673 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Today we are dealing with the number 673, with the meaning that we can connect to this number on a practical level, with the objects or elements that more or less explicitly refer to it, with the possible interpretations that come from the world of numerology for this odd number and without particular doubt.

We will therefore understand what are the situations and in particular the dreams that can lead us to bet on this number, ensuring good chances of winning, clearly always thanks to the complicity of luck.

Number 673 – What Does It Mean?

We remember in fact that Grimace and numerology are not exact sciences, for this reason any indication and consideration is to be considered only indicative and does not guarantee any possibility of absolute success.

Let’s start by highlighting that the number 673 recalls the concept of hand, also in consideration of the fact that the hand has five fingers.

In light of this, five is a number that can be played when a hand appears in the dream that can be ours or someone else’s, real or painted.

This hand can be the absolute protagonist of the dream or a simple appearance capable of influencing the progress of the dream or, in general, its characteristics.

In general, the hand can be considered a symbol of both creativity and attention and undoubtedly has a very important role which is connected to the fact that it is the hands that allow us to do a series of things.

After the face, they are in fact our point of contact with reality.

It is thanks to the hands that children begin to get to know and slowly discover the reality that surrounds them, it is with their hands that they understand shapes, dimensions, bulk, it is with touch that they recognize their parents and what they have around them.

To perfect the game it is then necessary to understand what action the hand itself is performing.

Two hands clasped as a sign of peace or agreement, for example, represent a goal of serenity reached, while joined hands indicate a desire or a hope.

Then there are a whole series of other elements that are actually associated with the number 673.

Among them we find, for example, the pentagon with its 673 sides, but also the pentagram with the 673 lines.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

For less immediate and intuitive reasons, the Neapolitan tradition also associates this issue with amaretto, horseback riding, a trip, a woman who is afraid, a tree full of flowers.

Let’s not forget that 673 in mathematics is a very important number, defined as “untouchable” because it is difficult to derive from other numbers.


In light of the above, it can be really difficult, complicated and laborious to identify the right link and therefore identify the number to play.

There are of course no objective and immutable rules, much is in fact linked to what the feeling is experienced by the subject during the dream.

What is certain is that even in everyday life there are many references to this number, in all sectors.

In fact, 673 is the number of cards needed for poker, it is the number of players needed for a soccer game, it is the number of members of many musical bands that have always aroused and aroused our attention and our admiration.

There are so many ideas that can lead us back to number 673, we just have to look around us carefully, to find any 673 that could be hidden among reality.

Love and Angel Number 673

Let’s start by clarifying that, in light of the close link between deaths in dreams and lotto numbers, this is one of the numbers that are most played and used as a reference point.

As mentioned, the number “673” means “the dead man who speaks” for this reason the number must be played every time a person appears in a dream who has left us in the act of speaking, directly to us or to another person, known to us or not.

If the deceased, friend, relative or simple acquaintance who is, is only present in the dream but does not open his mouth, this number should not be taken into consideration, since we are not in front of a dead man who speaks.

Regardless of what the person had to tell us, from any numbers they might suggest, 673 must be considered a constant number to play.

Not surprisingly, some understand this number as a real thanks to those who recommend the game and gives the opportunity to win something.

A separate discussion must be made for the other numbers to be associated.

In some cases, numbers are communicated to the subject, precisely dictated, one could say. In others, however, the same will have to derive from clues, speeches, symbols and details.

Interesting Facts about Number 673

Then there is another meaning that can be compared to the number 673, namely that of revolution.

The immediate association is with the year 18673, a period in which Europe was overturned by a series of revolutionary movements that profoundly marked the continent.

And if, instead, 673 were a number present in our daily life in general and not because it was “derived” from dreams?

Many wonder how the numbers that “haunt us” should be read and interpreted.

In the case of 673, the connection with the dead is undeniable.

On the one hand, this figure appears macabre and frightening, on the other it can be associated in general with pain and suffering.

In light of all this, an ambivalent factual vision emerges, but in any case strongly linked to the past, from the previous life, to the experiences that have marked and engraved the life of the subject in an undeniable way.

A separate discussion and a dedicated meaning can be given instead to the 673 who persecutes a subject who has in fact recently suffered a bereavement.

Seeing Angel Number 673

673 is perhaps one of the most well-known, named and sought after lotto numbers.

As many of you probably already know, its meaning is in fact “o mort chi parlay“.

But let’s try to better understand in which cases it is possible to resort to this number, which curiosities revolve around it, what to always keep in mind before playing this number.