658 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our guardian angels are looking over our shoulder and their presence is always there, so never ignore the small messages you receive from them.

These signs can come in the form of numbers, and they often come up to us and around us in moments when we need spiritual support the most.

Number 658 – What Does It Mean?

The angel number 658 represents people who understand that they have always been the producers and directors of their own film.

The 658 must remember that they do not have to play secondary roles in their own lives.

As long as they don’t take full responsibility for their lives, the 658 look like victims, but they are voluntary victims.

The 658 who do not have enough confidence to seek adventure in the real world will endeavor to satisfy their taste through books, television and cinema, so much so that some live only by the media, as by proxy.

But once they have tasted adventure in real life, the 658 cannot do without it. They can even become somewhat fanatical, going from adventure to adventure, taking risks for the sole purpose of escaping boredom.

So the 658 must avoid total dependence on the one hand and excessive independence on the other; avoid satisfying all their tendencies with complacency, but just as much avoid repressing them systematically.

The 658 tend to have many possibilities, touching on everything but not deepening anything. It is important to remember that the life goal of the 658 concerns less the extent than the depth of experience.

The 658 do like this well digger who digs the earth a hundred times but never finds water because he always stops digging halfway.

If he dug deeper in one place he could quench his thirst; in the same way, if the 658 persevered, past the stage of boredom, they would finally know this kind of freedom which resides in the depths of life.

Setting priority goals – giving up on one thing to focus on another – can literally save their lives. Otherwise, this tendency to scatter, which pushes them to constantly undertake new things, can lead them to the verge of nervous exhaustion.

You are asked to follow a path that is not immediately easy for you. You have come in this life to experience adventure at all levels, to experience change, to travel and to taste the experiences that life offers while taking on your responsibilities and not shying away from the intimacy that each can offer. A dynamic path but not always easy.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number does not necessarily indicate how you react to events in your life. It indicates our life goal, what we must achieve in life to be well, the mountain we have to climb to succeed in life.

According to your number of expression, your intimate self, your karst numbers (especially in absence) etc. … in short your deep nature and your way of reacting you will experience it differently from another individual


Individuals with the goal of angel number 658 are born to reconcile their ideals with reality, to accept themselves and to accept the world as it is.

Those who have angel number 658 as their main life goal can correct themselves for their perfectionism and their obsession with detail by adopting an overview and remembering what their real priorities are.

Our life purpose represents a mountain to climb, and the obstacles, problems and challenges that mark out the path of the angel number 658 concern idealism, perfectionism and the propensity to judge and despair of oneself and others.

These individuals feed the bright flame of idealism; they are visionaries who demand that we do our best and more.

Without the vision of the 6, perhaps we would be condemned to fatalism, nihilism and blindness.

But this idealism carries a price, and the angel number 658 are not always in direct contact with reality; Eyes turned to the greatest possibilities of man, they tend to lack practical judgment and patience.

Because they compare themselves and compare others to the ideal, the angel number 658 dedicate themselves and doom others to failure.

No one is ever up to par, nothing ever satisfies perfectionists, but they are always the ones they judge with the most severity. Our ideals – of justice, form, love and spirit – guide us and push us always further, always higher.

It is hard to imagine what humanity would be without them. Ideals bring to life the dreamers, writers and visionaries who give us the image of what the world could be.

Love and Angel Number 658

Sooner or later, the 658 must learn and fully understand that slavery is just a state of mind.

The 658 fear that the circumstances or that the others limit their freedom of action; having the impression that they are dependent on others, they become tyrannical, authoritarian, manipulative and they try to achieve their ends by anger or by other more or less violent outbursts.

Deliberately or through the force of a habit acquired during childhood, the 658 sometimes use their presence of mind to bluff, deceive or manipulate others so as not to have to formulate their requests directly. By using others to meet their own needs, they strengthen their dependencies.

There is an inconsistency there which they must learn to point out: they refuse the constraints to feel freer, and ask others to assume them for them, thereby making themselves dependent.

In general, the 658 have a complicated sex life, oscillating between a need for fusion and a refusal of intimacy which scares them and makes them believe in a deprivation of liberty, in a feeling of suffocation or domination.

Physically, the 658 will have to pay attention to the level of the genitals, the lungs, and the circulation of the blood. In addition there can be risks of deficient immunity, energy problems and weakness of the nervous system.

If you do not have letters with a value 658 (E, N, W) in your first and last names, existence will put you in front of your karmic debt.

You will have to reflect on your choices and decisions to avoid repeating the same mistakes and encountering the same obstacles as in your previous life.

Interesting Facts about Number 658

Acceptance is the first step towards a happier life, because the 658 can only make an effective and practical contribution to the common cause if they agree to see the world as it is.

If they persist in rejecting everything that is not up to their vision, they become sad or bitter and they despair of reality. You can only transform and evolve what you accept upstream.

Like the 2s and 5s, who go from one extreme to the other, the 658 tend to make judgments without nuances, the world is either completely perfect or full of imperfections.

When they meet someone for the first time, the 658 project their ideal of perfection on this person: “He is a remarkable man”, “She is the perfect woman for me”. Without discrimination or hindsight, blinded by these idealistic views, the 658 are preparing to live bitter tomorrows.

Over time, they notice small flaws in this person they thought was perfect, and they are extremely disappointed, they can even decide to drop everything on the spot.

The 658 are immediately sensitive to beauty, whether in themselves or in others, while they do not see imperfections at all.

Living with a 658 can be difficult for the simple reason that they strive to be “good people” instead of being themselves. And feel guilty at the slightest fault.

They feel compelled to be the best and they avoid any activity where they are not immediately among the first.

Seeing Angel Number 658

Those who notice angel number 658, they will have to be careful not to fall into the extremes of temperament either extreme independence, a rejection of the constraints of life or on the contrary a fear of freedom and total dependence on someone.