339 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angelic world and the endless realm of spiritual world is something unknown, mysterious and intriguing to humans.

Thoughts about high heavens and positive celestial forces that move the world around are something that has been inspiring stories, legends and myths for ages. Since the first days of human civilization on this planet, we have been trying to understand what creates the life on Earth, what moves it and what gives it the energy to survive.

Partly, all of these things could be explained scientifically and logically. Finally, we are the ones who invented science in the first place, exactly in order to understand our own life.

However, there are many alternative opinions; there are myths and legends, astrological, symbolical, spiritual explanation maybe that ought not to be taken for granted.

There are many things happening for no obvious reason, you must agree!

Have you ever experienced something that seems as a sudden change of tides in your life?

We speak about positive tides, in the first place. You see, or destinies are not a straight line; there are ups and downs in each person’s life. Sometimes you feel there is no escape from a bad situation, while at times you feel like there is nothing that could stop you.

Most of situations we find ourselves into come from our own doing, but we have a little help from above, even if we are unaware of that.

Every person has their own guardians in heavens. They are guardian angels, beings of true and pure celestial light. Angels send us positive and encouraging messages from heavens and help us do our best. They support us and also warn us of things that might happen if we are reckless.

Number 339 – What Does It Mean?

Angelic messages are signs of love and support, guidance and warnings. Angels send people messages in order to help them find the true strength within, to discover their ‘real’ selves.

We are imperfect beings, so we make many mistakes. However, we also do amazing things! Heavenly beings that are capable of doing only good are amazed by versatility of humankind.

Our guardian angels help us embrace our imperfection and work on our abilities, talents and skills.

Sometimes we lose hope we could be better. In such times, our guardians from heavens send us messages of support. They talk to people through many channels and one of such mediums are numbers.

Numbers sent to people by guardian angels are called angel numbers.

Experts in angelic numerology claim these special numbers possess special energy and vibrations. These numbers could tell us a lot about ourselves and point us to direction we should take. Angels would never change events for us, but they send us messages of guidance.


They want to make us realize we are able to change things by our own strengths.

Angels could send you any number, but certain one is special for you. If you are sent number 339, it means angels want to tell you something. What does this number mean and what are its properties?

This number is complex and possesses incredible spiritual energy. Let us find out more about secret meaning and symbolism of angel number 339.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 339 is usually sent to people who are creative, open minded, intelligent adventurous and passionate. Those individuals grab good opportunities and are not afraid of taking risks. They have many dreams they would like to make come true.

Sometimes, they are restless and impatient. They also have a good intuition and kind of a special connection to heavens above.

That makes them to more easily recognize and understand angelic messages, as well.

This number gives you courage to fulfill your goals. People with this number love to explore life and learn new things in both material and abstract aspect.

Number 3 stands for their eager, enthusiastic and youthful optimism, while more ‘mature’ 9 gives them deep insight in general. They are aware of both their physical self and their more spiritual self.

People with number 339 listen to their inner voice and sometimes neglect real life warnings.

They are brave, positive and courageous, to the point they believe no one can help them. They strongly believe they are capable of doing everything by themselves, which is, to some point, amazing.

However, there are times every one of us needs additional help.

Angels send you number 339 to remind you you are the part of this world. You are unique and you will never lose that uniqueness if you let people approach to you, assist you and even help you sometimes.

In addition, your spiritual journey could not be ‘reversed’ by enjoying things that are more down-to-earth. Number 339 brings a lot of positive energy, but also the fear of losing individuality.

Love and Angel Number 339

It is similar in love life of people with number 339.

They are passionate, caring and loving, in general, but they seem to always be anxious about their own integrity in relationship. They are afraid to be with someone who seems to be stronger than they in any aspect are.

Even when other people are kind to them and offer some assistance, they could interpret that as their own signs of weakness.

They wander in love a lot. However, angels help them realize there is nothing wrong about committing, so they send them number 339 to remind them of all the good and bad sides of their own character.

Let people into your life! If you let your (future) partner approach you, you will discover a completely new view on life and it would be a positive one.

Numerology Facts About Number 339

Number 339 is an odd number and it is written as 1001010101 in binary system.

It is interesting to note that sum of these binary 1s equals 5, which is another angel number full of positive energy, especially in terms of creativity, uniqueness and individuality, which only contributes to already fascinating number 339.

Seeing Angel Number 339

Angels send you number 339 to remind you you are not alone. Your energetic and self-reliant nature is often misleading, in terms you neglect people around you.

Moreover, you are missing out great opportunities to establish connections and relations, because you are stubborn in your uniqueness. The root of that stubbornness is insecurity.

On the outside, you appear to be strong, intriguing, fascinating to others. However, you have to embrace your more ‘earthly’ side.

Do not be afraid of losing your integrity. Even if you do, because there are different phases in life, it is not the scariest thing to happen!

Your angels will surely help you regain your enthusiasm, your strength and inspiration. Follow your heart and let go off your irrational fears.