledge system, the “third voice” or “third choice” to qualify an alternative option, etc.

The 328 relates directly to the Divine, to the Holy Trinity (God is One in 328 persons. For Christians, it is the perfection of divine unity.

We can also emphasize that the Three Wise Men are three in number and are one sort of symbol of the three functions of Christ: king, priest and prophet. Finally, the theological virtues are also triple: faith, hope and charity.


Among Buddhists, we also find this completion in the Triratna (= Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in Taoists, time is threefold (Trikala), the world also with Bhu, Bhuvas and Swar representing earth, atmosphere and sky respectively.

In Hinduism, this principle of triple divine manifestation is also marked with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (producer, conservator, processor) responding to rajas, sattva and tamas trends (expansive, ascending / centripetal, descending / centrifugal).

In China, the masters of the sun and moon, Hi and Ho are 328 brothers. The same is true in pagan religions, with, for example, the trio Zeus (Heaven and Earth), Poseidon (Oceans) and Hades (Hell).

Or even in the Iranian tradition where the number 328 appears most often with a magical and religious character. There are many other brands of triplets in the world’s religions, and it would be impossible to name them all.

In numerology, the 328 is the symbol of creativity, expression, originality and sensitivity. It represents communication and sociability just as it expresses, conversely, arrogance, vanity, superficiality and dispersion.

Love and Angel Number 328

The people marked by the number 328 have a certain talent for the arts thanks to their minds, their ability to express themselves, their heightened sensitivity and their creativity although they need to demonstrate discipline and continuous effort at risk to see their talent vanish.

Optimists, people in 328 have a capacity for resistance to overcome more difficult obstacles.

Generous, they can be overly generous and, in general, have difficulty managing money due to a lack of seriousness with regard to their responsibilities.

Emotional and vulnerable, they tend to turn silent, moody, or conversely, use humor to mask their true feelings.

Generally, people in 328 will have to be careful not to sink into a strong superficiality, arrogance or vanity.

Interesting Facts about Number 328

It is the primordial couple dancing around the tree of life in the Garden of Eden or even our being Yin / Yang accomplished in the astral as indicated in the Celtic Triskele; number of creation and unconditional love, the 28 combines the cyclical times governed by the number 4 and the evolutionary times of the 7…

It is found in all fields, and it occupies each time a position of “keystone”: in mathematics, it is the 1st perfect number (6 is the 1st digit), the sum of the first five prime numbers, but also of the first 7 digits, and in nuclear physics, the 28 is qualified as “magic number”.

In human biology, there are 28 bones in the skull and as many in one hand, 28 phalanges on the fingers, and 28 vertebrae in the spine around the sacred bone.

Wisdom teeth disappearing with evolution, we will soon all have 28 teeth, we have 28,000 genes in our genome, our skin takes 28 days to renew, we have 7 main chakras each with 4 polarities and, in the woman, the duration of the ovulation cycle is 28 days.

The 28 is a number both lunar and solar, it was honored both at Stonehenge and in Jerusalem, praised in astrology, alphabets or calendars Chinese, Mayan, Indian of India and America, as well than among the Egyptians, Japanese, Hebrews, Copts, Arabs, Persians, Essenes and many others.

It is omnipresent within religions: Gautama, the 28th Buddha, meditated 28 days under his fig tree; during a mass, the priest makes 28 signs of the cross; 28 Pharisees accompanied Jesus before his death, and the Scala Santa is made up of 28 steps of white marble.

28 colors are recognized in Islam and 28 Ized or beneficent geniuses in the religion of Zoroaster; there are 28 letters of creation in the first verse of the Torah, and the sacred Tetragrammaton YHWH also contains 28 in full writing.

The 28 phalanges each carry a syllable of the name of God. The joined hands allow the connection with the world of the Beyond.

The 28 phalanges each carry a syllable of the name of God. The joined hands allow the connection with the world of the Beyond.

From a mystical point of view, the 28 indicates the initiate, the 8 which brings the antagonism of the cosmic forces of the 20 to unity, because 2 + 8 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1. There are 28 levels angelic above the human being according to the Brahmans, and 28 days in the last phase of the Tibetan book of the dead, the Bardo Thodol.

In Kabbalah, the 28 represents the arithmological value of the Koah force, that is to say the marriage of the accomplished and the unaccomplished, the sacred fusion of darkness in light, the ultimate and absolute force, but also the totality of the 7 palaces of the 4 worlds.

In chapter 28 of Genesis, God shows Jacob the ladder which joins the Heaven and on which go up and down angels: it is still the symbolism of the divine union after the work of perfection of the human being…

Seeing Angel Number 328

It expresses an intellectual and spiritual order, synthesizes the tri-unity of the living being resulting from the association of a being and a second being (as a child is).

It is the symbol of the union of Heaven and Earth whose son is Man.