663 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The meaning of numbers in the mythology of different countries and religions is very different. In ancient China, numerical signs were always given a lot of meaning.

And now, they constantly pay attention to the numbers of passports, apartments, houses, etc.

Number 663 – What Does It Mean?

Angelic numerology 663 Angelic numerology has nothing to do with ordinary numerology, in which the main thing is the date of birth and correct calculations.

Angelic figures simply convey to us the information we need at a given moment: they warn, warn.

Today, when there is a clock in every house, shopping center, at a metro station, it has become easier to receive messages, the main thing is to learn to see them.

So, remember, if you noticed certain numbers on the watch, they caught your attention – don’t pass by, find their meaning and take into account.

Do not forget to thank the Guardian Angels for the fact that they protect and care for you.

Has it ever happened to you that for some reason you wake up at the same time at night or pay attention to the clock when a repetition of the same numbers is recorded there? Now you know that these are not just coincidences, but the endless concern of the Guardian Angel.

Angelic Numerology 663 When such situations occur – just read the meaning of the “haunting” you sequence of numbers on the clock – take note of the information transmitted.

Important information may come to you on Wednesday or Thursday, so check the time more often so as not to miss the message from the angel these days.

However, do not be afraid to miss an important hint – the Angels will not let you do this.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Each of us is given free will, so Angels cannot directly intervene in human life, dictating to us what is right and what is wrong.

But, nevertheless, our heavenly helpers can contact us through signs and tips. Often numbers are used as a carrier pigeon for contacting us.

These may be numbers that often occur on your life path, for example, you live in apartment 6, in house number 3, you meet your love and it turns out that his house number is also 111, etc.

Very often there are cases when a person is “pursued” by the same numbers on the clock, for example, 6 hours, 6 minutes. If you admit for a minute that messages and tips from above are everywhere, you will begin to notice them.


The number 663 in the numerology of ancient Greece was attributed to Dionysus – the god of winemaking, who brought joy and fun.

In ancient Japan, this number denotes plurality. They treat him with caution because it meant when one person keeps many personalities in himself.

In Buddhism, this is a complete cycle of a path. The symbol of Buddhism is a wheel with 6 spokes. Lotus is a flower with 663 petals. And they also have 6 truths and the same number of norms of behavior.

Love and Angel Number 663

Mystics pay attention to the fact that if you constantly look at the watch at the very moment when a certain number is fixed on it, it is no coincidence.

The angels directed your gaze to the clock at this very moment, as they want to say something important.

Therefore, you should not wave your hand at the efforts of our defenders – better figure out what exactly, they want to convey to you, what to warn you about.

For the first time, the English mystic John Dee spoke about the numerology of Angels. He devoted his whole life to learning the secrets of the Universe and once information from above was transmitted to him.

According to him, an Angel appeared before him and gave him intimate knowledge about several secrets of the Universe, among which was the number system.

It turned out to be easier for the human perception of angelic prompts to convey information through numbers.

John Dee spent a lot of time transferring the knowledge he gained and organizing it.

Some contemporaries of the mystic openly laughed at his ideas and interpretations, while others began to notice that the messages from Angels in the system of numbers are very accurate and useful.

Interesting Facts about Number 663

The child receives a certain number, which affects his fate, the fate of other people who have just got to know him in many years. In one of his books, H.L. Borges wrote:

“I keep in my secretary on the streets of Mexico City a painting that one day, in thousands of years, will be painted with paints that are still scattered across the planet today.”

This phrase characterizes well the influence of numerology on human life.

All qualities, character traits, shortcomings and dignity of a person are still dormant, but they are already definitely predetermined.

One day, they will gather in him, and his personality will be formed. You cannot escape your fate, but you can follow it.

Not only the date of birth, but also the name affects fate. Numerology of a name helps us calculate the character by the sum of the letters of the name.

There are separate tables for this. Each letter is assigned a numerical value. It is surprising, but numerology does not fail.

According to Chinese numerology, this is the luckiest number. It leads to wealth, success, fulfillment of desires. To this day, this is their favorite number.

In ancient Egypt, numerology was comparable to magic. Pythagoras (the father of mathematical sciences) believed that the whole world is a number.

He and his students shortened the basic numbering from 0-9. Pythagoras attributed 6 to the lucky number. She symbolizes, in his opinion, harmony between a man and a woman.

Seeing Angel Number 663

We are born open to the world. It seems that the little child is still absolutely “clean”. His character, opinion, attachments and talents are only destined to appear, develop.

This is not entirely true. He is influenced by the position of the stars at the time of birth, so that all, even the smallest nuances of his character already exist, his fate has already been written down. This means that our life is predetermined.