644 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you believe in universal power and magic of symbols? If you do, then you are certainly familiar with basics of spiritualism; if you do not, let us make you believe.

Join us on our magnificent journey to the world of symbols, heavenly voices and paths of mysterious celestial forces that have an influence on our earthly human lives. Magic and mystery have always been intriguing humankind.

Even the most skeptical ones have to admit that, at least once in their life, they came to doubt boundaries between our world and those unreachable cosmic and celestial realms.

For ages and centuries, people have been trying to reveal the truth of overall existence, their own in particular. Every once in a while, every person asks himself or herself: ‘Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?’. More spiritual ones ask: ‘What is my soul purpose and where does my spiritual journey lead me?’.

Answers to these questions are, well, questionable.

Perhaps we will never know the exact truth and that is what drives us, moves and inspires us to grow, develop, search and discover. We have invented so many amazing things in the world and we are constantly proving we are worthy of this life on earth and heavenly blessings.

Well, we do have blessings from heavens above! Celestial forces that are unreachable and difficult to comprehend for us keep an awaken eye on our world, all the time.

Some people have dedicated their lives and their careers to understanding mysterious forces of the universe. Many fields of studying, research, healing and so on deal with spirituality and its role in our lives.

These fields are trying to understand the connection between our common lives and influence of celestial powers and universal energy. These include numerology, astrology, mysticism, esoteric knowledge and many more related areas of interest, mostly alternative teachings and practices.

Angelic numerology is particularly interesting filed and that is what we talk about in this article. It tries to explain the role of numbers in our lives; not any numbers, but those considered angelic messages.

At some point of your life, you have certainly come to a number or numbers that have kept appearing in various of your most common daily situation.

Perhaps you have taken it for granted or wondered what that could possibly mean.

Number 644 – What Does It Mean?

These reoccurring numerical sequences are actually angel numbers we have mentioned. You see, we are all guided and protected by heavenly forces, called guardian angels, even if we are unaware of that.

That is something we cannot do much about and there is no reason to try to change it.

Angelic guidance is a blessing; it is something positive and good for all of the humankind. According to spiritual teachings, each one of us has their guardians.


Guardian angels are some form of heavenly energy; they are celestial beings, non-physical, immaterial and Ego-less.

They are made out of pure heavenly light and positive life-giving energy. Guardian angels exist on a higher level, but their main task is to overlook the human world and take care of it.

If you wonder how they do so, let us explain to you the magic of angelic numerology, which has answers to this question.

Those protective and caring spirits cannot produce evil or think bad about us; they do not judge us for our misdeeds and bad moves, because they are aware of our inborn imperfection.

Actually, they find us amazing, rich and wonderful and they do everything in their might to help us develop the best we can. Each person is guided and protected by their own special guardians.

These guardians do not influence our lives directly, but they send us messages of guidance, love and support.

In times you feel down, when you lack your strength, motivation and even hope to move on, your angels feel your need for encouragement. During the most difficult situations and challenges we are even likely to blame heavens for putting us in such a bad and miserable position.

However, our guardian angels will never take this as an offense; they will try to help us in their manner.

Angels could use various symbols and channels to send us their blessing, love and support. Numbers are one of such channels and probably the most effective one, in modern times. We see and use numbers daily, so we could easily recognize any ‘abnormality’ in their appearance.

If you start seeing the same number constantly, it has to be a heavenly message for you!

Angels could send you mysterious number 644. We will help you interpret its hidden message. Number 644 could help you get to know and understand yourself better and thus work on aspects of your character that require to be improved or encouraged.

Number 644 could help you see your destiny path more clearly.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 644 resonates with strong and powerful energy and makes you a personality others respect, admire and love.

People with angel number 644 are strong-willed, organized, practical and focused, while at the same time they have a lot of understanding for others, they love to help, they are very humanitarian, caring, protective and kind.

Number 6 represents harmony, balance, tranquility and peace. It inspires kindness, selflessness, self-sacrifice, care for others, unconditional love, honesty, grace, simplicity and reliability. This number is particularly positive aspect for anything that has to do with social relations, humanitarian work and economy.

It resonates with stability in every aspect of a person’s life.

Number 4 is similarly stable as number 6, only more strict. It resonates with energies of pragmatism, application, endurance, determination, focus and production. It inspires justice, honor, honesty, nobility, traditional values and high morals. It is a number that would never let you break an oath or act irresponsible.

Its energy is particularly strong in 644.

Overall, number 644 brings you stability, balance and harmony in every aspect of life, but you have to learn how to properly distribute your incredible energy. If you force things too much, you will break; you will end up exhausted and drained.

Stay on your track, but try to be more flexible, that is what angel number 644 suggests as an angelic message.

Love and Angel Number 644

Number 644 brings stability in love life, as well. People with this number are good-hearted, reliable, loyal, positive and kind.

They find it easy to help others, but have an incredibly strong-will, obvious self-confidence and integrity.

People are unlikely to exploit their good intentions and they are loved and respected in society, as well as in their private lives.

When it comes to romance and relationships, these amazing people are likely to wait for the right one to come.

They are not overly adventurous when it comes to that, to say so. They like to build a relationship gradually and really get to know a person deeply, before they start a relationship.

Their relationships are, thus, strongly bound, stable and long lasting.

Numerology Facts About Number 644

There are not many ‘fun facts’ about angel number 644, but its celestial powers are clear. In numerology, we could relate this number to 5, which is interesting, because number 5 resonates with quite different energy to that of numbers 6 and 4.

Summing up the digits, you get 5 (6+4+4=14, 1+4=5).

Number 5 resonates with energies of freedom, uniqueness, changes, unconventionality and versatility, which brings a little mess to a stable 644.

It is a highly positive contribution to powers of 644, because it helps people with number 644 become more flexible and adaptable to changes.

Seeing Angel Number 644

By sending you angel number 644, your guardians want to teach you a valuable lesson and that is to be more flexible in life, above all. You have a kind heart and people around love you.

You are also naturally skilled, talented and strong willed, so you do not find it hard to stick to your plans and make progress.

However, this world is an unpredictable place and there are many things that could happen and surprise you.

Do not let get discouraged by unpredictability of life; it is what makes it wonderful and exciting, actually!

Embrace new opportunities and changes with an open mind and an open heart. Who knows, sometimes things prove better without planning at all.

You are blessed by heavens to have such a colorful and amazing personality. Try not to get overly upset and disturbed by things you cannot do much about.