691 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Today we continue to deal with numbers and we focus in particular on the number 691.

Let’s understand together when 691 can be played, what it represents, what it can be associated with and how we must consider it if it appears often in our daily life.

As always, let’s start by relying on the grimace, and then review the possible meanings that this number assumes from other points of view and from other currents of thought.

Number 691 – What Does It Mean?

The number 691 has a very particular meaning in the tradition of the grimace, in fact it is not associated like other numbers to a thing or an action, but to a personal name.

This name is Anna, in its variants of Annabella or Nanninella and in all the possible declinations that it can have in different countries.

This name has a certain significance in the Christian Catholic culture, since this was the name of Mary’s mother and therefore of Jesus’ “grandmother”.

It is considered the protector of women who are expecting a child or are about to give birth, but also of all women who in various ways dedicate themselves to the care of the house by sewing, embroidering, cleaning.

In light of the above, the number represents an interesting possibility for all those who dream of talking in dreams or dream of the presence of a person who bears the name of Anna.

Many agree in thinking that dreaming of a woman named Anna means finding yourself needing to have a person next to us who can guide or advise us, with whom to share our thoughts and to whom to entrust us in times of difficulty.

In some cases, a person has a specific person in mind, typically an elderly person who is a source of wisdom or a sincere friend.

In others, however, the dream indicates the need to find somewhere a point of reference of this type that still does not have the good fortune to have in real daily life.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

However, the meaning of the number 691 does not end here. In fact, this number includes actions such as helping, ensuring, building, tasting, disobeying, packaging, precipitating, restoring.

The same number must be played in cases where in the dream figures such as the sick person, the jailer, the lady, the sister, and the old woman of the visionary are present in the dream. 691 is also the number that represents the jug, the grapes, the spoon, the money, the deputy, the group, the macaroni, and the coins.

The number 691 comes from the merger of the number 2 with the number 6, it is no coincidence that its meaning merges that of the two digits.

The 2 in particular is a symbol of duality and balance, the 6 instead indicates love, nourishment, development, care for the family and loved ones.


But at the same time also the transgression linked to listening to one’s own impulses.

If 691 is your number, it is possible that your guiding angel is inviting you to be sweeter and more collaborative, that he is guiding you towards a greater understanding of the other and his needs.

Love and Angel Number 691

So take some time to analyze if there are aspects in your life that you can analyze, consider and live with more calm and with a different approach.

Only in this way will you listen to what the number 691 and your angel want to tell you and the direction in which they want to move you.

Today’s number is 691! The number of Christmas but not only. Let’s analyze together characteristics and curiosities about this number, in order to understand whether or not it hides secrets that we do not yet know.

As always, we will initially rely on the reading that the grimace gives of this number, before moving on to analyze other aspects. For the grimace 691 is the number of Christmas.

It is undoubtedly the most awaited party of the year, the one that children are looking forward to, so much so that it is considered a key moment of the year.

The party, due to its association with the concept of family, warmth and union, seems to be appreciated even by adults.

If in your dreams Christmas appears even out of season, or in any case something that in one way or another you remember it.

Since, as always, the emotions felt during the dream are fundamental, 691 appears as the right number to try even in all situations in which the family enters the scene, the warmth that it emanates, the joy associated with opening a gift and similar sensations.

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Interesting Facts about Number 691

However, this is not the only meaning we can give to this number.

It is in fact associated for example to the parade, to a procession, to the mint, to a knot, from the victory in a legal case, to the game of the blind fly.

The things, actions and people that refer to 691 are therefore very many, all that remains is to evaluate them carefully to understand which the right number to bet on is.

Let’s get away now from the meaning that the grimace gives of this number and let’s analyze other possible meanings associated with the same.

Let’s start by saying that according to Bellies the number 691 would indicate the word of God understood as just and universal.

The concept of justice is also taken up by Saint Augustine who associates the law in general with this number.

691 is also a number with a strong religious value and not only for its link with Christmas which we have already had the opportunity to talk about.

691 are the years from which Moses began to preach and work for the lord, 691 cubits of the temple that was built in honor of Jehovah by King Solomon, 691 on the day of each month when animals were sacrificed to prove their own wedding ring.

Seeing Angel Number 691

But the list does not end here: for 691 years in fact Abraham waited for his son Isaac, 691 were the miracles of Jesus Christ, 691 I signs of the cross that the priest performed before a sacrifice, 691 the years that John was when he was honored of vocation.

It is therefore a number that was undoubtedly very present and to which many have approached and approached.