659 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Attentive, considerate, you cultivate a penchant for passivity, a certain form of submission, sometimes even in the most intense cases, masochism.

Subduing yourself unconsciously allows you not to be responsible and / or not to have to face conflicts that frighten you.

Number 659 – What Does It Mean?

In a situation of stress or conflict, an internal number 659 will first communicate, argue, seduce, and put their relationships to work to regain control.

If this does not work, the number of achievement 659 will use theatrical manifestations, bad faith, manipulation, lies and will flee into a hectic social life where this feeling of prestige and acceptance will be offered again.

When your emotional balance, your joie de vivre are threatened and you are in a conflict situation, your angel number pushes you in the first place to dialogue, argumentation, seduction to be listened to again or on the front of the scene.

If the situation does not get better, you can then become very critical and use the more or less aggressive verbal jousts for which you are very gifted until the other is exhausted.

Needing social contacts or exchanges, you could also flee from a situation of conflictual couple in a hectic social life.

If you feel that the situation requires it, you could also run away from lies to better live this life of joy and carefree love that you really love.

When your angel number 659 inspires you, you are lively, alert, and quick to grasp things. It is an excellent weapon in the event of problematic situation.

However, it would be good to cultivate your practicality more to restore balance in the face of your overflowing imagination and your tendency to scatter.

All these different orientations are naturally to be put into perspective according to the rest of your theme.

However, we can say with certainty that any environment perceived by you as dull, heavy or restrictive will hamper your ability to express yourself and, in the long run, disturb your confidence!

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

In case of stress or conflict the angel number 659 tries to consolidate, restore order and keep the bar calm and organized.

If things don’t work out you can fight back in a more combative way to keep everything that builds your stability in a fairly strategic way.

The angel numbers in numerology gives indications on our traits of our character that we use when we cannot use the vibration of the number of expression. It indicates how we react when we cannot function in a normal mode.


An angel number 659 observes a lot and will first try to understand the why of the how to be able to defuse the problems.

If he cannot really, as he holds to his tranquility and his independence, he will oppose an end of not receiving a little haughty it must be said and refuse dialogue on this subject and isolate himself to better recharge his batteries.

In the worst case, by dint of rehashing, thinking in silence, he can fall into deep anguish. When you rely on your angel numbers, your personality gives off a strong sense of self-awareness with a touch of severity.

When the angel number 659 loses ground and its emotional security is called into question, it reacts firmly and tries at all costs to restore order.

The interior number 659 is very family-friendly and is based on the concept of a strong cell, it will do everything at first to save and consolidate its couple because an interior number 659 is based on its assets, its heritage and everything that establishes its stability.

He can become brittle and lack flexibility in solving his problems. As he is an all or nothing follower, he can put an end to his couple life quite easily if the situation is contrary to his vision of ordered and planned things and to his sense of moral values.

When your Intimate Self animates you, you are pushed to solve the delicate problems and situations which arise by methodical work, regular efforts and logic. Your realism is fairly characteristic.

Love and Angel Number 659

When a conflict situation assails you, you may fear that the self-esteem characteristic of the interior number 659 also pushes you into some excessive behavior.

For your development, it would be good to moderate your pessimistic vision and you’re other negative reflexes each time your intimate base becomes unstable (in case of adversity or strong annoyances).

More flexibility, humor and openness would also be desirable in difficult situations.

In addition, it is not uncommon to see one who carries such a vibration resort to lies and other subterfuges specific to social life to stand out and somewhat increase his prestige.

You can indeed suffer intimately as soon as you have the impression that you are relegated to the second rank or worse that you are ignored.

This type of situation has the gift of exasperating you, of annoying you and would undermine your confidence in the long run. It is a little the same when you are dealing with a sudden competing presence, a situation that you hardly appreciate.

You will then do everything to take center stage again. Commendable efforts to take over the leading role but also probably less honorable acts such as exaggerations, lies or melodramatic scenes.

No wonder since your classic defense reflex is precisely to impress your opponent with various devices. This technique is also quite effective in situations of conflict if judged by your ability to defend yourself with your oratory and somewhat theatrical skills.

Thus, the bearer of a vibration of this type must learn to make themselves less dependent on social play in order to establish their self-confidence.

To depend too much on the approval of others, to play too much on the prestige game one ends up weakening.

If an angel number 659 feels rejected, it risks losing all self-esteem and becoming perfectly unproductive during its depressive phase.

Admit that it would be a shame to fall into such excesses, to let bitterness come to overshadow your expressive and creative qualities.

Interesting Facts about Number 659

Your approach to things is full of common sense and often imbued with wisdom when you start to have experience.

As long as the work that occupies you does not meet your quality criteria, you will only show a secondary interest in fun, leisure or idleness (to be put into perspective with the rest of your theme).

You can easily be proud of what you accomplish. Although you are used to being disciplined, you can sometimes feel trapped or limited by the circumstances.

In this case your frustration gradually builds up to the explosion!

It would be desirable to learn to expose your problems, to communicate better rather than to build up such tension.

Fortunately, you are also tenacious and combative by nature, which will help you recover after a slump. You then establish a stubborn and rather defensive response.

You can become quite annoying and you also get carried away and harden the tone without however being as brittle as an interior number 1, 659 or 8.

In more common conflict situations, those where you don’t lose your balance, you show a strong determination (which borders on stubbornness in some cases) and this allows you to defend your interests well.

In such a case, only a logical and patient approach can lead you to accept an honorable compromise.

But what must above all remember from you is the solidity, the courage and the tenacity that you are able to demonstrate during the trials that you are going through.

For your development, it would be good to moderate your pessimistic vision and you’re other negative reflexes each time your intimate base becomes unstable (in case of adversity or strong annoyances).

More flexibility, humor and openness would also be desirable in difficult situations.

Seeing Angel Number 659

If you feel in a situation of stress or conflicts in your relationship, your first reaction will be to free yourself from feeling choked by minimizing the problems, taking them in derision, ignoring them.

You will surely also seek to multiply the activities or situations where you can live your need for novelty or freedom: outings, new activities, trips, trips, lovers etc…

If the situation still does not get better you could make a clean sweep of your couple because you do not like the barriers or the constraints.