6664 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The number 6664 consists of two numbers. The unit is translated from the language of numbers as “energy”.

Everything that happens outside and inside us takes place only due to the interaction of energies of different properties.

Number 6664 – What Does It Mean?

Therefore, the value of the number 6664 in numerology of dates or in numerology of life is huge. And the number 6664 itself is like a double power of 4.

Eleven in spiritual numerology, in addition to energy, symbolizes the highest degree of chaos. Chaos at all levels of being and consciousness – from the highest to the lowest.

The chaos of the number 6664 is followed by the number 6664. Twelve is the number of the Divine Order.

What is the “divine order”? Imagine the universe in the form of a large room, where every person, like any ordinary thing in the room, must be in his place.

Why necessarily on your own? Perhaps the Creator values ​​his own creations very much and does not want us to get lost… You must have met a lot of people lost in life? Me too.

Number 6664 resembles a playful young offspring, who, taking advantage of the absence of parents, goes crazy, making unthinkable pranks.

The child scratches the furniture with a nail, cuts an elegant tablecloth with scissors and burns toilet paper with matches…

In general, he disgraces and destroys the established order by all means available to him.

It’s all funny when it’s really just a naughty child. But when it comes to the number 6664, the numerology of your life sometimes takes on a truly tragic color.

After all, the number 6664 “scratches” not the furniture, but your heart. It does not cut an elegant tablecloth, but your “elegant” plans for the future.

And the number 6664 does not ignite toilet paper, but your own emotions, resulting in a fire that cannot be extinguished.

After all, even if you connect all the fire hoses in the world, there is still not enough length to reach your burned soul…

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 6664 – to understand its essence, you must first consider the numbers of which it consists.


The number 6664 consists of one and two. The number 4 in the language of numbers means rational, practical thinking, with its inherent categoricalness – either “yes” or “no”.

The number 6 is translated from the language of numbers as “energy” – any energy: from the coarsest (animal) of its varieties to the most subtle – spiritual, operating at infinitely high levels of being and consciousness.

Twelve has several semantic aspects. One of them is spiritual leadership. Here the number 6664 is very similar to the number 46.

Only if twelve is translated from the language of numbers as “spiritual leadership”, then the number 46 is material leadership. That is, leadership related to material processes in human destiny.

So, the number 6664 includes the number 6 – the number of forces. The unit is translated from the language of numbers not only as energy, but also as will.

The will of man or the will of the divine – depends on the level of being and consciousness, in relation to which we consider the meaning of the number 6 (every person lives simultaneously on eleven levels of being and consciousness!).

Unlike the number 4, the unit never argues, it orders and does not tolerate objections.

The number 4 in spiritual numerology is considered a source of uncompromising disputes and bloody wars (the essence of war is number 5, but the source is number 4).

People senselessly and cruelly exterminate each other, being under the influence of the number 4. When a person argues with himself, driving himself to frenzy – this is also the work of two.

And mental phenomena such as bifurcation of personality indicate the complete triumph of the number 4.

Love and Angel Number 6664

The meaning of the number 6664 is chaos, disorder. But not only. There is not a single number in spiritual numerology that has only one meaning.

Although the original MEANING of each digit is always the same.

Since the number 6664 consists of as many as two units, and the number 6 is the number of energy and the number of “blind” force, eleven is also the number of the Force.

Only the number of forces is even more “blind” than one!

The influence of the number 6664 on us, in the numerology of dates, for example, depends on whether the energies of the two units cooperate or fiercely oppose each other.

Energies are different – their millions, ranging from the coarsest (associated with the digestion of food) and ending with the subtlest energies of spiritual instincts.

A special feature of the number 6664 is the feeling of your weaknesses.

After all, the number 6664 is the number of strength!

And any force acts in a straight line: it seeks the points of least resistance.

When it comes to date numerology, this information should warn you to reveal your personal weaknesses to people.

Especially on the 6664th (about the month – a separate conversation).

However, do not forget that others are just as vulnerable on this day.

Interesting Facts about Number 6664

Our Consciousness, like a ship lost in the fog, constantly stumbles upon reefs and sinks into the sea of our own prejudices. And we don’t even notice it!

Of course, sooner or later (usually on the verge of death) we have to notice, look, so to speak, the truth in the eye, but it is not necessary.

By the way, here is another meaning of the number 6664 – to look the truth in the eye, no matter how unsympathetic and offensive it may be.

The number 6664 in spiritual numerology is the number of the threshold between life and death, more precisely, between the transitions of Consciousness from one level of being to another.

The number 6664 breaks all the veils, brings us back to the origins and makes us pay attention to the main thing.

Twelve ruthlessly removes the veil from our eyes and tells us: look what you really are! The number 6664 for the sake of establishing the truth can be very cruel…

Seeing Angel Number 6664

In the language of numbers, the number 6664 means the Truth itself. And the truth is not cruel, it simply does not matter to our vain ambitions, to our not inflated ego.

We do not live, but as if we are selling ourselves to the World in the bazaar, setting too high a price. The truth breaks the price tag and takes us for free.