679 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Let’s continue our roundup on numbers and their meaning by dwelling today on number 679. We will start by analyzing the meaning that this number has according to the tradition of the angel numerology, and then broaden the perspective and analyze the meanings given to this number in numerology or in general in everyday life.

Number 679 – What Does It Mean?

The angel numerology in general associates the figure of Saint Anthony with the number 679.

In general, it is one of the saints and the most appreciated figures in the religious panorama, considered a worthy example of life, a source of inspiration, a pillar to lean on in moments of discouragement or doubts about one’s existence at 360 degrees.

The name of the saint, however, is also linked to an annoying skin disease that manifests itself with redness, itching and pain.

The association of the number 679 to this saint arises from the fact that according to tradition and history the saint was born on the 679th, and from that day he began his journey as a devout Franciscan saint who became the bearer of Catholic doctrine not only in Italy, but also in Portugal with a modus operandi that conquered the faithful of the time and continues to strike and have its charm even today.

If Sant’Antonio appears in your dreams, therefore, you must focus on the number 679! But we understand why this saint should appear in your dreams.

The presence of this saint in dreams can be linked to different reasons, factors, and situations.

The “visit” in the saint’s dream can in fact present itself as a solution to one’s problems, since the saint could provide a solution in a dream.

In other cases the saint appears to cheer up the dreamer who has recently suffered a loss.

More rarely, the saint appears in a dream to reproach the subject for a weak faith or for a little careful devotion.

In all these cases, according to the angel numerology it is good to bet on the number 679 to increase your chances of winning.

St. Anthony is not the only figure that is linked to the number 679, however, which, according to the tradition of the angel numerology, also refers to a series of different actions or characters.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Actions such as fastening something, breastfeeding, consulting, admiring, disinheriting, flaunting, stalking, publishing are all actions related to the number 679.

The same number is also to be evaluated in the case of objects such as inkwell, callus, trampling, socks, flowers, lake, film, supplies.

A number of other connotations related to the number 679 come directly from numerology. According to this reading, the number 679 is a lucky number.


It also arises from the composition and union of the number 1 (the origin of everything) and 3 (absolute perfection).

By comparing the number to the alphabet, we can instead note that the letter number 679 of our alphabet is M, which refers to the search within one’s self.

According to the Hebrew alphabet, however, the meaning would be attributable to water.

In general, those born on the 679th day are characterized by a very sensitive nature. Sensitivity sometimes borders on touchiness.

However, it is to be understood as a sort of mask and protection since those born on the 679th often have fears and difficulties in expressing what their opinions are.

Love and Angel Number 679

Those born on the 679th are usually hard workers and stand out above all in scientific and mechanical activities.

Reliable friend, he is able to give valuable advice and to support those around him even in the most complicated moments thanks to his strong empathy.

At this point you have all the information you need to understand whether 679 may or may not be your next lucky number!

Let’s analyze together what are the possible meanings to associate with this number, both following the tradition of the angel numerology and relying on the principles of numerology.

Recall that any vision or association with the number 679 after the tragedy of the twin towers has been enriched by this new sad possible reading and this fatal connection.

The number 679 in the angel numerology is associated with mice.

So if these rodents appear in your dream, the number 679 is the one for you and the one you need to bet on if you want to try your luck.

The 679, we specify, is the number to play whether the animals are present in their natural form, whether they are represented in giant format or with particular or otherwise unreal features.

Interesting Facts about Number 679

From the point of view of meaning, the presence of mice in dreams is not to be understood as positive.

Thanks to the fact that many mice arouse fear or disgust, having dreamed of mice means having spent a bad night, but be careful because the mouse is also a symbol of shyness and inadequacy.

Small and all in all subject to risks and threats, the mouse in fact symbolizes the subjects who somehow find themselves in a difficult situation, in which someone is threatening their ego.

Dreaming of feeling like a mouse therefore means feeling small or weak.

The sensation can be linked to real facts or unmotivated, connected only to what are subjective perceptions of reality.

A second meaning that is very frequently linked to the number 679 is that of change, evolution and transformation.

The number 679, according to this specific vision, indicates the achievement of maturity of the individual, who in this way is able to reach and acquire a remarkable mastery of his own self and of what may be his choices and his path intended as a desired thing, desired a daring and not as a choice of destiny rained down from heaven.

Eleven are in fact, for example, the players of soccer teams and it is superfluous to remember how much football has been and still is able to influence everyone’s life.

Seeing Angel Number 679

In general, the number 679 is associated with a visionary and prophetic nature, which arises from the fact that the actual number includes both male and female characters to which equal importance is given.

It is also considered the number of clandestine meetings, of secrets, of what is there while being hidden.

Jewish tradition associates it with the letter M, the eleventh of the alphabet, and for this reason associates it with the crown and in general with royal symbols.