6660 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The number 6 is rumored to be the devil’s number, the number of dark forces.

However, the six itself in the language of numbers does not symbolize something evil and dark, but only the victory of Matter over Spirit, body over soul. Of course, “victory” is a conditional concept.

Number 6660 – What Does It Mean?

However, purely psychologically (even on a subconscious level), man has always opposed the spirit – matter, and the body – the soul.

Such an opposition, on the one hand, seems ridiculous. But on the other hand, it is not accidental!

Not by chance, at least because there are no coincidences in the world of people or in the world of numbers.

In spiritual numerology there is not even such a number, which would be translated from the language of numbers as “coincidence”.

In general, we used to call chance the logic of events that we do not understand or do not accept.

The six in its very essence is not so much a “victory” as the triumph of Matter over the Spirit. Triumph and victory are different concepts, but people tend to confuse them when interpreting the meaning of numbers.

There is nothing terrible in this confusion, just the value of the number 6 is strongly distorted in the end…

If you sacrifice Love and Wisdom for them, it is definitely bad. If you try to combine reasonably (as much as possible), it’s another matter.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Under the influence of the number 6, a person unconditionally prefers material values to spiritual ones.

What in the language of numbers means the preference of the number 0 to the number 6? In the state of “six” a person follows the dictates of the body, not the dictates of the soul.

By the way, it is interesting to trace the meaning of the number 6 in six-year-old children. They have not yet reached sexual maturity and have not had time to “stick” to money.

The meaning of the number 6 reaches its peak in the number 666.

The most important difference between six and nine is that the number 6 in numerology symbolizes the victory of the body over the spirit. And the number 6, on the contrary, the victory of the spirit over the body.


The numbers 6660 and 66 mean Man as a combination of his spiritual essence and physical.

The numbers 6660 and 66 in numerology can also be understood as a fruitful “cooperation” of the spirit with the body.

A person can be happy (or just self-sufficient) only if his soul and body cooperate with each other, listen to each other, making joint decisions.

The number 6 among all the even numbers is perhaps the brightest number. Six is contained in every deed committed by a person – just as any NOT committed deed contains a nine.

The number 6 is present in any physical action, and the number 6 is present in any physical inactivity.

Love and Angel Number 6660

The number 6 of spiritual numerology is most convenient to compare with the number 6. Why?

Because on the external, “domestic” levels of Genesis, six and nine are absolute opposites. But only by exploring opposites, people are truly able to discover the meaning of numbers.

Penetrating into the esoteric essence of numbers, it is very important to take into account that at different levels of Being and Consciousness the meanings of numbers differ greatly.

Thus, the number 6 on some levels can mean ordinary human greed and cunning, and on others – to emphasize the need and viability of the material principle in the universe.

The latter is especially relevant in the numerology of destiny, given that man is a small copy of the universe.

The higher, deeper, and thinner the levels of Being and Consciousness, the less the difference between the number 6 and the number 6.

As we move away from the “rough” material levels of being, the numbers 6 and 6 converge and overlap.

The result of the overlay is eight. The number 8 is a symbol of the unity of body and soul, sixes and nines. And the number 0 is the number of karma and destiny.

Returning to the number 6, I want to say that although many of us are superstitiously afraid of the six, nevertheless, it has undivided control over our psyche and actions.

It’s not bad and it’s not good, it’s normal. Living in the material world, it is quite natural for a person to strive for the material.

Interesting Facts about Number 6660

Without such an aspiration, man will either perish or simply will not fulfill the mission that he must fulfill in the lower realms of being, that is, on Earth. “Mission” in this case is not quite the right word. That is, generally wrong.

But in human speech there are no suitable words to describe the journey of the soul on different levels of being.

In essence, spiritual numerology is a science that numerically describes the journey of the human soul through the eleven levels of Being and Consciousness.

If numerology does not describe or explain all the variety of these levels, then it is not numerology, but simply entertaining mathematics.

The number 666 – in the public consciousness is the embodiment of all the most terrible, gloomy, sinful and hopeless.

After all, as is commonly argued: if the number 6 is a devilish number, then the number 666, consisting of as many as three x sixes, generally a monster of hell.

But that’s all nonsense and prejudice stemming from elementary esoteric illiteracy.

The meaning of the number 666 is fame, money and power. It is bad to strive for them or good, judge for yourself.

Probably, the whole point here is what exactly a person is ready to sacrifice for the sake of fame, money and power.

Seeing Angel Number 6660

Until the human soul steps to higher levels of self-disclosure, it will always have fame, money, and power as its priorities.

In spiritual numerology, this means the worship of the number 666.

It is foolish to condemn such worship. It’s like condemning trees for having their roots at the bottom, not at the top.

The number 6 and the number 666 do not need to be fought and should not be feared.

The number 6 and the number 666 just need to be realized, like any other number.

Awareness of the meaning of numbers is the only way to control their impact on our lives.