748 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you wonder why do you keep seeing the number 748, or any other number? The answer is simple.

You are being contacted by your guardian angels. They seek to gain your attention so they could deliver you a message, such as advice, warning, suggestion or some other information, related to some current circumstances in your life or some issues you have.

The angels use symbols or signs in most cases when they want to communicate with us.

They rarely appear to us in person, and instead use subtle methods of communication. They often use numbers on such occasions because they all have a specific meaning which becomes a message they want to deliver to us when they start showing us a particular number or number pattern.

To try to decipher your angelic message, you need to know the symbolic meaning of the number you see frequently.

In this text, you will read some information about the symbolism of the angel number 748.

Number 748 – What Does It Mean?

The number 748 combines the energy and attributes of the numbers 7, 4 and 8.

The number 7 signifies inner wisdom and guidance, intuition, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality and spiritual developing, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It also symbolizes mysticism, esoteric knowledge, secrets, philosophy, deeper understanding of things and people, religion, religious figures, priests, learning, studying, education and teaching, psychic and empathic abilities, healing abilities and healing.

The number 4 symbolizes pragmatism, hard work, efforts, responsibilities, discipline, tradition, and traditional values. It also symbolizes honesty, integrity, passion, drive, determination and the energy of the Archangels. It also signifies building secure foundations for the future.

The number 8 symbolizes confidence, authority, the Universal Law of Causes and Effect, giving and receiving, karma, truth, practicality, dependability, realism, manifesting abundance, business, and self – reliability.

The number 748 signifies gaining knowledge and teaching others, learning, studying, education, mysticism, philosophy, secret knowledge, religion, pragmatism, efforts, hard work, integrity, reliability, authority, business, the Archangels, honesty, drive and passion, and building secure foundations for your future.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 748 appearing in your life often indicates abundance and wealth coming into your life soon.

It is a confirmation from the Universe that your work and efforts, as well as your positive mindset and expectations have brought you right on the verge of manifesting the abundance you desire.

Love and Angel Number 748

The angel number 748 is often a sign of new romantic encounters and beginnings.

For singles, it might be a sign of a long – awaited romantic relationship, and for those in committed relationships it might signify reaching a new level of commitment, such as engagement or marriage.


Numerology Facts About Number 748

The number 748 blends the influences of the numbers 7, 4, 8 and the number 1, being the sum of all three numbers (7 + 4 + 8 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1).

The number 7 symbolizes spiritual evolvement and awakening. It also signifies the road to spiritual enlightenment. This number also indicates knowledge, inner wisdom and guidance, gaining knowledge, learning, teaching and education. It also signifies mysticism, religion, philosophy, healing and healing abilities, psychic and empathic abilities, and using them to help others.

The number 4 symbolizes pragmatism, reliability, determination, efforts and hard work, creating stable future foundations, honesty, integrity, tradition, and traditional values.

The number 8 symbolizes business endeavors, manifesting abundance, realism, dependability, confidence, authority, reliability, giving and receiving, karma and the Law of Karma.

The number 1 symbolizes new beginnings, the beginning of new endeavors and projects, success, achievements, determination, confidence, leadership, initiative, progress, ambition, going after your goals, manifesting your desired reality, and individuality.

The number 748 symbolizes new business endeavors destined to be a success and provide you with material wealth. It also symbolizes creating future stable foundations, practicality, determination, initiative, authority, giving and receiving, confidence, and progress.

People who resonate with the number 748 are practical and determined to succeed.

They are good business people and usually wealthy and successful. They are authoritative, ambitious, and full of initiative.

Seeing Angel Number 748

With the angel number 748 the angels encourage you to keep up with the good work, and maintain your positive outlook on the future.

Negative thoughts and bad attitude are your worst enemies because they tend to attract undesired results if you maintain them long enough.

Because of that, the angels remind you to surround yourself with positive influences on your life, people, situations, things.

Get rid of negative forces from your life, and try to avoid them as much as you can. Even if you can’t avoid them, don’t let them influence you and lower your vibration.

Especially beware of people who drain your energy and fill you with their negativity. They are the worst possible influence, and you need to remove yourself from them, even if they represent someone close to you.

This angel number could also signify beginning a new business venture, aiming to accumulate wealth and abundance and assuring your future.

The angels ensure you that it is the right moment to start your long planned endeavor, which will for sure become successful.