553 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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People marked with angel number 553 They are people who tend to be great counselors, and even though people may not have known them for a long time, they will end up telling them their things and intimacies, for some reason they inspire confidence and generally have the right word at the right time for everyone.

Number 553 – What Does It Mean?

They are conciliators, they like to harmonize or mediate between the conflicts of others, they quickly empathize with the problems or difficulties of everyone, therefore, they always end up being a kind of psychologist or therapist for their friends, family, partner, neighbors, etc.

It is common for their personality to impose or provoke fear or much respect. They are excellent communicators and very easy for oratory.

They tend to break paradigms and if they are convinced of something new they try and support it.

They are people who have conflict with authority since childhood (parents, teachers, bosses, politicians, etc.).

They will have to be careful not to engage in dozens of activities and interests, since they tend to waste their energy on unproductive things and scatter you for long periods of time, they become inconsistent and come to take everything as a game or fun, they lack strength willingness to successfully carry out the things that require time, effort and perseverance.

They can tend to be very materialistic since they greatly enjoy living well, eating well, dressing well and surrounding themselves with beautiful things, so they will seek to connect with the right people to reach the social position they seek, so for them the end justifies the means.

One of the characteristics of the most marked negative polarity of # number3 is the severe way of criticizing others when they make mistakes or make mistakes, they always manage to find and sarcastically point out the disadvantages or weaknesses of others.

However, they are dramatically intolerant of criticism of them. They cannot bear to be made to see their mistakes, it will be very difficult for them to accept that they have made a mistake and they would rather walk away when they feel exposed than face their failures.

Selfish, superficial, they think they are always right, they are jealous even if they don’t show it, they like gossip and they are not very discreet.

They like to direct the lives of others and may have conflicts with those who ignore them.

They lack a lot of tolerance for criticism and judge with severity and ease. They avoid conflicts, it is not easy to clarify any misunderstanding with them, because if they do not win they tie and they will find a way of not having to face anything that exposes them to be “bad” or that they were wrong.

They end up being avoided by other people since they want to know everything, sometimes their tact to say things is quite rude and sarcastic which creates free enemies, they are usually quite pedantic and bluffers and they will pass it justifying each one of them.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

People number 553, when they positively express the vibration of their number, the number of balance, harmony, love, generosity, understanding and solidarity will be manifesting. It is a number associated with responsibility, honesty and fidelity, they have a strong sense of friendship.

they are balanced people, understanding with others, humanitarian, generous, lovers of home and domestic affairs, generally tend to consider all people with those who deal directly as part of their family, so they will feel the duty to care for them, protect them, care about them and in some way guide them through the duty of life (according to their own perception of it).


Throughout their lives, 553 people will show great love for home, family, relatives and friends, even if they have subordinates or teammates, they will consider them in the same way.

People number  553 , have a great awareness of everything they do so any activity they do will be directed in some way to give a service to others, achieving harmony for themselves and for the people they love is essential;

At first glance they have a sweet and emotional character that serves to attract people who satisfy their great need to feel loved and protected, being alone or not being appreciated can destabilize them in a significant way and cause their unconditional love to become possessiveness, control and requirement.

People number 553, are the most sensitive of the numerical scale, they squander tenderness, understanding and protection towards all the people with whom they are related, although this is manifested primarily with their loved ones, however, this is not free, they generally require change everything they offer to follow their rules and high codes of behavior.

People number 553 are very consistent with what they believe, they have a great patriotic sense and they can be activists in favor of justice, they seek peace and reflect an image of security and support for their own people, so they have the ability to be serene , balanced, prudent and sensible.

In situations where loved ones may be at risk or where others falter.

The 553 are almost always loved, respected and admired people who do not find it difficult to make friends, because they have the quality of creating an environment of peace and balance wherever they are and know how to bring comfort and help to those who need it.

Love and Angel Number 553

Normally conservative, (often old-fashioned) upright and traditionalists, the 553 gladly respect and adapt to established laws and customs, because they do not like to “give the grade” or to be exposed. All 553 like to dress well, eat well and live comfortably.

Even though they enjoy taking life in stride and not only conform, but want to live in peace, surrounded by their loved ones, they are very productive, tenacious and efficient workers, especially if they think that the good performance of their work will depend the success of your team or family.

Sometimes they monopolize the conversation or talk too much, but at all times they will instill confidence and radiate love and understanding towards others.

When the number 553 appears repeatedly at the pinnacle of the native, it can give a great tendency to carry from a young age with very strong family responsibilities, such as taking care of younger siblings or the mother or father from an early age or for long periods in their life, this in the vast majority of cases conditions the life of the person, preventing him from being or doing what he wants.

At 553, you will discover those more easily in situations of illness or tension, they are very supportive and will be the first to come to try to help you and comfort you, and they will not allow any of their loved ones to collapse or decay.

They never give up on things that start until they finish them, even if finishing those means personal inconvenience to them.

They are charitable people and are interested in supporting charitable causes where it is highlighted that they support a just cause.

Number  553  has great ease and creativity in its hands, that is where the creative force it possesses lies, so among this number we can find excellent chefs, chefs, doctors, healers, doctors, sculptors, negotiators, outstanding mediators, painters, musicians etc. They are people with great sensitivity.

On the negative side, 553 people, have great emotional insecurities, do not feel deserving of someone wanting or wanting for themselves, so they tend to over-protect, or give-over to people they love, trying to solve or solve absolutely everything that they allow.

Thus seeking to create a bond of love for a kind of gratitude or to make themselves feel indispensable s for them, we could understand this as a way to “buy love”, so as long as the object of their love agrees to this exchange everything will be fine.

But if not, they may feel devalued or despised, sometimes doing they become emotionally obsessed with loved ones.

553 people can profess a misunderstood love, sometimes giving everything to their loved ones but in a conditioned way … “I love you, if only if …” or try to control each of their actions until they suffocate them, mainly to the couple and to the children, in both cases the feeling of others is to want to get away from them as soon as they can.

They tend to be rescuers of people with emotional conflicts, low self-esteem, people in emotional or economic crisis, people who suffer, etc. which causes that their relations are very insane and exhausting, especially with the opposite sex.

Great tendency to be very possessive, absorbing and selfish, jealous and with tendencies to enslave and castrate the people who are next to them.

The 553 people with the negative vibration of the number will have a great tendency to sacrifice and to become suffering and resigned people.

They tend to be hypochondriacally, to be able to manipulate the attention and affection of the people around them.

It is recommended that they try to raise awareness by respecting their loved ones by giving them freedom and tools to face the world and not try to be solving their problems, making them dependent, insecure and useless.

Interesting Facts about Number 553

They can become extremely superstitious people and stop doing things or not allow others to do them because of those fears, adopt closed and inflexible attitudes towards the people who depend on them, overwhelming them in their attempt to protect them.

They will be burdened with the responsibilities of relatives, friends, businesses and other organizations or causes.

They constantly have other people above them, due to the ease with which they can be outdone because they are not valued enough.

It seems that they are always tired, due to the tremendous weight they carry during life, since they care too much about those who depend on them.

When the negative part dominates, they tend to be very pessimistic, easily discouraged and obsessed with problems that they believe are insoluble, especially if they are sentimental.

Hypersensitive, they usually imagine that they have all the diseases that others suffer;

Seeing Angel Number 553

Almost always for people who see angel number 553 around them, they have the feeling of “Achilles’ heel” and they tend to depend too much on their loved ones.

For a 553, life in solitude is very difficult to accept and endure, that’s why often in a relationship they tolerate more than they should.