488 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 488 represents people with a lot of energy, vitality, they radiate and stimulate everyone with their overflowing joy.

They are resourceful, agile-minded, talented, affectionate, communicative, altruistic, and friendly.

Number 488 – What Does It Mean?

It is precisely these qualities that, taken to the extreme, can become negative, becoming conceited, frivolous, superficial, manipulative and vain people (only if they allow themselves to be guided by their negative side).

They are affectionate, tender, understanding, considerate and passionate. They indulge in relationships easily and like to enjoy life with their partner.

They need a partner of great vitality or energy, not getting along too well with slower or calmer people, for them life is lived to the fullest.

They also adore couples who have a great sense of justice or a strong social and humanitarian vocation.

Thanks to their mental agility, audacity, talent and intelligence, they usually excel in almost any field they dedicate to, added to their eternal joy and sympathy, they will attract many people.

They are great workers, with good initiative and enormous enthusiasm, which will make working with a number 8 a very rewarding experience.

Professions in which they can excel? Those that have to do with the artistic or creative part, that is, what has to do with the world of art in general.

They also excel in professions related to medicine, teaching, law or sales due to their conviction.

As for money, they are very easy to earn it and that is positive. Your intelligence and financial management skills are there.

However, they are quite generous and wasteful people so they must know how to control themselves and stick to a certain budget, otherwise they will squander large amounts in a short time.

They are good friends, their cheerful, optimistic character and their overflowing energy, gives them an aura of charisma and brilliance where people are attracted.

He likes to make many plans, especially those that have to do with the outdoors, nothing to stay locked up at home without living life.

As for the family, they are usually quite loving parents with a very liberal, progressive mind, seeking to be more friends with their children than anything else.


What’s more, their love for life makes them get along well with the thinking of young people.

However, the lack of discipline and pasotism so as not to complicate things makes him miss a bit of a heavy hand and a certain degree of authority at certain times.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

They are the first and that makes them want to lead, they are not worth being second. They are individualistic, independent, creative, original and self-sufficient.

They have great ambition, they are determined and they take risks to become the best.

They have great command and leadership skills, which is why they are ideal for carrying out any endeavor or for sending people in charge as superiors, thanks to their enormous charisma, dynamism and energy.

They do not take well that others have authority over them, they are rebellious and they find it difficult to obey orders from superiors or people they consider inferior.

They are also honest, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor, loyal but sometimes somewhat vengeful and spiteful.

On the other hand, in terms of their negative side, they are often hurtful with their sarcasm, they are somewhat insensitive, selfish and self-centered, and may have a too authoritarian or dictatorial character.

They are a very conquering number, affectionate and passionate. They have a lip and a facility of speech that makes them fall in love with relative ease.

His enormous charisma and his brilliant mind will do a lot in love, however, they have to be careful not to neglect the flame that maintains a relationship.

They are quite dominant people, they want to lead in their relationships and they do not like the advice, nor that do they contradict them.

They try to possess and absorb, he hates being tied up and dominated. If this happens, for him the relationship will be over.

Besides, although they are quite tender and affectionate, they have a changing personality so they can go from being like this to becoming offensive and hurtful.

Nor can you bring out their feelings and affections to the light, they are quite cold, very rational, they act more with the head than with the heart.

So you will have to deal with it if you want to be with number 488.

Love and Angel Number 488

They are people with tremendous empathy for others, adaptive, cooperative, helpful, prudent, kind, humble and kind. His goal in life is to be in peace and harmony with the rest of human beings.

They hate conflicts and escape from them, they are calm and will always seek the diplomatic way to resolve any dispute or confrontation. They have a gift for mediating, being referees and a love of art.

They are also quite hard working, efficient and very good friends.

However, their high dependence on others and their insecurities make them easily frustrated, underestimated or depressed.

They suffer from a high inferiority complex and are very susceptible to anything that exposes them emotionally.

People under this number are loving, romantic and give off a sweet and peaceful frequency.

They always seek to please people and more if it is their partner, they will seek peace and harmony in each and every one of their relationships.

However, their stamina to maintain stability in their relationship is so strong that even if there are conflicts or problems, they will swallow them up without saying a word.

What will take them to situations of real stress, anxiety or depression? They will seek acceptance from their partner and feel loved.

They are very hard-working, efficient, responsible and compliant people. What’s more, possibly their flaw is that they are extremely perfectionist and meticulous.

This is due to their inferiority complex and high self-demand that they give themselves, which in certain doses is fine, but if they take it to high levels they can end up reducing their health.

They are not leaders, on the contrary, they prefer to work in the shadows and support the ideas of others.

However, they are very good at mediating, collaborating with other people and all those activities that do not expose them to living risks. Helping others and in contact and dealing with people.

Interesting Facts about Number 488

People marked by this number have the ability to make quick decisions, under pressure, his innovative ideas and vision will accompany him in the business world.

They will always seek approval and admiration, they can be winners, but their risks also have consequences, and they can also be the biggest losers.

As for money, they will not lack it and they can count on fortune in their life, as long as they dominate the situations and somehow control the risks associated with the business activity they exercise.

Professions in which they can excel? Those related to medicine, art (in all its aspects), science, engineering, architecture, etc…

Although Parents 488 want to maintain a fairly open, progressive and liberal relationship with their children, being many times more friends than parents.

They tend, due to their strong dominance character, to be somewhat dictatorial or authoritarian with their children, but also as they have a somewhat changing nature, it makes them sometimes too small and too permissive.

They have to learn to control these changes and balance the scales to take each role depending on the circumstances.

As for friendship, the number 488 are honest and have a great sense of humor, added to their charisma and natural magnetism, they connect well with people.

However, they have to take care of the criticism and sarcasm that they usually throw, because they can be really offensive and hurtful.

Seeing Angel Number 488

People marked by the angel number 488 have a brilliant mind and a great ability to lead, this makes them a number destined for triumph and success.

They work hard to achieve their goals and objectives through their interaction with their projects.

They are born leaders so it is not uncommon to see how great rulers or company bosses are number 488.