655 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The world is full of magic and mystery. Since ancient eras, people have been trying to explain strange phenomena by ascribing them special, mystical meanings and properties.

In modern times, we have become distant from realms of spiritual forces and magic of the universe. However, there are still fields that deal with such things!

Amazing paths of spiritual teachings, including numerology and related areas are trying to get us closer to our soul purpose, once again.

Today, alternative teachings seem becoming interesting to wider audiences. Our world is in need for spiritual enlightenment, that is for sure.

We live in a busy world; our lives in urban environment are stressful and exhausting, mentally and spiritually in the first place. In fact, we have forgotten how to live our lives with ease, with an open heart and open soul.

Fortunately, there is still hope. There are mysterious forces of the universe that look upon us and that are trying to awake our soul vibrations.

Various authors, therapists, alternative healers and others interested in mysterious forces of this universe talk about celestial influences on our earthly destinies. One of particularly interesting fields is angelic numerology.

Numerology is an amazing spiritual path itself. It tries to explain the power of numbers and what it has to do with human lives.

Numbers resonate with energies of heavens; they are one form of symbols we have originally invented for practical reasons. However, everything that exists, human-made or natural, possesses parts of universal energy of cosmos.

Angelic numerology deals with special numbers, those that are sent to human beings from their heavenly protectors. These are called guardian angels.

Guardian angels have one important mission: to observe and wakefully watch over human world. Every person has guardian angels. These kind and positive spirits talk to us through symbolic messages and offer us unconditional support.

Number 655 – What Does It Mean?

These celestial beings called guardian angels are made of pure universal energy. They exist on some higher levels and are invisible and unreachable to humans.

Only in extremely rare cases would angels take some physical form and appear to human eyes; those few blessed ones who talk to angels directly are chosen ones, people such as saints and prophets, for example.

Others of us usually spend our lives without seeing or talking to angels. At least, we do not do this in a direct form or are unaware of such a connection. However, many people pray to heavens for help and angels listen.

Our guardians (and according to spiritualists, we have at least two of them) carefully watch over us and feel our needs.


Guardian angels know if we are in need for additional, celestial help. They know humankind is imperfect and thus prone to discouragement, disappointment, loss of motivation and even hope for better times. In such situations, we need some extra help.

Our guardians will always help us, only not directly. Actually, their main purpose is to make us believe in ourselves.

That is the reason why angels send us symbolical messages, but those we could recognize, interpret and use. There are special fields, teachings and paths that help us understand heavenly messages easier.

Angelic numerology is one of them and it specially deals with the power of angel numbers. Angel numbers are messages we talk about.

An angel number could be any possible number, but it must fulfill at least one requirement. This ‘special’ number must keep reappearing in someone’s life over a longer period of time and in the most of common and unimportant, to say so, daily situations.

For example, you could magically start seeing number 655, on your clock, on television, somewhere on streets and so on.

Ok, you say, but what does number 655 mean? If it is indeed an angelic message, what are angels trying to tell me by sending me this number? We will help you reveal its hidden meaning and symbolism.

Angel number 655 vibrates with amazing heavenly power and should give you a lot of motivation and encouragement in life.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 655 is an inspiring angelic message. It reflects a personality that is unique, open minded, adventurous, a true lover of life, caring, honest and supportive.

People with this number are always trying to find a way to express their individuality and creativity, but never at the cost of others. They have a sense for humanitarianism, help and support. They rarely underestimate themselves and others, as well.

Angel number 655 is composed of digits 6 and 5. This combination is amazing and the correlation between vibrations of these numbers is the most inspiring.

Number 6 gives this angelic number a stable and strong base. It resonates with energies of peace, balance and harmony. At the same time, it makes people with number 655 caring, nurturing, helpful, reliable and compassionate.

On the other hand, number 5 is more wandering; it inspires pleasure seeking, creative expression, a need for excitement and adventure. This number promotes uniqueness, individuality and courage, making a person self-confident, charismatic and attractive to others.

Sometimes, the energy of 5 is really strong in 655, so a person could become a little too proud of their own achievements.

However, its humanitarian 6 makes the balance. This combination reflects a personality that cares both for their own needs, but respects and supports others.

People with number 655 could become great inspiration for others; they are not commanders or leaders, but more of spiritual kind of guides and role models.

If you handle your amazing energy properly, you could reach great personal heights.

Love and Angel Number 655

Number 655 is naturally lucky in love. Since people with this number are very open and charismatic, they find it easy to attract and even seduce the opposite sex. They love to experiment, they love to please themselves and so they are amazing lovers.

This description might appear a bit troublesome, but, in fact, those people are loyal, compassionate and caring.

They are not likely to cheat others, only the could change more partners in life. They usually wander in love during their young age, possibly until the ending of their young adult years.

Finally, they settle down with a person who is as kind, caring, and adventurous as they are.

They become amazing parents, loving spouses and lead happy and joyful family life. In addition, they are always loved by others and they have many friends.

Numerology Facts About Number 655

Speaking about numerology facts about angel number 655, the most interesting is the fact that this number is strongly related to number 7.

If you sum up the digits of this number, you get 6+5+5, which equals 16 and then 1+6, which equals 7.

It is interesting to know, because number 7 is one of the most magical angel numbers.

Number seven has always been associated with heavenly energy, magic, mystery, soul purpose, spiritual journey and enlightenment.

Seeing Angel Number 655

Number 655 reveals s o much about your amazing personality and that is one of the reasons why your guardians would send it to you. They want you to get in touch with your soul and inner voices.

Many of us take their character for granted and do not try to develop it; at least, it happens to most of us during some phases of life.

We get preoccupied by outer factors and forget to work on ourselves.

Your guardian angels want to tell you you have so many gifts and that your personality is awesome. You should treat yourself the best you can, while caring about others as well.

Well, it is in your nature. Number 655 is sent to you as a reminder of your qualities and a lesson on how to use them.

If you are currently facing a situation that appears dark and troubling, you should believe you are the one who has the power to overcome it.

If you feel generally good about yourself, this angel number comes as an additional support and encouragement to keep going.

Number 655 brings opportunities to express your talents; do not miss them out! Your pleasure seeking side could sometimes go over the border, so this is something you should pay attention to.

However, it is something you can easily recognize in time and handle properly. Your guardians believe in you.